December 24th, 2008
See and hear KROKUS lead guitarist Fernando Von Arb in a rare interview. As the previous video interviews with bassist Chris Von Rohr and drummer Freddy Steady, this is a continuation of these Globe Club interviews. This one was captured especially for you outside the “Kofmehl” Youth Centre in Solothurn, Switzerland, the birthplace of KROKUS. The band rehearsed at this location during the week preceding the magic concert this past August.

Fernando played on 15 KROKUS albums (studio & live albums) over a time period between 1977’s “TO YOU ALL” release and up to 2003’s “ROCK THE BLOCK”. In fact, over this period of time Fernando kept KROKUS single handedly alive. Looking back, Fernando explains in this interview why he should have let KROKUS rest after the 1988 break-up at the end of their US “HEART ATTACK” tour instead of continuing with different line-up changes.

To view this interview, visit our web site www.krokusonline.com and follow/click the following:

Do you agree with Fernando’s interview comments? Was it a good idea to keep the name KROKUS alive over all these years with different line-up changes or should they have called it quits after the 1988 break-up? Leave us your comments and opinions on our GUESTBOOK page (GLOBE CLUB > GUESTBOOK).

Last but not least, KROKUS wishes you all “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”. Just for the Holidays, we uploaded on our HOME page Marc Storace’s rendition of the traditional Christmas poem “T’Was The Night Before Christmas” with video clips of Colorado Christmas scenes and an orchestral version of “Angel Of My Dreams”, courtesy of Threestyle Orchestra.

Curious to find out how Chris Von Rohr decorates the outside of his home for Christmas? Then click on the “Chris Von Rohr’s X-Mas Lights” link. And for those of you that prefer something funny, click on the “White Trash Xmas”.


KROKUS Lead Gitarrist Fernando Von Arb in Ton + Bild in einem raren Interview speziell fuer Euch! Gefilmt wurde in der Woche vor dem “magischen” Konzert im “Stade De Suisse” in Bern diesen vergangenen Juli ausserhalb des Uebungslokals “Kofmehl” in Solothurn. Fernando hat KROKUS ueber 15 Alben zusammengehalten und in diesem Interview findet ihr unter anderem heraus, warum er “im Rueckblick” findet KROKUS haette nach der 1988 Tournee in den Staaten zur Ruhe gelegt werden sollen.

Besuche unsere GLOBE CLUB Seite, dann klick auf der linken Seite auf GLOBE CLUB INTERVIEWS, unter VIDEOS waehle 2008 REUNION und dann BERN 2008 FERNANDO (oder klick direkt an das oben erwaehnte link).

Besucht uns auf unserer GUESTBOOK Seite (unter GLOBE CLUB) und teilt uns Eure Meinung mit. Haetten KROKUS nach der “HEART ATTACK” Tournee aufhoeren sollen oder war es gut dass Fernando und Marc unter dem KROKUS Namen weitergemacht haben?

KROKUS wuenscht alles Fans “FROHE FESTTAGE”. Auf unserer HOME page koennt ihr drei “Christmas” Links finden: Ein “traditionelles” mit Marc Storace, ein “musikalisches” von Chris Von Rohr und ein “lustiges” (“White Trash Xmas).

Rock On,
Peter Waelti


December 15th, 2008
Often, when I close my eyes and let my thoughts wander, I start re-living the concert in Bern last August. For me, and I’m sure for many of you that were there, one of the “magic moments” of that concert was the drum/percussion duel between drummer Freddy Steady and percussionist/bassist Chris Von Rohr.

Following our GLOBE CLUB interviews with drummer Freddy Steady and bassist/percussionist Chris Von Rohr (on our GLOBE CLUB web page under GLOBE CLUB INTERVIEWS > Videos > 2008 Reunion), I thought you might enjoy to witness a little “magic” yourself.

On our web page go to BACKSTAGE and click on the left on “1982 – Brooklyn Zoo NY and you’ll see live concert footage from the "Brooklyn Zoo" Club in New York City during the 1982 VICE tour. This was one of the first concerts in that (then) newly opened club.

It features an incredible drum/percussion duel between drummer Freddy Steady and percussionist & bass player Chris Von Rohr, that was so sorely missed in the years that Chris was not part of KROKUS. Those of you that were at the 2008 KROKUS REUNION concert in Bern, Switzerland on August 2nd know what the rest of the KROKUS fan community missed!


Marc Storace - vocals
Fernando Von Arb - lead guitar
Mark Kohler - rhythm guitar
Chris Von Rohr - bass & percussion
Freddy Steady - drums


Long Stick Goes Boom
Easy Rocker
To The Top
Winning Man
Drum/Percussion Solo
Rock City
American Woman

LINK: http://krokusonline.seven49.net/seven49.asp?IDCMainActiv=19739&CathActiv1=138&CathActiv2=678&IDCMainQueue=

Rock On,


November 27th, 2008
See and hear KROKUS drummer Freddy Steady in a rare interview. As the previous video interview with bassist Chris Von Rohr, this one was captured especially for you outside “Stade De Suisse” stadium in Bern, Switzerland the day before the magic concert this past August.

If you are curious to find out which KROKUS hit song Freddy never liked, why a follow-up “To Rock Or Not To Be” in 1995 was doomed to fail and consequently the “almost reunion” fell apart in spite of huge commercial success, what some of the highlights of his KROKUS career were so far and his view of the reunion of the originals, then you need to visit our web site www.krokusonline.com and follow/click on the following:


Enjoy our extensive picture gallery under GLOBE CLUB > MULTIMEDIA > KROKUS PICTURES > 2008-REUNION.

And last but not least, KROKUS wishes all our American fans a “HAPPY THANKSGIVING”. We surely are thankful to have your support and loyalty. And together we will create many more “magic” moments.


KROKUS Schlagzeuger Freddy Steady in Ton + Bild in einem raren Interview speziell fuer Euch! Gefilmt wurde am Vortag des “magischen” Konzertes im “Stade De Suisse” in Bern diesen vergangenen August und Freddy spricht offen welchen “Hit Song” er nie so richtig mochte (obwohl dauernd an Konzerten gefragt), warum die “Beinahe Reunion” nach dem Release des 1995 CD’s “To Rock Or Not To Be” nicht weiterging, obwohl kommerziell sehr erfolgreich. Oder finde heraus, was Freddy’s KROKUS Hoehepunkte sind und seine Perspektive zur Reunion der Original KROKUS.

Besuche unsere GLOBE CLUB Seite, dann klick auf der linken Seite auf GLOBE CLUB INTERVIEWS, unter VIDEOS waehle 2008 REUNION und dann BERN 2008 FREDDY (oder klick direkt an das oben erwaehnte link).

Rock On,
Peter Waelti


October 24th, 2008
On the eve of the sensational comeback concert of the original 1982 line-up in Bern/Switzerland on August 2nd (see also extensive picture gallery under GLOBE CLUB > MULTIMEDIA > KROKUS PICTURES > 2008-REUNION), bassist and only true founding member of KROKUS, Chris Von Rohr, talked openly about the past, the present and the future of KROKUS.


Today is also CHRIS VON ROHR’s BIRTHDAY. Without him, this world would be definitively a much duller place. On behalf of the other band members, management, crew and Globe Club fans all over the world we would like to take this opportunity and wish Chris a Happy Birthday, good health, good vibes, good inspiration, lots of success and many “magic” moments. Feel free to leave Chris your birthday wishes in our GUESTBOOK (also on GLOBE CLUB page on top left).

Don’t know what birthday gift to give a rock star? Here’s one that I know would make him very happy: Swiss TV will broadcast this coming Sunday, October 26th at 8:05 PM as part of this year’s “The biggest Swiss Hits” 10 songs that can be voted for “best song” immediately after the broadcast. KROKUS is nominated for their 1979 hit “Bedside Radio”.

Although KROKUS never has been a “singles” band, it would be fun to get them nominated #1 in that category. So, set your alarm clocks for this coming Sunday:


The show airs at 8:05 PM Swiss Time, which would be in the States 2:05 PM (EST), 1:05 PM (CST), 12:05 PM (MST) or 11:05 AM (PCT). I assume that the broadcast will air for an hour and right afterwards you can cast your votes for KROKUS’s hit “Bedside Radio”. Like in the upcoming US Presidential Election, you can have the best intention to vote, however, until you cast your vote it does not count! VOTE FOR KROKUS & “BEDSIDE RADIO” on Sunday.


Heute ist Chris Von Rohr’s Geburtstag (Glueckwuensche koennt Ihr auf unserem GUESTBOOK auf der GLOBE CLUB Seite fuer Chris hinterlassen). Klickt auf das oben erwaehnte Link und Ihr koennt das Interview in Bern hoeren und sehen.

Es waere ein Mega Geschenk fuer Chris und KROKUS, wenn Ihr alle am kommenden Sonntag um 20:05 Uhr auf SF1 einschalten koenntet und waehrend oder nach der Sendung «Die grössten Schweizer Hits» 2008 KROKUS’s Hit “Bedside Radio” waehlen wuerdet. Die grössten Stars der Schweizer Musik-Szene geben sich in der ersten Sendung am 26. Oktober 2008 um 20.05 Uhr auf SF 1 die Ehre. Die Sendereihe präsentiert in total fünf thematischen Sendungen Interpreten aus der Schweizer Musikgeschichte, die mit ihren Hits die Charts stürmten. In jeder Livesendung stehen zehn nominierte Künstlerinnen und Künstler in folgenden Kategorien zur Wahl: KROKUS sind nominiert in der ersten Sendung «Heimat & Fernweh». Und werden in der letzten Sendung am 30. November in der Sendung ‘In Persona” auftreten.

So, setzt diesen Termin in Euren Kalender fuer den kommenden Sonntag und waehrend oder nach der Sendung fuegt dieses Link in Euren Browser und waehlt so viel wie moeglich:




October 7th, 2008
As KROKUS are getting creative inspiration for new song material somewhere in the Swiss Alps, we promise to keep you posted on any future events to come. To bridge this time of creativity for the band, we encourage you to pass the time by visiting our web site and re-live the “magic” concert from this past August as well as roam the web site for other KROKUS goodies.

Listen to Alice Cooper’s interview with original founder Chris Von Rohr and vocalist Marc Storace that took place a couple of days prior to the Bern concert as part of his “Nights With Alice Cooper” nationwide broadcasted US radio show. Follow this sequence:
www.krokusonline.com > Globe Club > Multimedia > Krokus Audio > Radio: Alice Cooper Show 7-2008

You can also read some press items and concert reviews from the “event of the year” by visiting our Globe Club page, then clicking on > Reviews > Reunion 2008 > Deutsch (German) or for additional stuff click on Globe Club > Multimedia > Krokus Press > Reunion 2008 > English or German/Deutsch.

The majority of the KROKUS web page is aimed focusing on the return of the originals. However, we promised you as part of the GLOBE CLUB to give fans a chance for a trip into the past, covering three decades of KROKUS. Our own version of a magical mystery tour “KROKUS style”.

On the GLOBE CLUB page you will find now permanently our GUESTBOOK as well as copies of old NEWSLETTERS for newer fans to read up on. If you have a picture of yourself along with one of the musicians of Krokus, send me the picture and I post it under FAN PHOTOS.

Click on all the categories listed on the left side of the GLOBE CLUB page. Check out the sub-categories of MULTIMEDIA, where the various phases are grouped in order of album release – from the 1976 first album to the reunion of 2008. KROKUS PRESS is grouped per album release period and language. Don’t forget to check out the KROKUS PICTURES gallery and click on the album release period of your interest. There are some rarities and oddities to watch and reminisce.

I’m still working on some of the pages, some of it is time consuming, so please check back from time to time and discover new stuff.

Our DISCOGRAPHY page lists now also the 45 singles as part of each album release in question. Click on the album cover and scroll down, where applicable.

Become a KROKUS friend by signing in on our www.myspace.com/krokusonline page. In just a short period of time we had more than 40,000 visitors and that figure is growing daily. And check out on our “MySpace” page a review & comments after the Bern concert (for those of you that speak German) along with backstage video and short video bits of the concert..

Today is the birthday of Marc “The Voice” Storace and we want to take this opportunity to wish him a Happy Birthday, good health, good vibes, musical inspiration and vocal prowess.

Things to look forward to in the near future: Video GLOBE CLUB interviews with the original members of KROKUS and contest giveaway of some signed concert posters from the sensational Bern concert.

Keep the KROKUS “magic” in your heart and rock on,
Peter Waelti


[Deutscher Text Weiter Unten]

To sum it up in one word: “SIMPLY MAGIC”! After 25 years the most anticipated comeback in Swiss music history started out with a powerful concert performance in front of close to 10,000 fans and ended with fireworks lightening up the skies above the Bernese “Stade De Suisse” Football stadium.

Fanfares reminding us of the Roman Empire’s circus games raised the anticipation of the crowd a hundredfold and as the curtain fell to the ground, a huge backdrop with a new KROKUS logo and “Headhunter” alike skull & cross bones dominated the stage. On stage an impressive 16 towering Marshall Amplifiers promised a power performance and sound. And then the lights captured the five original musicians that had penned, recorded and performed all the big hits of KROKUS a quarter century ago. To the left lead guitarist Fernando Von Arb, elevated on a drum stand in between a wall of 8 Marshall’s on each side Freddy Steady and his extensive set of drums and cymbals, including a bigger than life gong for the intro of “Tokyo Nights”. To the right of Freddy original KROKUS member (since 1976) and founder Chris Von Rohr on the mighty bass. And on the far right of the stage Mark Kohler on rhythm guitar. Marc “The Voice” Storace was pacing the stage from the far left to the far right and in between.

They started the set with “Long Stick Goes Boom” from the 1982 “One Vice At A Time” release and “Rock City” (Marc screaming: “Is this Rock City, is Bern tonite the rock capital of the world” and the audience responding with a loud “yeah”) from the 1981 “Hardware” album. The crowd had to love the band for not only playing the hits, but also some gems that fans had not heard live for a long long time. Rightfully so, the band was rewarded with a huge applause as they played “Winning Man” (the only song recorded twice in KROKUS’s history – first on the 1981 release “Hardware” and then a second time on 1988’s “Heart Attack” album). Then, to the surprise of the audience, KROKUS played a very solid, straight forward “Hellraiser” from the 2006 released album by the same name.

Before starting “American Woman” (from the “Vice” album), vocalist Marc asked the pumped up crowd whether there are any fans from the USA in the audience? A very vocal response pleased the band and Marc thanked especially the US fans for their understanding of postponing the US dates and that they will be coming there sometime next year. “Down The Drain” from the “Vice” album followed neatless.

Freddy’s intro of hitting the huge, larger than life gong must have been heard way past the stadium walls as the band treated the fans to a crowd pleaser: “Tokyo Nights”. Followed by “Fire”, both from the 1980 release “Metal Rendez-Vous”. I’m sure I was not the only one that had chills running down their spine as the band continued with “Screaming In The Night” from the 1983 “Headhunter” album. This was the most popular song of KROKUS in the USA and still is played regularly by Classic Rock Stations all over America.

Another magic moment of the evening was when the crowd sang along to “Rock’N’Roll Tonight” from the 1988 album “Heart Attack”. Without break, KROKUS played a rocking “Heatstrokes”, also from the 1980 “Metal Rendez-Vous” release. The official set was closed out with “Easy Rocker” from the 1981 “Hardware” release. What an end to the show! With open mouths the audience took it all in as Freddy Steady on drums and Chris Von Rohr on percussion dueled back and forth. For many of us this was the climax of the show. [Note: In case you were surprised how well Chris Von Rohr plays the percussion instruments, please be reminded that he started out as the drummer of the band on their first self titled album “KROKUS” in 1976. Then he switched to vocals on their “To You All” and “Painkiller” albums (with Freddy joining in) until Marc Storace joined them on “Metal Rendez-Vous”].

But the crowd wanted more. And the band obliged. “Bedside Radio” from the “Metal Rendez-Vous” album was the biggest KROKUS hit in Europe and the fans thanked them with huge applause. And they still wanted more. And the band was willing to do so. However, the city of Bern was not as cooperative as the band, since power gets shut off at 1o:45 PM. That forced the band to drop the planned gems “Night Wolf” and “Backseat Rock’N’Roll” from the set list. Instead they ended the show with a sing-a-long cover of Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild”. And the fireworks lit the skies as a perfect evening ended.
Watching them play on stage, one had to observe how relaxed and yet professional and focused their performance was. You could tell that they were comfortable with each other, nothing staged – just pure, simple solid grooving rock. It felt as if time stood still and the return of the biggest rock export of Switzerland left no question open, that they still are a force to be reckoned with. At the end of the show everyone in the stadium had to conclude that there is nothing better than the “original”. About 250 people attending the after show VIP party echoed that sentiment as well.

I’m convinced that most of us will never forget the groove and feeling that Saturday evening in August of 2008. A perfect evening indeed, starting with the weather, followed by the band’s powerful and straight forward performance and the ever so responsive audience. I for one have it “locked in” in my heart and soul. It was pure “magic” and if you weren’t there, you missed one of the greatest concert performances I’ve ever seen in my life.

KROKUS worked hard in preparation for this concert. Rehearsals at Solothurn’s “Kofmehl” hall took place almost daily for weeks prior to the show. That proved without a shadow of a doubt clearly that the band was serious to show the world once more that the “originals” have not missed a beat and that there is only one original line-up. The one featuring Marc Storace on vocals, Fernando Von Arb on lead guitar, Mark “Koki” Kohler on rhythm guitar, Chris Von Rohr on bass and last but not least Freddy Steady on drums. They did not sit on their laurels just because they have sold over 11 million records, toured successfully the United States, Canada and South America and once subscribed to the 80’s lifestyle of “Sex, Drugs and Rock’N’Roll”. And that’s impressive. Musically they proved with their set list of this evening that their traveling back to the past was free of false nostalgia. The “originals” proved that a “breakup” does not always mean “the end”. It was just an extended longer pause. For Marc, Fernando, Mark, Chris and Freddy it’s a new beginning. The re-birth of a legend!

Prior to the show date, Marc and Chris talked with Alice Cooper on his American radio show “Nights With Alice Cooper” (broadcast July 30th on www.nightswithalicecooper.com). Alice was nice enough to send the band a note the day of the show that read: “Hi, Marc, Chris and everyone, Alice Cooper here! I'm on tour here in the U.S. right now; sorry I couldn't be there to cheer you on at this momentous occasion. Congratulations on your first concert with this great lineup in 25 years at the "Stade De Suisse" in Bern/Switzerland. Have a great show, and I hope to see you playing Stateside soon! Take care, guys!"

You can also hear a podcast interview with Marc and Chris of KROKUS and DJ Badslayer of the “Hard Rock Radio Live” show. Click on this link and enjoy:

Swiss Radio DRS3 did some short interviews by phone with Chris Von Rohr and Fernando Von Arb and provided you speak Swiss or a little German, you can copy and paste the following links:
rtsp://audio.drs.ch/drs3/musik/krokus_inti_reunion.mp3 and


Thank you KROKUS for giving us back the “magic”. We can’t wait for things to come.

Rock On,
Peter Waelti

[German Text]

In einem Wort zusammengefasst: “Einfach Magisch”! Nach 25 Jahren Pause nun das meist erwartete “comeback” in Schweizer Rock Geschichte fing an mit einer starken show vor knapp 10,000 fans und endete mit einem Feuerwerk, welches den nachtlichen Himmel des Berner “Stade De Suisse” auferhellen lies.

Beim Anfang des Konzertes waren Fanfaren wie bei den Zirkus Spielen des einst Roemischen Reiches zu hoeren und als der Vorhand fiel konnte man einen riesigen backdrop des neuen KROKUS logo’s sehen mit einem “Headhunter” Totenkopf. Auf der Buehne strotzten 16 riesige Marshall Verstaerker, Garantie fuer einen Power Sound. Und dann im spotlight die Kuenstler! Diejenigen, welche vor einem Viertel –Jahrhundert alle grossen hits der band komponiert, aufgenommen und live gespielt hatten. Ganz links auf der Buehne Fernando Von Arb, in der Mitte ,umringt von seinem imposanten Schlagzeug und geflankt auf beiden Seiten mit je 8 Marshall Tuermen, drummer Freddy Steady. Daneben, etwas weiter rechts das Original Mitglied und Gruender von KROKUS, Chris Von Rohr. Und ganz rechts der zweite Gitarrist Mark Kohler. Und natuerlich Marc Storace, der die ganze Buehne ablief von ganz links bis ganz rechts und meistens auch in der Mitte.

Die Band eroeffnete das Konzert mit “Long Stick Goes Boom” von dem 1982 Album “One Vice At A Time”, gefolgt mit “Rock City” (Marc schrie ins Mikrofon: “Is this Rock City, is Bern tonite the rock capital of the world” und die fans antworteten mit einem lauten “yeah”) vom 1981 Album “Hardware”.
Die Zuschauer dankten der Band auch mit einem riesigen Applaus, dass sie nicht nur die Hits spielten, sondern auch ein paar alte “Rock Juwelen” ausgegraben hatten, welche man schon seit etlichen Jahren nicht mehr gehoert hatte. Der song hiess “Winning Man” (der einzige song der zweimal aufgenommen wurde – zuerst im 1981 auf “Hardware” und ein zweites Mal im 1988 auf dem “Heart Attack” album). Dann der Titel Song der letzten Krokus Formation: “Hellraiser”.

Zu Anfang von “American Woman” fragte Marc die Zuhoerer in English ob auch fans von den USA hier am Konzert seien? Und die Antwort kam laut und deutlich. Marc dankte ihnen fuer das Verstaendniss dass die geplante US Tour auf naechstes Jahr verschieben werden musste. Danach rockten KROKUS ab mit “Down The Drain”.

Freddy schlug den gigantischen Gong beim Intro von “Tokyo Nights” so stark, dass der Schlag noch weit ueber die Stadium Waende gehoert wurde. Danach folgte schnoerkellos “Fire”. Und ich bin mir sicher, dass beim naechsten song “Screaming In The Night” ich nicht der einzige war, dem die Gaensehaut ueber den Ruecken lief. Dieser song war und ist bis heute noch der erfolgreichste song in den Vereinigten Staaten. Und wird immer noch von den Classic Rock Radio Stationen regelmaessig gesendet.

Ein weiterer magischer Moment entstand als das ganze Stadium beim Refrain von “Rock’N’Roll Tonight” mitsang. Gefolgt von einem rockigen “Heatstrokes”. Das offizielle Set wurde abgeschlossen mit “Easy Rocker”. Und was fuer ein Ende das war! Mit offenem Maul verfolgte die Menge das Perkussions Duel zwischen Drummer Freddy Steady und Perkussionist Chris Von Rohr. Fuer viele war dieser Moment der Klimax des Abends. [Anmerkung: Chris startete als drummer auf dem ersten KROKUS Album im Jahre 1976, wechselte dann auf Gesang auf den naechsten zwei Alben “To You All” und “Painkiller” und als Marc zur Band stieg, wechselte er auf den Bass – ein totaler musikalischer Team-Player]

Als Zugabe folgte “Bedside Radio”, welches in Europa der Band’s erfolgreichster Song war. Und die Fans dankten mit riesigem Applaus. Und die Band war auch bereit noch mehr zu geben. Aber die Stadt Bern hat da einen Strich durch die Rechnung gemacht, wie Chris Von Rohr ankuendigte. Um 22:45 Uhr stellt die Stadt den Strom ab. So mussten leider die geplanten Songs “Night Wolf” und “Backseat Rock’N’Roll” ueber die Klinge springen. Als Abschluss des Konzertes spielte die Band Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild” und die Menge sang kraeftig mit. So klang ein perfektes Konzert aus mit riesigen Feuerwerken.

Wenn man die Band so auf der grossen Buehne abrocken sah, musste man schon feststellen wie locker und trotzdem sehr professionell deren Auftritt verlief. Man konnte mit eigenen Augen und Ohren sehen und hoeren wie harmonisch und vertraut sie miteinander waren. Es war so als ob die Zeit still gestanden waere. Und jeder war sich einig nach dem Konzert, dass es nichts besseres giebt als das “Original”. Das war auch das Echo bei den 250 eingeladenen VIP Gaeste bei der “After Show”.

Ich bin ueberzeugt davon dass diejenigen, die an diesem schoenen Samstag Abend nach Bern gepilgert sind, dieses Konzert nicht so schnell vergessen werden. Perfektes Wetter, Powervolle Band und dankbares Publikum. Besser geht’s ja nicht! Ich habe den ganzen Abend in mein Herz und meine Sehle geschlossen und werde von diesem magischen Abend noch lange zehren. Diejenigen, die diese “Magic” nicht miterleben konnten, kann ich nur sagen: Ihr habt eine der besten Konzert Erlebnisse in den letzten 50 Jahren verpasst.

KROKUS hat sich hart vorbereitet auf diesen Anlass. Fast taeglich waehrend den letzten Wochen hat die Band geprobt in deren Heimatstadt Solothurn im “Kofmehl”. Somit hat die Band bewiesen, dass sie sehr zielstrebend einfach das Beste geben wollte. Es gibt halt nur eine “originelle” KROKUS Formation, und das sind Marc Storace, Fernando Von Arb, Mark Kohler, Chris Von Rohr und Freddy Steady. Und sie haben sich nicht einfach auf ihren Lorbeeren ausgeruht, nur weil sie ueber elf Millionen Platten verkauft haben. Die Solothurner tourten mehrmals durch die USA, Kanada und Sued-Amerika und zelebrierten wie keine andere Schweizer Band den «Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll»-Lifestyle. Krokus meinen es 2008 tatsächlich ernst. Und das ist gut so. Ihre Reise in die Vergangenheit war frei von falscher Nostalgie. KROKUS bewiesen, dass ein Ende nicht immer wirklich Schluss bedeutet. Es war schlicht nur eine laengere Pause. Bei Marc, Fernando, Mark, Chris und Freddy ist es ein neuer Anfang. Die Wiedergeburt einer Legende!

Ein paar Tage vor dem Konzert plauderten Chris und Marc mit Alice Cooper fuer dessen sehr populaere US Radio Show “Nights With Alice Cooper” (gesendet am 30. Juli auf www.nightswithalicecooper.com). Alice hat der Band am Tage des Konzertes eine mail gesandt: “Hi, Marc, Chris and everyone, Alice Cooper here! I'm on tour here in the U.S. right now; sorry I couldn't be there to cheer you on at this momentous occasion. Congratulations on your first concert with this great lineup in 25 years at the "Stade De Suisse" in Bern/Switzerland. Have a great show, and I hope to see you playing Stateside soon! Take care, guys!"

Wer Englisch versteht kann sich auch ein podcast interview mit Marc, Chris and DJ Badslayer von der “Hard Rock Radio Live” show anhoeren. Einfach dieses link anklicken: http://mib_show.podomatic.com/entry/eg/2008-08-03T08_57_13-07_00

Schweizer Radio DRS3 machte ein paar Telefon Interviews mit Chris Von Rohr und Fernando Von Arb. Ihr koennt Euch diese kurzen Interviews wiefolgt anhoeren (einfach die folgenden links kopieren und auf den browser aufsetzen):
rtsp://audio.drs.ch/drs3/musik/krokus_inti_reunion.mp3 and


Viele Dank KROKUS, dass Ihr uns die “magic” zurueck gegeben habt. Wir koennen kaum warten auf das naechste Mal.

Rock On,
Peter Waelti
Denver / Colorado


(Deutsche Uebersetzung Siehe Weiter Unten)

It’s the final countdown…. In just two weeks about this time, those of us that travel to Bern/Switzerland, can enjoy the comeback of the 1982 original line-up for the first time in concert since over 25 years ago! What a rush! Take your vintage T-shirts out of the closet and wear them proudly. They’re baaaaack!

Winners of the contest have been contacted directly as well as those fans travelling from the USA. They all will be guests of KROKUS after the show in the VIP lounge.

In case you wondered, these are the correct answers to the contest:
1. Which album gained "triple-platinum" record award status? METAL RENDEZ-VOUS
2. What is the name of the groundbreaking album that propelled KROKUS to International fame? METAL RENDEZ-VOUS
3. What are the names of the KROKUS record albums that feature exactly the same line-up as the current comeback formation? ONE VICE AT A TIME
4. There is only one KROKUS song that was recorded twice. What's the name of that song? WINNING MAN


With the return of the originals we focused mainly on keeping the spotlight on the upcoming concert as well as future events. And yet, KROKUS has a rich history to share with old and new fans. And we have no intention to ignore this fact. We decided that the fans voice and past history would be better featured on our GLOBE CLUB page. If you visit that page, you will see the “main topics” in the left column of the page. Simply click on what’s of interest to you. I have restructured some topics and condensed some (not all of it will be done at the time of this mail, since I will be leaving for Europe to join KROKUS this coming Tuesday – however I promise you new pictures and a nice overview of the more than 30 year history of our Swiss rock giants. As of today, you will find the following on the GLOBE CLUB page of our web site:

GUESTBOOK: If you would like to let your voice be heard, make a comment and be part of the KROKUS fan community, click on that topic and you will be heard.

HISTORY: You will find here 2 topics. “From The Beginning: The History Of A Swiss Rock Giant” and we plan to share with you very soon also the “KROKUS Family Tree”. This was originally an idea of Marc Storace and he kindly let me run with this.

GLOBE CLUB INTERVIEWS: Here you will find 2 categories, “Videos” and “Text”. If you click on “Videos” you will be able to see my interviews with current (soon) and past band members. If you click on “Text”, you will be able to read interviews with current (soon) and past band members. The questions and answers are different on the “video” link and the “text” link.

MULTIMEDIA: This section offers 4 different topics of interest – Videos, Audio, Press & Pictures. Under “KROKUS Videos” you will find concert footage from different time periods as well as the Malta videos I produced in 2006. The “KROKUS Audio” section features audio interviews from the “Lewis & Floorwax Radio Show” in 2005 plus “Eddie Trunk Radio Show” and “Nights with Alice Cooper” from a while ago. Marc and Chris will do an interview with Alice this coming Monday via phone and once I get a copy of the interview from the producer of the show, I will share that with you all. “KROKUS Press” will feature interviews with the band and/or individual band members. At the moment we have only an interview that Dani Beck from Swiss “Music Night” TV show (I translated that one into English for our international fans). As we go on and I find old clips as well, there will be more.

KROKUS PICTURES: Here you will find pictures of the band, performing “live and uncensored”. I restructured this part (old GALLERY) to condense things. As you will see, I grouped this into blocks per album/CD release and the year it was released rather than in the old format where we referred to dates only. I will be working on this more extensively once I return back from Switzerland. If you have good pictures of different time periods, feel free to send them to me at peter.waelti@krokusonline.com, so that we have visuals to each release over the three decades of KROKUS.

REVIEWS: This link will offer you two topics – “Albums/CD’s” and “Concerts”. As the titles suggest, we will post here reviews from the press and group them into the two categories. This part I also will complete when I return back from my visit with the mighty KROKUS.

NEWSLETTERS: This lists all the newsletters since I had the privilege to be the “6th KROKUS”. The newest one is always on top of the page. That way, if you want to look back at something, it’s easy to find all in one location.

FAN PHOTOS: This link is split in three decades – the 1980’s, the 1990’s and the year 2000 and beyond. When you send me a picture of you and one of the KROKUS band members in it (and tell me from which century it was taken), we will post your picture on this link. So, please send your pictures in, if you have not done so already. To quote Ray Davies of the Kinks in one of his songs: “Everybody is in show biz and everybody is a star”!

I hope you like the new set-up of our web page where you will be able to enjoy features about the current line-up and at the same time can go back in time on our GLOBE CLUB page. In order not to miss a KROKUS moment, check back often to see updates and additions.

I’m too wired to sleep already and I can’t wait to see old fans I met at earlier occasions and to make new friends. This concert will not only be special because of the return of the original KROKUS, but also because of the “Special Guest” band “Span”. I used to manage them for a while in the 80’s as well and I have not seen them for over 28 years. The night will be “magic”.

So, let’s do the countdown together: KROKUS in the original line-up of the glory years of the early 80’s will rock the “Stade De Suisse” football stadium in Bern Switzerland in exactly 1 week. For those of you that count precisely, that’s 14 Days, 336 hours, 20,160 minutes or in other words just 1,209,600 seconds. As the Rolling Stones sing: “Time waits for no one”, so be there or be square!

Rock On, my friends!!!


Die Uhr tickt….. In genau zwei Wochen werden wir “live” das Comeback der originalen 1982’er Besetzung von KROKUS zum ersten Mal seit ueber 25 Jahren miterleben! Nehmt Eure 80’er T-Shirts aus dem Schrank and traegt sie stolz ans Konzert. Die Originale sind zuuuuuurueck!

Die Gewinner unseres Wettbewerbs wurden direkt von mir avisiert. Und diejenigen fans, die von den USA anreisen, ebenfalls. Die werden alle Gaeste von KROKUS sein nach dem Konzert in der VIP Lounge.

Falls Du Dich wunderst, warum Du keine Einladung erhalten hast, hier sind die korrekten Antworten auf die Fragen des Wettbewerbs:
1. Welches Album erhielt eine “Trippel Platinum Auszeichnung”? METAL RENDEZ-VOUS
2. Was ist der Name des Albums das KROKUS zum ersten Mal weltweit beruehmt gemacht hat? METAL RENDEZ-VOUS
3. Welche Alben haben die jetzige Besetzung vor Jahren eingespielt in der genauen Formation wie heute? ONE VICE AT A TIME
4. Es gab nur einen Song welcher zweimal aufgenommen wurde. Wie heisst dieser Song? WINNING MAN


Wie ihr gesehen habt, haben wir seit dem offiziellen Bericht, dass die Original Formation von 1982 wieder rockt, den Focus auf die jetzige Besetzung konzentriert. Und wir hatten die Vergangenheit ein bisschen auf die Seite gelegt, aber nicht vergessen! KROKUS hat eine reiche und ausfuehrliche Vergangenheit ueber eine Zeitspanne von drei Jahrzehnten, die wir mit alten und auch neuen Fans teilen wollen. Wir haben uns entschieden, dass Eure “Stimme” und die ganze Laufbahn von KROKUS am besten auf unserer Fan Seite GLOBE CLUB Sinn macht. Wenn Ihr auf GLOBE CLUB anklickt, werdet Ihr auf der linken Seite die Kategorien/Themen sehen. Klick dort und Ihr werdet Untertitel sehen, welche Ihr dann auch anklicken koennt. Ich habe einige Themen umstrukturiert und mehr zusammengefasst (nicht alles ist schon vollstaendig, da ich am kommenden Dienstag schon in die Schweiz fliege um KROKUS zu treffen. Ich verspreche aber, dass ich nach meiner Rueckkehr alles vervollstaendigen werde, wo ich Material habe und Euch einen guten Ueberblick ueber die vergangenen drei Jahrzehnte von unseren Schweizer Rock Giganten abliefern werde. Ab sofort koennt Ihr auf unserer GLOBE CLUB Seite das folgende geniessen:

GUESTBOOK: Wenn Ihr einen Kommentar habt oder lediglich Eure “Stimme” hoeren lassen wollt als Teil unserer KROKUS Fan Gemeinde, klickt doch einfach auf dieses Link.

HISTORY: Hier werdet Ihr zwei Themen finden. Auf “From The Beginning: The History Of A Swiss Rock Giant” ist die ganze Geschichte von KROKUS zu lesen. Das zweite Thema heisst “KROKUS Family Tree” (KROKUS Stammbaum). An dem muss ich noch etwas arbeiten, bis ich den komplett hinkriege. Dies war urspruenglich eine Idee von Marc Storace, welche er mir “verehrt” hat, so dass er sich auf’s Song schreiben konzentrieren kann.

GLOBE CLUB INTERVIEWS: Hier gibt’s auch zwei Kategorien, “Videos” und “Text”. Wenn Ihr “Videos” anklickt, werdet Ihr meine Interviews mit der jetzigen Besetzung (in Kuerze) und auch vergangen Besetzungen sehen. Wenn Ihr auf “Text” anklickt, dann koennt Ihr Band Interviews von heute (in Kuerze) und gestern lesen. Die Fragen in den “Video” und “Text” Kategorien sind verschieden.

MULTIMEDIA: Dieser Teil hat 4 verschiedene Themen – Videos (Bild), Audio (Gesprochenes), Presse (Geschriebenes) und Bilder (was zum angucken).Bei “KROKUS Videos” werdet ihr Konzert Mitschnitte von verschiedenen Zeitabschnitten in der Geschichte von KROKUS sehen wie auch meine “Malta Videos” von 2006. Die “KROKUS Audio” Kategorie liefert Interviews unter anderen von der “Lewis & Floorwax Radio Show” in Denver von 2005 sowie Marc’s Interview an der “Eddie Trunk Radio Show” und “Nights with Alice Cooper” von anno dazumal. Marc und Chris werden diesen kommenden Montag ein Interview mit Alice Cooper fuer die USA Radio Stationen machen via Telephon. Sobald ich eine Kopie dieses Interviews von den Produzenten der Show erhalte, werde ich Euch das mitteilen. “KROKUS Press” beinhaltet journalistische Beitraege mit der Band und/oder einzelnen Band Mitgliedern. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt haben wir nur ein Interview mit Dani Beck von der Schweizer “Music Night” Fernseh Show abgedruckt (ich uebersetzte so gut wie meine Kenntnisse von Schwiizer Duetsch/Hochdeutsch noch sind das ganze auf English und Hochdeutsch). Weitere Beitraege von der Vergangenheit und Zukunft koennt Ihr dort mitlesen.

KROKUS PICTURES: Hier findet man Bilder der Band, einige “live” und andere unzensiert! Diesen Teil habe ich umstrukturiert von der “alten” GALLERY Seite und werde diesen Teil auch nur auf’s wichtigste beschraenken. Wenn Ihr dort mal anklickt, werdet Ihr sehen, dass ich das ganze nach Alben Titeln und Veroeffentlichsjahr strukturiert habe, anstatt im alten Format, wo alles nach Datum gereiht war. Ich werde an diesem Teil ausfuehrlicher arbeiten, wenn ich von meinem KROKUS Trip von der Schweiz zurueck kehre. Falls Ihr qualitativ gute Bilder verschiedener Zeitabschnitten habt, sendet mir doch diese an peter.waelti@krokusonline.com, so dass wir alle drei Jahrzehnte von KROKUS Musik auferleben lassen koennen.

REVIEWS: Auf dieser Spalte offerieren wir zwei verschiedene Kategorien - “Albums/CD’s” und “Concerts”. Wie die Titel vermuten lassen, werden wir dort in Kuerze Presse Artikel (nach Landessprache kategoriert) auffuehren.

NEWSLETTERS: Hier listen wir alle “newsletters”, die wir an Euch versandt haben. Zuoberst ist immer der aktuellste. So koennen Fans, die erst jetzt sich im GLOBE CLUB eingetragen haben und diejenigen, die was bestimmtes nachlesen wollen, unbekuemmert herum schnuppern.

FAN PHOTOS: Diese Kategorie beinhaltet drei verschiedene Jahrzehnte - die 1980’er Jahre, die 1990’er Jahre und das Jahr 2000 und danach. Falls Ihr ein Bild von Euch mit einem Band Mitglied habt (alte Formationen oder neue), sendet dieses zu mir mit dem Vermerk von welchem Jahr das Bild stammt.Dann koennt Ihr Euch in Kuerze auf unserer Web Seite bewundern. Wie Ray Davies von den Kinks mal sang: “Jeder will im Show Business sein und jederman ist ein Star”!

Ich hoffe dass Ihr Spass habt an dem neuen Layout unserer Web Seite, wo Ihr nun verschiedenes von der jetzigen Formation miterlebt sowie die Vergangenheit wieder auferleben lassen koennt. Lasst Euch keinen KROKUS Moment entgehen! Drum kommt doch oefters mal zum “reingucken”, ob’s was Neues gibt.

Ich kann kaum schlafen vor Aufregung, mit dem Konzert nur 14 Tagen, 336 Stunden, 20,160 Minuten oder 1,209,600 Sekunden entfernt, wie immer auch Ihr das berechnen wollt. Ich freue mich alte Fans wieder zu sehen und neue Fans kennen zu lernen. Dieses Konzert ist fuer mich persoenlich nicht nur “Spezial” wegen der Rueckkehr der KROKUS Originale, sondern auch weil deren “Spezial Gast” keine geringeren als “Span” sind. Ich habe diese Band in den 80’er Jahren auch mal gemanagt und werde sie nun nach ueber 28 Jahren wieder mal sehen und hoeren. Diese Nacht wird fuer uns alle “Magic” (Magisch) sein. Wie der Rolling Stones Song andeutet: “Time waits for no one” (Die Zeit steht fuer keinen still). Drum lasst Euch diesen speziellen Moment nicht entgehen. Im nachhinein wuerde man das bereuen!

Rock On,
Peter Waelti
P.O.Box 17552
Denver/Colorado 80217


No one thought in the early 80's of "flowers" when the name KROKUS was mentioned. That name symbolized straight to the bone hard rock from Solothurn/Switzerland.

Their International debut album "Metal Rendez-Vous", featuring Marc "the voice" Storace, sold over 180,000 units in Switzerland alone. KROKUS rocked the largest venues worldwide in the early 80's and they were mentioned in the same breath as some of the greatest rock bands in the world, like AC/DC.

The most productive KROKUS line-up of all times eventually fizzled away and Marc, Fernando, Chris, Mark and Freddy went their separate ways. Although mainly Fernando and also Marc kept the name KROKUS in people's minds with various line-up changes, for the hardcore KROKUS fan it just wasn't the same. Over the years many fans persistently brought up how great it would be to have the originals play again together one day. What seemed to be a dream and impossible eventually came true. If you believe in your dreams hard enough without a doubt, dreams will come true!

On Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 the world can witness the return of the originals. Marc Storace on vocals, Fernando Von Arb on lead guitar, Mark Kohler on guitar, Chris Von Rohr on the mighty bass and Freddy Steady on drums. A combined 269 years of music history and pure Rock'N'Roll power exploding on one stage!

Bassist Chris Von Rohr was asked why the band decided to finally reunite after all these years. Without hesitation he responded: "There was no plan, no strategy, it just so happened after we played (after all these years) together again [referring to their Swiss TV gig in late 2007, followed by private rehearsals in late February of this year]. We all are fanatics, passionately living for this sound".

Lead guitarist Fernando Von Arb added: "We finally deliver "the" concert we owe to our fans for over 25 years". And vocalist Marc Storace' eyes lit up brightly as he beams with pride: "Great, strong memories always will be a part of you - and together we will create new ones".

Now is our chance to be a part of the creation of new KROKUS memories with the most successful line-up of all times and for some of us at the same time being able to re-live some great old memories. KROKUS has come "full circle". This 1982 original line-up will rock your socks off in 2008, straight, "in your face" uncompromising original rock groove.

That's why you cannot miss the concert of the year in Bern/Switzerland on August 2nd, 2008. Remember KROKUS fans in the USA, if you send to peter.waelti@krokusonline.com a copy of your flight itinerary as proof that you will be in Europe and/or Switzerland at this time, we will give you a free concert ticket for the show, courtesy of the band. Just because we had to postpone our USA tour. How many other bands make you an offer like this?

The past is back to..rock on!

BLICK Magazine Zurich/Switzerland - July 3rd, 2008

Krokus (zusammen 269 Jahre alt) geben Comeback im Stade de Suisse

Krokus im Stadion - zum ersten Mal seit 25 Jahren sind die erfolgreichsten Schweizer Rocker im Original zurück!

Kein Mensch denkt in den frühen 80er-Jahren an Blumen, wenn das Wort «Krokus» fällt. Nein, der Name steht für knochentrockenen Hardrock aus Solothurn City!

Unglaubliche 180´000-mal verkauft sich «Metal Rendez-Vous» (1980) allein bei uns. Sie rocken alle grossen Bühnen dieser Welt - Krokus werden in einem Atemzug mit AC/DC genannt.

Dann der langsame Abstieg. ­Irgendwelche Blüten treibt die Band immer - aber die erfolgreichste Formation um Marc Storace (Gesang, 57), Fernando von Arb (Gitarre, 55), Chris von Rohr (Bass, 57), Mark Kohler (Gitarre, 45) und Freddy Steady (Drums, 55) spielt nicht mehr gemeinsam.

Bis jetzt. Denn die Krokusse sind zurück: Am 2. August rocken sie das Stade de Suisse in Bern!

Warum die späte Reunion nach all den Jahren? Oder um mit Chris von Rohrs Bestseller-Buchtitel zu fragen: «Hunde, wollt ihr ewig rocken?» Von Rohr: «Da gabs keinen Plan, keine Strategie, es passierte einfach nach dem Zusammenspielen. Wir sind alles Besessene, wir leben für diesen Sound.»

Fernando von Arb fügt an: «Wir geben endlich das Konzert, das wir den Fans seit 25 Jahren schulden.» Und Marc Storaces Augen leuchten: «Grosse, starke Erinnerungen lassen dich nie im Stich - wir ­werden neue kreieren!»

Logo, freuen sich Krokus auch auf «meh Dräck»: «Es lebe der fadengerade Rumpelsound - ohne Syntis, ohne Compis, einfach in your face im richtigen Groove!»

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552


On June 28th, 2008, Dani Beck interviewed KROKUS for Swiss Television's "Music Night", asking vocalist Marc Storace, lead guitarist Fernando Von Arb and bass player Chris Von Rohr probing questions that might be of interest to you in anticipation of the concert of the year in Bern/Switzerland on August 2nd, 2008.

So, if you are interested to find the answers to (see below):
- The most successful Swiss rock band of all times reunited again, who would have thought that? How does it feel for the three of you to be back on promo tour again after all these years?
- At which point did you believe for sure that this reunion would take place? At one time in the past it was a subject matter during or after the release of the film/DVD "KROKUS: As Long As We Live".
- Did you meet prior to that TV event or was this really the first time where you all met at the TV studio and practically were forced to speak with each other?
- You all did not speak to each other for such along time, that could be considered by some as borderline "hate". When did you first realize that there is really still a connection between you all?
- How was it when Marc joined you in the rehearsal room and it all went smoothly?
- Back then at the Hammersmith Odeon a young Mandy Meyer played guitar with KROKUS. And he was also part of the immediate past line-up. Was he an option to join KROKUS with the current line up on guitar?
- You resurrected Mark "Koki" Kohler. What did he do up that moment?
- Marc, did you have to give the news to your old band mates personally, that you would rejoin musically Chris and Fernando?
- Whenever there is a "reunion" there is always talk about money that played a role in the decision. What about you, do you have any lucrative offers on the table as we speak?
- When one asks the people on the street and critics alike, they all want to know if Chris still can deliver after all the years away from the stage.
- Now you want to resurrect the most successful Swiss rock band of all times. In your opinion, why has no one followed your footsteps and continued International success where you left off after all these years?
- August 2nd is the day all KROKUS fans are looking forward to. Some say one should go see the show to witness the raw power of the originals and whether they still bring it. Others think that this will be a single event and after that each member goes their own way. That's not the idea, right?
- The idea is therefore to record a new album. Have you worked already on some new material?
- KROKUS live in Bern on August 2nd. Are you all a little nervous already?
- What about your anticipation how the fans will react?
- Chris, for years you were on the other side of the spectrum as a journalist and you criticized others at times harshly. The critics will have a field day with you.

All these questions are answered in English and German on our web site www.krokusonline.com under GLOBE CLUB. Simply click on the link to the left "Dani Beck Music Night Interview 6-28-08" and you can read up on it at your leisure.

We also proudly would like to let you know that we have an official "MySpace" web site. I would like to personally thank Toni Ott from Zurich for his help and who "juiced" it up for me. You can join us as a friend or send comments at www.myspace.com/krokusonline.

If you join us at our MySpace site, and provided you speak Swiss, you will be able to watch the entire TV interview (second video from top - it might take just a little longer to upload than the "You Tube" videos) with Dani Beck & KROKUS and understand what they say. If not, you can wait for the videos that are part of that interview. The first one is a video clip of "Backseat Rock'N'Roll" from the 1980 release "Metal Rendez-Vous" and features original founder Tommy Kiefer on guitar. Next video is the playback clip of Swiss TV's show "The Greatest Hits Of All Time" from last October with a medley of "Tokyo Nights", Bedside Radio" and "Heatstrokes". Then you can watch a "live" video clip of "Rock City", filmed in 1981 at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon in London. And it does not stop there. As part of the interview you can watch the video clip "Screaming In The Night" (commercially the most successful KROKUS song in the USA) from 1983's "Headhunter" release. Very surreal. Chris mentions in the interview with Dani, that Marc stepped on Chris's hamburger towards the end of the clip. And lastly "Heatstrokes" of the 1980 Album "Metal Rendez-Vous" is played. It's a taped TV show with live audience. You may also see the video at www.sf.tv.

The very dynamic and popular Dani Beck is one of our friends (not just on "MySpace") and you might want to check out his www.myspace.com/beckinblack web site.

Our MySpace site also features a number of videos and a slide show with pictures. And you can glance at the world map to see in which country KROKUS is most popular. And don't forget our juke box! We look forward seeing you there..

We see you in less than three weeks in Bern and look forward rocking the stadium with you.

Rock On,


P.O.BOX 17552


Just another 60 days or so. August 2nd, 2008 is getting closer by the day. This is the ONLY concert KROKUS will perform this year and it was important to the band to celebrate this event in their native country of Switzerland before starting work on their upcoming comeback album, followed by a tour in 2009.

On behalf of the band we want to say "Thank You" to our fans Worldwide in a "special way", especially the ones living in the USA (since this was the only country where we had to postpone already confirmed dates). Rest assured we will be back to tour America in 2009.

We want to offer the first 30 US fans that can verify airline tickets to Switzerland free concert tickets courtesy of KROKUS for the special event, taking place at the new football stadium "Stade De Suisse" in Bern/Switzerland on August 2nd, 2008. Simply e-mail a copy of your confirmed airline ticket to me at peter.waelti@krokusnline.com. This is on a "first come - first serve" basis. A good number of our US fans were ready to travel all across the USA to see KROKUS at the "Rocklahoma" Festival in July. Why not fly across the Atlantic Ocean and join us for this once in a lifetime event! As an extra bonus, the day before the concert, Switzerland celebrates its "Independence Day" (equivalent to our "4th Of July") and you don't want to miss this either.

Since some of you can travel shorter distances by train, plane or automobile to the event (especially fans throughout Europe), we will give away another 10 concert tickets to fans outside of the USA. Simply send the answers to the below-asked questions to peter.waelti@krokusonline.com and the first 10 entries win!

1. Which album gained "triple-platinum" record award status?
2. What is the name of the groundbreaking album that propelled KROKUS to International fame?
3. What are the names of the KROKUS record albums that feature exactly the same line-up as the current comeback formation?
4. There is only one KROKUS song that was recorded twice. What's the name of that song?

If you're a real KROKUS fan, you'll know the answers. And if you want to brush up on some "nostalgia" before the big event (in case you were not born yet when KROKUS had their greatest hits), visit our web site and you'll find the answers there.

The KROKUS fever is building! Be part of history in the making. Visit our web site under NEWS and you'll see the concert poster for the event.

See you in Bern in August,
Peter Waelti
P.O.BOX 17552


It's "OFFICIAL" !!!

No more speculations on who's gonna be the last part of the most anticipated KROKUS comeback puzzle. No other than MARK KOHLER will complete the return of the "originals" on rhythm guitar.

He played in KROKUS's most successful International line-up that stormed the charts Worldwide in the early 80's. You heard Mark on 1982's "One Vice At A Time" album for the first time, then on their most successful release "Headhunter" in 1983, followed by "The Blitz" album in 1984. He also was featured on 1986's studio album "Change Of Address" and the same year on the first KROKUS "live" album called "Alive And Screaming". He joined Marc, Fernando and Chris on 1988's "Heart Attack" and one more time in 1995 on their release "To Rock Or Not To Be". With the exception of "The Blitz" tour we also saw him rocking the USA and be part of most Worldwide tours. And now we will see him in action this coming August, reunited with his famed band mates and rocking the stage again.


Get excited, there is more "good news" to follow very soon.

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552




Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552
December 15th, 2008
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