KROKUS filmed their new video in Hollywood

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Da Doeg On The Streets Of Hollywood

He smokes, drinks whiskey, hangs out in strip clubs, drives an old pick-up truck and even visits a tattoo parlor!


KROKUS-Mascot Da Dög goes all the way in the band's newest video. «Da Dög is a party animal», says vocalist Marc Storace. «He is a rockstar-hound through and through!»

KROKUS filmed the video of their newest single «Dög Song» in Los Angeles, or more precisely: on the legendary Sunset Strip and in the nearby Hollywood hills. The video is reminiscent of the flashy films of cult movie director Quentin Tarantino. «We intentionally made a totally crazy and funny video», explains bassist Chris von Rohr, who wrote the screenplay together with director Martin Häusler. «We wanted to let it all hang out in total Rock ’n’ Roll-Style.» Have fun watching it!

Da Doeg At Strip Joint

A little background about the video from producer Martin Hausler:

After talking to a few professional movie life animal trainers none of them had the right bulldog available or was crazy enough to sign up for a three day shoot marathon on a low budget in LA. So I contacted the California bulldog rescue and posted a casting call on their websites. Out of the approximately 40 responses, I invited and met a few dogs and their owners for two days in LA. Some of the owners had their dogs better trained than any professional dog trainer I’d met before. The best dog was "Tank" and the craziest owner was Cindy Sneller – so they got the deal. Cindy and her boyfriend Fred, who both came along to the shoot days, ended up being the right choice.

The shoot was crazy! Some things to remember was how difficult it was to find a tattoo shop that would let us and the dog in and give us a shoot permit with all those health laws in the US. I think my producer went to see about 20 tattoo shops before he found one that was up for doing the scene. We had a great time shooting the strip bar scenes. Luckily I bumped into a German strip bar owner in North Hollywood who rented us out his place for 500 bucks or so, which is usually a location you’d have to pay much much more for in LA. And then we had to find a stripper who was down for having sex with a dog on camera! It was quite a challenge to get this all together.

Da Doeg At The Bar

Krokus drehten in Hollywood ihr neues Video

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Sex, Dögs & Rock’n Roll

Er raucht, säuft Whiskey, geht in Stripclubs, fährt einen Pick-up-Truck und lässt sich am Schluss sogar einen Totenkopf tätowieren!

Krokus-Maskottchen Da Dög lässt im neuen Video der Solothurner Hardrocker nichts aus. «Da Dög macht voll Party», sagt Sänger Marc Storace. «Er ist ein echter Rockstar-Rüde!»

Krokus haben das Video zu ihrer neuen Single «Dög Song» in Los Angeles gedreht, genauer: auf dem legendären Sunset Strip und in den Hügeln Hollywoods. Das Video erinnert an die knalligen Filme von Kult-Regisseur Quentin Tarantino. «Wir haben absichtlich ein total verrücktes und witziges Video gemacht», sagt Bassist Chris von Rohr, der mit Regisseur Martin Häusler das Drehbuch geschrieben hat. «Wir wollten nochmals richtig Rock ’n’ Roll-Radau machen.» Die exklusive Videopremiere von «Dög Song» ist heute auf zu sehen. Viel Spass!

Da Doeg Watching The KROKUS Video
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