Rock The Block CD


This is what I've been waiting for - non compromising hard rock the way Krokus delivered on the classic albums "Metal Rendezvouz" (1980) and "Hardware"(1981) and the style AC/DC had during the Bon Scott years. Easy,straight and partydriven with flashing guitar riffs over a groovy pumping bass!

Singer Mark Storace has reunited with guitar player Fernando Von Arb and has together made one helluva rocking record that should make Angus and Malcolm Young full of envy. I know one thing for sure and that is that Bon Scott is smiling from his grave or his place in heaven (wherever he is).

Krokus will be playing Sweden Rock Festival this summer and will probably kick everybody's asses a long way! "Rock the block" starts off with rocket opener "Mad world" that sounds like a true stage fave already, 1 hour, 14 tracks and 5 beers later the album ends with the title track......and still I wonder where did the time go? "Open fire" is so melodic and got that magic guitar chords,I just go warm inside. "Throwing her China" is a song that could've been taken from AC/DC's "Back in Black" (their last great album).

Mark Storace sings better than ever and who could be more happy about that than me?!....I like surprises like this one. Krokus on top......again!

Reviewer: Kaj Roth
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