As 2007 comes to an end, we reflect back to this year with all the highlights that you were a big part of. And simultaneously we look forward to a rocking 2008.

KROKUS finished the most extensive European Tour in the band's 30-year history. Whether as "special guest" of Hammerfall or headlining ourselves, we had the pleasure to play for you and get to know you after the concerts. Thanks to you we earned a "Gold Record Award" for our latest release "Hellraiser". And we look forward to do some more hellraisin' in the USA this coming summer.

The band very much appreciates your loyalty and enthusiasm with which you embrace us. We are very thankful to you and can't wait to see you again in 2008 sometime on a stage nearby.

To bridge over some time and to reminisce over the past year, feel free to visit our GLOBE CLUB page (MULTIMEDIA-Krokus Pictures-Hellraiser 2006) and the pictures (check out topics on left side of page) will bring back good memories to those of you that attended those particular concert events.

We had neglected our video updates. And there was nothing new since 2004. So we made good by adding KROKUS LIVE IN MONTREUX/SWITZERLAND from 2004 on to our GLOBE CLUB page (MULTIMEDIA - Videos). The 2 part series allows fans that did not have the DVD included in their "Fire + Gasoline" live CD release of 2004 or cannot play the PAL format to see the band "live in concert".

And I had promised you with our November 11th, 2007 newsletter to load up every week another video clip from interviews we did a year ago during our stay in Malta and the first concert with KROKUS in Marc's country of origin. I did not realize how time consuming it was to edit it all and I apologize to those of you that faithfully checked back week after week and were patient enough to wait a little longer.

We started out with GLOBE CLUB in depth interviews on location in Malta 2006 with Stefan, then added Tony, Dominique, Mandy and Marc (Part 1). I'm proud to report that Part 2 of Marc's interview is now on line as well. You can view all GLOBE CLUB interviews on the GLOBE CLUB page (GLOBE CLUB INTERVIEWS - Videos). Please note that especially for you that still use dial-up connections for your computer, you will have to be patient until the file is uploaded. All interviews are between 30-35 minutes long but I believe the wait is worthwhile. Marc's interview is in 2 parts because we go back to his music legacy starting out in Malta at a tender age, then his move to Switzerland and how he ended up as front man for KROKUS. Part 2 covers the present and his open answers about his beliefs and philosophies make this a must to watch/listen for any!
longtime KROKUS fan.

With our newsletter of 11-11-2007 (to read it again, visit our NEWS page and scroll down to "November 11, 2007 - GLOBE CLUB BAND INTERVIEWS MALTA" and click on "more" for the entire text) I gave you a little review of our visit to Malta. It appears that the Maltese words I was taught by one of the promoters, the funny and always happy Stefan Vassallo, were not the most appropriate ones. I received a nice letter from a Maltese fan that pointed this out to me gently. Marc Storace got a kick out of this and James Baldacchino was gracious enough to give us permission to print his mail (unedited) as his answer to my November, 11th, 2007 newsletter herewith:

"Hey Mr. Waelti,
First off, a huge congratulations for all that you do with Krokus - it really is a pleasure receiving these mails from you keeping me updated on what is going on in the KROKUS world ;) I'm very proud to be Maltese and to have such a big export as Marc Storace who comes from our tiny island!
Well..to the point.. mate, you've been had! Much as the Maltese you were taught was not..let's say..polite Maltese.. "Gbejna ma oxxa juice" is yet another figment of someone's incredibly active (and HILARIOUS) imaginations, much as "zbub imqatta' roti roti". If you'd like the translation of these.. well. Let's just say that reading this mail had me burst in guffaws of laughter this morning - great stuff! I love the Maltese sense of humour!
I doubt that I'll be the only person writing in to tell you this - but if I am the only one, don't point out WHO told you - I might just be slaughtered if found to be the one who ruined the joke! :) I just thought it would be civil to tell you since.. well.. asking for that in restaurants must have brought about some insane reactions!! :) Haha!
Once again, thanks for all you do - I love Krokus, and the concert last year was one which I will always remember - ROCK ON!

Fans like James are truly appreciated. We like a good "dialogue" and welcome your comments and opinions whether you send us a mail (peter.waelti@krokusonline.com - which is shared with the band on a monthly basis) or leave us some feedback on our GUESTBOOK web page.

Again, KROKUS band + team wish you a happy, healthy, positive and rockin' NEW YEAR. When the clock strikes midnight tonite, have a toast to us and we will do the same to you. Because without you and your support we would not be inspired to rock on in 2008!

Band, Crew & KROKUS TEAM

P.O.BOX 17552



The Second Annual Rocklahoma to be held in Pryor, Oklahoma July 11-13 is one of the world's premier Rock Festivals with tickets already having been sold from four out of the seven continents and forty nine of the fifty states! Rocklahoma is pleased to announce Switzerland's KROKUS is signed on to play Friday, July 11th.

Today, KROKUS blends their new material with the established hits of the past in their live shows. The mixture of younger musicians with the established experience of two KROKUS veterans makes this line-up a dynamic powerhouse. There are not many rock singers these days that can handle a 3-octave range vocally. In fact, critics claim Marc Storace's voice is stronger than ever. KROKUS is musically and visually a spectacle not to be missed. After 15 studio albums, 4 best-of and 2 live albums KROKUS is here to stay.

KROKUS' current lineup consists of Marc Storace (vocals), Mandy Meyer (lead guitar), Dominique Favez (rhythm guitar), Tony Castell (bass) and Stefan Schwarzmann (drums).

KROKUS, whose hit song "Screaming in the Night" helped to achieve the band super stardom, has been called Switzerland's biggest Rock export! Twenty Five years after their triple platinum album "Headhunter" KROKUS return to the United States "live" in a big way.

Rocklahoma will be July 11th through 13th, 2008 at the Catch The Fever Festival Grounds, four miles north of Pryor, Oklahoma with a special Thursday pre-party for those who have purchased three-day tickets. Currently there are a limited amount of VIP Tickets available for the three days for only $325 which includes free beer and food.

The facilities include over 6,300 assigned and numbered seats, as well as general admission on the lawn for over 40,000 people. The grounds also feature over 4,000 campsites, on site parking, bathroom facilities, a convenience store, and overnight security. Rocklahoma also has a Picture Alley that allows anyone in attendance to approach the stage during any performance and take photographs of their favorite artist at close range.

The public can also order tickets online at www.rockfeverfest.com or charge by phone at 1-866-310-2288.

Additional note from the GLOBE CLUB:

Over fifty percent of the VIP seats have been renewed, making the remaining seats in great demand. The public is encouraged to get their VIP seats early as they are becoming more limited. Please visit our NEWS page for more details and where we posted the official press release (read above) that was sent yesterday to the press worldwide. It also shows a link where to get tickets, as they go fast! As a bonus you will see on the NEWS page a picture of Marc Storace in the 80's, running across stage with the American flag. America, fasten your seatbelts, we're finally coming to do some "Hellraisin' " in the good 'ole USA next year.

(If you are a journalist or radio DJ and would like to arrange an interview with Marc Storace or any of the other band members, please feel free to contact me at peter.waelti@krokusonline.com)

Rock On,
Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552


As previously reported (see NEWS 11/17/2007), the "classic" line-up minus Tommy Kiefer performed a playback medley for the incredibly popular 6-part Swiss TV series "Greatest Swiss Hits Of All Times".

The medley consisted of the songs "Tokyo Nights", "Bedside Radio" and "Heatstrokes", all originally released on KROKUS's first album featuring "the voice" Marc Storace. That album ("Metal Rendez-Vous") put KROKUS on the map Internationally.

During the Swiss TV Show the musicians, much to their surprise, were presented by BMG (record label) with the "Diamond Record Award" for overall record sales in Switzerland during their tenure with the label (mainly in the 80's). This is an extremely rare award to be handed out. To put this into perspective, the "Diamond Record Award" equals receiving 40 "Gold Record Awards" or 20 "Platinum Record Awards" in comparison.

Now "Bedside Radio", originally released in November of 1979 as a single in Switzerland, is back in the "Swiss Hitparade Charts" (equivalent to the US "Billboard Charts"). It shot from zero to number 58 immediately in it's first week after the broadcast.

While the nostalgic fans got their 3 minutes and 45 seconds fix, the current line-up consisting of Marc Storace, Mandy Meyer, Dominique Favez, Tony Castell and Stefan Schwarzmann are working on new song material for their follow-up album to "Hellraiser". The "Hellraiser Tour", in support of the current album, started in 2006 and is still going. and going. and going (you get the picture) with 2 more concerts in Mid-December (see TOUR). When it's all said and done, the "Hellraiser Tour" will be the most extensive European tour KROKUS ever has performed in their 30+ year band history. Another milestone for KROKUS!

With these current events taking place, it might be appropriate to re-visit Marc's interview with the web based "Hitparade CH" (Billboard equivalent). Please go to our web site www.krokusonline.com under NEWS and click on "more" on the latest news bit (same title as above). There are some pictures there as well. The interview, originally released a year ago as part of the promo for the "Hellraiser" album, is copied for all German speaking fans, followed by a translation in English.

Long live rock. Long live KROKUS!

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552


This month (on November 25th) marks the one-year anniversary of KROKUS playing Malta for the first time and their native son Marc Storace returning as part of a band after 30+ years (last time with Swiss band TEA, who I managed in the early 70's).

Marc is the biggest (and to my knowledge the only) Maltese musician "export" that ever made for himself a name Internationally. You can imagine how great the anticipation of the Maltese was when KROKUS finally landed in Malta. We arrived there four days prior to the actual concert and all of us fell in love with the island and the warm welcome KROKUS received upon its arrival. The week was filled with daily activities like radio interviews (one of them included a 4-song acoustic set leading up to the long anticipated concert on Saturday), TV interviews, press conference and filming around the island. Feel free to re-visit our MULTIMEDIA - Pictures - Hellraiser 2006 link and see some pictures in the meantime.

Classic Rock Promotions (thanks again Michael, Stefan & Colin) booked us at the plush Westin Dragonara and pampered us around the clock with delicious native meals. Like sumptuous seafood, rabbit, gbejna ma oxxa juice (was told over and over again by Stefan Vassallo that the local drink in Malta is gbejna ma oxxa [pronounced oshshshsha] juice and that I should ask for it upon arrival. It's according to him a local must. And yet during my entire week in Malta, I could not find this on any drink menu), zbub imqatta roti roti, pastizz ta' Rosie and many other delicious items to die for. Not to mention teaching me Maltese and me trying to impress the Maltese using it (little did I know that what they taught me and what the actual meaning was were two different things, as I found out quickly when observing reactions from people I talked to in their native tongue). Our thanks again to Mr. Peter Portelli, permanent Secretary of the Malta Tourism Authority, without whom this concert would not have happened!

Because Malta was such a special tour stop during our 2006/2007 "Hellraiser" tour, we want to dedicate the entire month of November to Malta and our nice memories from last year's journey.

During this month, we will feature five GLOBE CLUB interviews with each of the band members, filmed on location. The first one I just finished editing by this Sunday 5:00AM. To upload this video to our web site, I will depend on Markus Schneider. His company (www.seven49.net) originally built the web-based software for the KROKUS web site. On behalf of the band and the entire KROKUS team, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Markus Schneider very much to go often beyond the call of duty and help me out of the goodness of his heart, when I call him panic stricken to get something done to keep you fans informed about KROKUS. The same thing goes for Tom Jermann of t42 design, who is always there to support my ambitious projects :)

Our first featured band member will be the incomparable Stefanus Drummicus, also known by his given birth name of Stefan Schwarzmann. Today is Stefan's birthday (November 11th) and we all wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

In hopefully less than a week you will find this video on our web site, followed by GLOBE CLUB interviews with bassist Tony Castell, rhythm guitarist Dominique Favez, lead guitarist Mandy Meyer and the "voice" himself, Marc Storace. When you watch the interview with Stefan, take notice of Dominique in parts of the interview "marching" with a medieval axe. Right below the "Maltese Cross". And using it at times as an air guitar behind Stefan and myself in an alley where tourists walked by wondering who on earth this creature is (although young people recognized him and the other musicians, asking them enthusiastically for autographs).

Malta rocks and so do you! We appreciate your loyalty and fan support worldwide to KROKUS. And as Classic Rock Promotions Michael Hersey said: "Ejja man ha nifqaw kull m'hawn (Maltese for: "Come on let's rock now") .....Or something like that :)

Sahha, narakhom ghada my friends, and ROCK ON,

P.O.BOX 17552


The show must go on! Marc Storace did an interview in the last couple of days with Badslayer (nice name!) of the American web radio station www.hardrockradiolive.com.

This interview will be aired Saturday AUGUST 25th (tomorrow) at 1:00 PM EST (US Eastern Standard Time). When you log on to their web site there is a world map and when you click on your time zone, it will indicate at what local time (wherever you live) it will air. For our Swiss fans that would mean Saturday 19:00 Uhr (7:00 PM). Right below is a picture of KROKUS and the rest of the info. Don't miss this interview.


On August 22nd, 1980 KROKUS played the READING FESTIVAL. See picture on our web site under NEWS with Marc and guitarist Tommy Kiefer. This weekend, 27 years after KROKUS performed at the legendary UK festival, at the Carling weekend Reading Festival a book will be released and worldwide on August 31st, 2007. It's called READING FESTIVAL (UK) THE BOOK and the book also includes Marc Storace's account of KROKUS's performance in 1980. A must for real KROKUS fans. You can get more information and how to order the book at www.myspace.com/readingrockfestival.


Better late than never. Joining his teammates, our mega talented, bass playing Tony has his own web site now as well. Check it out at www.tonycastell.ch. Just the introduction page alone with his image and the sultry look will have women melt and guys wish they would have his charm and finesse. Have fun exploring the world of Tony Castell and come back often!

Rock on,


P.O.BOX 17552


We would like to take this opportunity to wish our American friends and fans a happy "4th Of July" Independence Day celebration. A good time to do some "hellraisin'..."!

American journalist Jeb Wright is a loyal friend and supporter of Krokus for many years now and I thought you might enjoy the interview he did recently with our Marc Storace:

Celebrating 25 Years of the Classic Krokus Album "One Vice At A Time"
with Singer Marc Storace

by Jeb Wright / www.classicrockrevisited.com

In the 1980's, Krokus found world-wide platinum success with the albums "Headhunter" and "The Blitz". While these recordings have become essential metal offerings, they would have not been possible without the album that came before them. "One Vice At A Time", released in 1982 on Arista Records, went gold in the United States, Canada as well as Switzerland and paved the way for Krokus' future success.

Krokus struggled to find their identity early on in their career resulting in much frustration and little success. Little did they know that one simple line up change would change their sound, their image and their future forever. The band adopted a metal sound and found a vocalist from their homeland of Switzerland. The only problem was that he lived in England. Vocalist Marc Storace recalls: "When I joined Krokus I had been living in London, England. Since that kept me apart from the rest of the band, we used every opportunity to try and write songs whilst being on the road. This is not a simple task since one lacks the physical time and energy most of the time. Back home in London, and off the road, I undertook several commuting journeys by train and plane to Switzerland in order to gel and intensify my creative work with the band. The initial commuting started in 1979 before our very first European tour prior to the recording of "Metal Rendez-Vous", my debut album with t!
he band. For the "Hardware" album, the band collected a reasonable amount of musical and lyrical ideas before my arrival and we took it from there. In actual fact, for both "Metal Rendez-Vous" and "Hardware" I contributed far more than I am credited for. However, things eventually changed for the better with "One Vice At A Time". My efforts had not been in vain."

"One Vice At A Time" was not only a pivotal album musically for the band, it was also very important in the business aspects of their career. "We had engaged Butch Stone, who previously managed Black Oak Arkansas, to manage us in the USA. Things started working out fine with Butch and the band simply saw no reason to continue working with a European based management too. Butch was a master at acquiring and renewing deals and we found a great ally in his old friend Mike Bone, who, at the time, was A&R for Arista Records in New York City. Mike had been a fan of Krokus since "Metal Rendez-Vous"."

Artista Records was founded by Clive Davis, one of the most powerful men in the music industry. If Clive thought a band could be successful then he was not afraid to lay money on the table. Storace remembers Davis' initial financial contribution to Krokus. "We received a huge seven-digit advance from the great Clive Davis, who discovered Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston, Carlos Santana and many others. We invested most of it back into Krokus for recording and touring in order to establish ourselves firmly in the USA. We also increased our salaries.
We met Clive Davis on several occasions. I was more excited than nervous to meet him since I felt confident to know that he loved the band as well as my singing. On one occasion we were summoned to his office in New York in order to discuss the song repertoire before recording "One Vice At A Time". There were more occasions when we were honored by Clive`s visits and invitations. For example, he turned up backstage at the Ritz Theater before that particular gig in New York. Another time he invited us to lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel prior to one of our concerts in Los Angeles. He also wined and dined Fernando and me before our Gold & Platinum Record presentations where we took pictures for the industry media like Billboard."

Davis and the rest of the Arista team had high expectations for the band's next release. Krokus took the pressure in stride and delivered the best album of their careers to that point. The band recorded the album at the famous Battery Studios in London with veteran producer Tony Platt manning the controls. Storace fondly recalls working at the legendary studio. "This was the second album we recorded in London, England. The other album we recorded there was "Hardware", which we had recorded in the Roundhouse in Camden Town. It was particularly great for me to be recording on home ground again. I drove up from South London every day and joined in the flow of things. LD, or "Little Dave" Glover, our US tour manager and our manager Butch Stone`s right hand man, flew in and stayed with the band during the whole recording period. As usual, we started the recordings by laying down the rhythm section foundations to all the songs. When the rhythm guitars were done we started with my !
lead vocals, even before any guitar solos were finished. Tony Platt, our producer, engaged Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) to do some backing vocals to add color, and in order to cover up the heavy Swiss accent from the Swiss/German boys, which at that early stage was slightly too overpowering. Mutt Lange also happened to be mixing AC/DC`s "For Those About to Rock" in Battery Studios at that time and often popped in for a listening break with his old assistant Tony while I was singing."

Storace recounts his time with Dickinson in the studio. "Bruce was cool. Unfortunately, we only got to chat for a while. He was stressed to leave right after the session but we met some time later on a flight to New York. Surprisingly, Bruce boarded the plane dressed in a Sherlock Holmes outfit and came and sat next to me for the whole flight - strange but true. Later on, Iron Maiden and Krokus met up on the road and we even played some big venues together." Krokus were lucky enough to bump into AC/DC while at Battery Studios. "They were sitting upstairs in the Green Room one evening quietly watching television. We kept our conversation short but we toured together later on in the USA."

On the production front Platt proved he had paid attention during his time working with Mutt Lange. He left nothing to chance and helped the band create the musical vision they desired. "Tony was very experienced having previously worked with Mutt Lange as an engineer. We got on very well and I remember how he occasionally coached me along the same lines as Mutt. He would drop in individual words wherever necessary if there was a good vocal line he did not wish to totally erase. Not that this was his favorite approach, naturally, he was happiest whenever I got the whole verse down spontaneously in one go with the required attitude. He was great at bringing across the mood of what he envisioned from the lyrics. He even inspired me with some great on-the-spot writing during the song "Playin' the Outlaw."

When the band were finished with recording it came time to concentrate on the album art. Storace confesses that the album almost had a totally different and embarrassing look. "We experienced the weirdest incident regarding our album cover artwork and that of AC/DC. AC/DC were already in the mixing stages for their album "For Those About To Rock" whilst we were still putting down lead vocals, guitar solos and backing vocals for our album. At that early stage, we were thinking of calling our album "Long Stick Goes Boom". I was involved with the artistic aspects of the band and had delivered sketches of my ideas in order to get them across. I had done some sketches depicting a cannon for our album cover so you can imagine our amazement when AC/DC came out with "For Those About to Rock" depicting a cannon on the front cover. Luckily, we still had plenty of time before our release to switch to "One Vice At A Time" and use the Portcullis idea instead, which, in all respect, turne!
d out even better. It was really spooky at the time but I guess great minds think alike."

Krokus had used the image on "Once Vice At A Time" on their previous tour and quickly made the change. "We had been using this Rock`n`Roll production company from Birmingham, England called Light & Sound, which was run by Steve Dawkes. They had built our Castle and Portcullis production. It had been done very professionally and had even survived the whole "Hardware" World Tour. We decided to immortalize it by using it as our album cover. With a few red lights and loads of artificial smoke the Portcullis looked as mystical and powerful as the real thing. A good photographer captured it on camera and the rest is history."

When asked how he feels "One Vice At A Time" holds up over the years, Storace quickly states: "Oh I think very strongly indeed. Over the years we have always played a minimum of three or more songs from that album in concert. Just to give you an example, "Long Stick Goes Boom", "Bad Boys Rag Dolls" and "American Woman" are in the present live set-list and hold up very strongly. It is one of my four all-time favorite Krokus albums next to "Metal Rendez-Vous", "Headhunter" and our latest killer "Hellraiser".


This song title originated from the Indian Chief Sitting Bull who said: "White man come with long stick that goes boom." These lyrics were written during a jam in a motel room one afternoon before soundcheck somewhere on tour in the good old US of A. The music and arrangement was pretty much fixed by the end of the tour. A rough demo for the producer was done in Solothurn/Switzerland.

I had been flirting with this song title and chorus to describe my appreciation towards the loyalty of our fans for quite a while. Then I heard the high energy music from the band and it all fell in place almost automatically. We finished the lyrics in some other US motel room between lunchtime and soundcheck. Again, the music and arrangement were more or less set before the end of tour. A rough demo for the producer was also recorded in Solothurn.

The lyrics to this song are a very special example of what becomes possible when creative harmony reigns in a studio. Tony Platt was very instrumental for his inspiration. This song went through a whole lyrical overhaul during my vocal sessions in the studio.

Every once in a while a drummer contributes to songwriting. Freddie came up with this song title. I finished the whole lyric whilst putting down a rough demo in Solothurn.

Our bass player had an uncle who sent him these lyrics. This song deals with a sad case of social disease.

This is a cover version of a Guess Who song, which was also recently covered by Lenny Kravitz. Clive Davis suggested we do a cover version and he found it to be a great idea when we said we wanted to re-record "American Woman." I avoided listening to the original version again after copying the lyrics in order to develop my own individual interpretation of the song.

I wrote these words on one of my commuting journeys to meet the band.

A song about a rising musician's facing small town gossip after a successful world tour.

These words describe the dark side, the abuse and decadence of Rock`n`Roll.

I hope you enjoyed this interview of the making of "One Vice At A Time" 25 years ago. If you're living in Europe, come and see Marc, Mandy, Dominique, Tony and Stefan at one of the festivals KROKUS will play and witness their dynamic and rocking live performance.

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552


Last Saturday 2nd June we returned to the live-stage following a short rest from the road.

During our time off we put together some solid foundations on which to build our next studio album !

Our Nightliner [tour bus] pulled into the backstage area at a sweltering hot "Schwung Festival" in Roeselare, Belgium, when "Focus" were rocking the stage. Other popular acts on that night's billing were GOLDEN EARRING, UFO, REO Speedwagon and Megadeth.

A refreshing shower, coffee and a good shot of Grappa and I was ready to rock !!!

We hit the stage like a mighty express train and the huge audience (7,000 strong) hit us back like a Tsunami !!!!!

After singing almost louder than the band we unfortunately had to leave our fired up Belgian fans shouting for more, even after our second encore, but the promoter assured me that he would definitely have Krokus back as soon as possible !

To top this excitement, our good friend Rina greeted us offstage and with tears in her eyes she broke the news that Peter Waelti`s "heart-zapping" operation had been a success and that his heartbeat had returned to normal !!! What a great day !!!!!

In the name of the band and the whole Krokus organization I would like to say: Welcome Back Peter !!!

"For a few weeks back there we were all very alarmed by your dangerous health situation bro`. However, thanks to the loving care of your whole family and the ever-watchful eye of the hospital staff, plus the many prayers from our own families, friends, fans and the band itself, to the almighty God, you finally made it through a helluva difficult patch in your life. So Peter, in your own words, "please never forget to stop and smell the roses, God Bless."

The exciting Gig in Roeselare followed by the exciting news of Peter`s recovery have shed much positive light onto our present creative activity. Believe me ... "The best is yet to come ! "

I wish you all
Mucho Love & Peace
Rock On
Marc Storace


It's been almost a month since you heard last from us. The reason for the "silence" was twofold:

After my return from Switzerland, where I spent a week with the band on the road and we received our Gold Record Award (in case you missed it, you can read all about it on our web site under NEWS) and I was most of the time TOO WIRED TO SLEEP, I returned back to Denver. Don't know whether it was Marc having a slight cold or me having too much fun at the last gig high up in the Swiss Alps in the snow, but I caught (what I thought) a major cold and went a week after my return finally to the doctor, since the over the counter drugs did not help. Not to bore you with my medical dilemma, the bottom line was that I had pneumonia, very swollen feet and legs and a heartbeat twice as fast than normal. Like running a marathon continuously. And the heart can only do this at this accelerated rate so long. It's called Arterial Fibrillation. I could have had a heart attack while with KROKUS (what a way to go) or shortly thereafter. Thank God do I have a big and strong heart. After 10 days!
in the hospital they found a blood clot by the heart and with blood thinners this has to dissolve first and with 30 days home rest, I will go back to the hospital and receive a nice electric shock to reset the heart rate.

The other reason you haven't heard anything new is that the band took a well-deserved break from touring in support of their latest album "Hellraiser". KROKUS rocked through over 18 countries since starting the "Hellraiser" tour and gained many new enthusiastic fans. A younger audience was introduced to the rocking Swiss who seem to be ageless. The band is such a force "live" and delivers every time!

And when I say "break", do not think for one minute that they just rested on their laurels. Each band member used the welcomed break to start writing songs for the next album. So I guess it's more a creative phase and less of a break.

On June 2nd KROKUS will continue their "Hellraiser Tour" as part of various European summer festivals, namely in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. For dates and venues, visit our TOUR web page.

We are also proud to announce that we will visit for the first time Lithuania. On August 4th, 2007 KROKUS will rock the Rockonaktys in Platelai.

While on "house rest" I will update various items on our web site and I will let you know the changes as I finish them. I think you will like the "add-on's". Your comments and opinions are always welcome, since without you there would be no reason to maintain it and no need for KROKUS to rock the world!

We thank you for your love, continuos support and loyalty over the years. And don't forget to stop sometimes and smell the roses - life's too short! And right after you did that, crank the CD player or I-Pod and play loudly the "Hellraiser" album. Good music is the universal language that brings us all together.

Rock On,
Peter Waelti
P.O.BOX 17552


Who needs the Easter Bunny when the other option is to meet up with KROKUS in Switzerland! So I left with great anticipation Denver via New York on Easter Sunday to arrive in Zurich the following day (Easter Monday is a holiday over there and shops are closed in observation of the holiday - which suited me fine, since I slept off the jet-lag from this 5426 miles/8732 kilometers journey).
Tuesday I met up with my childhood friend Roland (Krokus European Coordination and Accounting) and Francisco, European booking agent for Krokus to give and get an update on the band (the team surrounding Krokus is equally important as the band to move positively forward and have a common goal for career directive).

I swear there was a buzz in the air as I woke up Wednesday morning, April 11th. And the buzz got louder in my head as it drew closer to sound-check time and the first time I would see crew and band again since Malta. The Krokus Family is a happy family and everyone associated with the band gets along with each other. Unlike regular families, there is no "black sheep" in this family and I believe it shows with the fans.

The ALPENROCK HOUSE nearby the Zurich airport was the perfect place for this golden moment. Although a larger club, the inside is decorated Swiss style with chalets, cowbells and the walls painted with Swiss mountain motives as a backdrop. Truly fitting for a Swiss band! A cozy surrounding to celebrate their GOLD RECORD AWARD in their native country with fans and Krokus team together. This is unusual, since industry standard is for some record executives taking a picture with the band backstage after a concert for trade magazines or daily newspapers and giving the band the awards at that time in a very small circle. Krokus wanted to celebrate this special moment with the fans. Because without the continuos support of our fan base there would not have been a Gold Record Award celebration. And the band recognizes that.

As the doors opened for the public, Krokus made themselves available for local press (since they have journalistic dead lines), staging the event with the Gold Record Awards at the "Jungfrau Galerie" with real rocks as backdrop, fitting for a Swiss Rock Band. For those of you that consult their dictionary or think they can translate "Jungfrau" from German into English, please note that this sign referred to one of the mountain peeks named as such and not to be confused with the translation meaning "virgin". That's almost impossible in association with the image of a rock band!

In between set change of supporting act and Krokus, I took the opportunity to introduce myself and that this evening will be special for all of us (keep in mind that only newsletter subscribers knew that we were presenting the awards on stage). Actually I was humbled how many people knew me from the past and the web site and it was great to reacquaint with GLOBE CLUB members. And then the band took the stage under rousing applause. Unlike in the past, where the "night wolf" instrumental intro was leading into the first song "Hellraiser", the band left the intro out and the show began with one member at a time to take the stage and start playing. Beginning with drummer Stefan, it continued seamlessly with bassist Tony, rhythm guitarist Dominique, lead guitarist Mandy and finally "the voice" that we all are so familiar with on all hit recordings of the band spanning from the early 80's, the mighty Marc Storace. The set list that evening (and the rest of the week) was Hellraise!
r, Too Wired To Sleep, Hangman, Long Stick Goes Boom, Bad Boys, Midnite Fantasy, Heatstrokes, Screaming in The Night, Mad World, Angel Of My Dreams, Easy Rocker, Rock City and RNR Tonight. That concluded the regular set.

As the crowd cheered for an encore, I had the honor of taking the stage with five of our most loyal fans (some of them coming to every concert the band plays in Switzerland or southern Germany. And also Malta). We together represented the GLOBE CLUB on behalf of fans worldwide, presenting the band with their "Gold Record Awards". Dressed in KROKUS T-shirts, our fan "angels" Carmen, Marina, Sylvia, Conny and Simone handed one by one the awards to Marc, Mandy, Dominique, Tony and Stefan. The crowd cheered again and the band rewarded them with two encores (Celebration and Headhunter).

Then the band did a classy thing. Band members took turns to introduce the Krokus Team to the fans by bringing them up on stage, giving them their Gold Awards and telling fans their function (Roland Eggli - European Coordination and Career Direction as well as Accounting, Reto Lazzarotto - Record Company Gadget and Manager during the Hellraiser project, Francisco Maganto - European Booking Agent, Dennis Ward - Producer of Hellraiser album, Charly Preissel - music composer of "Justice" on Hellraiser album, Carlo Tscholl - Tour Manager and last but not least yours truly (Globe Club and US Management). Thierry Mas, live sound engineer for years will also receive an award. The band also acknowledged and thanked their "well oiled" crew, merchandise staff and drivers. Although I initially was concerned with the time consumption this would take, I was told by fans after the concert and by mail once I returned back to the States, that they really appreciated this and that not too ma!
ny fans ever get to know the people that support the product (KROKUS). The band in return thanked the fans with another two encores, Bedside Radio and Eat The Rich. The evening was all together fun for fans and band alike.

I had the good fortune to spend the rest of the week each day with Krokus at concerts throughout Switzerland. People in general do not realize how hard a band works for those 90 minutes plus encores at showtime. As headliner you play last, therefore go to bed last. You also get up early in the morning to get to the next venue (thanks to Ralph, our faithful driver), since you have to set-up and do sound-check first, before supporting acts can put their equipment in front of the main act's equipment. A lot of waiting and driving, and yet crew and band make it look so easy. And always have a nice word for fans at gas stations or after the concert at the "meet and greet" merchandise stand. Whereas Marc is the front man, Mandy the ultimate and absorbed musician, Dom and Stefan the jokers, Tony is the "chick magnet" (girls just flock to him after a concert and it's hard to get his attention when girls are standing in line to meet him).

Lucerne (the following day) was a super concert as well with great sound. Kerzers (in the Bernese part of Switzerland) followed thereafter. Just to show you how nice the band is not only with fans but also supporting acts on the bill, check out Robert's comments from the Kerzers concert in our GUESTBOOK on April 16th, 2007. Also, KROKUS's first official cover band "Midnite Maniac" from Varese/Italy came to the show and met with us backstage a little later. We were done with the concert and backstage activities at around 2:30 AM and ready to depart that morning at 7:00 AM, heading for the part of Switzerland that features the "Matterhorn", the most famous mountain in Switzerland. Also the place where cheese fondue and raclette originated! This concert started at 2:00 PM already and we had to load the band vans on railroad carriers to go through a tunnel "to the other side", the canton (state) of Wallis. The village of Fiesch was about 1600 meters above sea level, the equival!
ent of Denver's "Mile High City". But that's not where the show was. Crew, band and equipment had to be loaded on to a huge gondola to be brought to the mountain top, where the air is thinner and the drunks more drunk (if you know what I mean). Now we're playing at 2926 meters above sea level, almost double of where the village (and our hotel) was. This marked the end of the ski season and to celebrate this event the organizer brought us all the way up the Swiss mountains. This being their last weekend of keeping the gondola going and the restaurant open, food was running out (however we enjoyed the best cheese fondue I ever had after the concert on the mountain top). While hotels and restaurants on the mountaintop and for that matter in the valley would be closed for over a month before "summer season" starts, the locals were convinced that not only food would spoil but also all the booze would evaporate during this time. So they sacrificed their bodies and soul and emptie!
d the restaurant's entire booze supply before heading for the valley.
You can just imagine how the last gondola of the season going down to the valley smelled and sounded. Chanting very loudly football cheer songs out of tune and jumping up and down inside the gondola making it swing slightly back and forth. And the band had no choice but to take that last gondola as well and I think I speak for all when I say we were mighty happy to be on solid ground again.

Our webmaster Tom will put very soon pictures from the Gold Record Award event and some from this last gig way up in the mountains on our MULTIMEDIA - Pictures - Hellraiser 2006 link . Please check back in a week or two. The person taped like a mummy (in one of the pictures) is Mandy, who decided it would be safer to ski down the mountain rather than stepping foot into that last gondola heading for the valley :)

One last funny tidbit: On my way back to the States while attempting to clear customs in New York, I was questioned by the customs agent what the "gold content" of the award is. I guess they wanted to make some extra revenue. I told him I gave all my money already to the IRS (for those of you outside the USA, that's the "taxman" George Harrison sings about in a song).

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

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We are getting ready to launch a new feature on our GLOBE CLUB page called FAN PHOTOS. Our webmaster Tom is working overtime to get it ready. If you have a picture of you together with one of the KROKUS musicians, please forward it on to me at peter.waelti@krokusonline.com. Do not forget to mention which year it was taken. And pretty soon you will be able to see yourself on our web site.

While we're putting the finishing touches on this project, I thought you might be curious to know how extensive the worldwide GLOBE CLUB has become in just a short time.

Our newsletter is being sent to 59 different countries all around the globe. Here they are in alphabetical order:

- Antigua & Barbuda
- Argentina
- Austria
- Australia
- Belgium
- Bosnia-Herzegovina
- Brazil
- Bulgaria
- Canada
- Chile
- Colombia
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Ecuador
- El Salvador
- Estonia
- Finland
- France
- Germany
- Ghana
- Great Britain
- Greece
- Hungary
- Iceland
- India
- Indonesia
- Ireland
- Italy
- Japan
- Liechtenstein
- Luxembourg
- Malaysia
- Maldives
- Malta
- Mexico
- Micronesia
- Netherlands
- New Zealand
- Norway
- Oman
- Pakistan
- Peru
- Poland
- Portugal
- Russian Federation
- Slovenia
- Solomon Islands
- South Africa
- South Korea
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Taiwan
- Thailand
- Tokelau
- Tonga
- Turkey
- Ukraine
- United States


Our Krokus drummer Stefan will sign autographs on Saturday, March 31st, 2007 at 2:30 PM at the Musikmesse Frankfurt (Germany). This is an International trade fair for musical instruments, music software and computer hardware, sheet music and accessories. You can find Stefan at the Swiss cymbal maker PAISTE's booth A25 in hall 3.


For those of you in Switzerland and surrounding areas, mark your calendar for Wednesday, April 11th, 2007 at the Alperock Huus in Zurich. This is going to be so special that even I wouldn't wanna miss it for the world. I will be flying in from Denver / Colorado. And you don't wanna miss it either. I highly suggest you get your tickets now at www.ticketcorner.ch before the concert is sold out.

Schweizer Fans: Reserviert Euch den Mittwoch, 11.April fuer einen sehr speziellen Abend. So speziell dass ich mir das nicht mal entgehen lassen will und von Denver/Colorado nach Zurich anreise. Holt Eure tickets bei www.ticketcorner.ch bevor das Alperock Huus ausverkauft ist.

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

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"Dudley was the last concert of the tour. So one by one each band performed their shows, at the same time experiencing typical "end of tour" pranks sponsored by the other two acts :-)
Hammerfall`s Joachim, the lead singer, enjoyed talking over certain music breaks and playing a musical kiddies toy into the Poodles`set !
During our set, he walked out on stage, followed by the rest of his band, bringing us beer and raising a toast before we went into "Rock City" ! ... very nice !
The Poodles and Krokus dismantled Anders`s drum-set in the middle of Hammerfall`s last song "Hearts On Fire"... and we all finished singing on stage together !
It was a real gas !!!
A bitter sweet "end of tour" feeling hung over the night as we toasted to a future repeat.
It was emotional for all band and crew members, parting our ways after two months of constant adventure throughout Europe together, bulldozing our way together thru`thick & thin, with the same thing in mind ... to bring our music "live" to our fans`doorsteps and rock them hard ... every single night !!!
And it really paid because this package left a long- lasting mark in each and every one of the 31 cities we played, and is the most talked about event of 2007 so far !!! One awaits Tour-Reviews in the likes of "Rock Hard" and "Metal Hammer", to mention just two of the media who attended Europe-wide !!!
A special BIG toast goes to our ever fighting heroes Carlo and Bruno "The Duo from Bern" alias "The Guiding Arrow" and "Kelly", for their outstanding performances "in the face of all odds" :-)
Vladimir, our trusty driver, drove us back home to Switzerland after the gig, making one stop at Stansted Airport to drop off Thierry, our magnificent sound-engineer, and our new soul-mates The Poodles, on the way to the Ferryboat waiting in that rainy Dover Harbour ! "


Tazmanian Drummer Stefan was successfully operated last week and is getting better every day. The damage regarding his hernia was actually larger than originally assumed. Playing with a hernia for months and being as active as Stefan is behind that drum set surely did not help his situation. March 23rd he will be well and ready to rock in continuation of the current and ongoing "Hellraiser Tour".

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552


It was August 6th, 2006 when a group of young men met KROKUS after their Brienz/Switzerland gig backstage. They had traveled from the beautiful Northern Italian town of Varese all the way to Switzerland to meet KROKUS backstage. Full of enthusiasm they talked with Marc and Tony and told them about their plans to become the first official KROKUS cover band in the world.

In the midst of putting the finishing touches to the soon to be released "Hellraiser" album, Marc and Tony passed their request on to me to sort out. Gigi and his Italian friends kindly took to my suggestion to name the cover band MIDNITE MANIAC, one of the classic song titles of the mighty KROKUS (originally released on the "Blitz" album). And to slightly change the lyrics of Krokus's "Midnite Maniac" to fit the band's attitude: "Did you read it in the paper 'bout the danger comin' your way. They'll tear you up at midnite. And in the light of day in hidin' they will stay. Watch out at midnite, feel their shadow on your face. Did you hear it on the radio: MIDNITE MANIC - They know where you are!" Drummer Gigi is a "maniac" and they all like to party at midnite!

KROKUS did not wanted to endorse an "official cover band" without hearing the musical talent of the band. Their concern was that the cover band had to sound like KROKUS and offer great musicianship. Consequently, MIDNITE MANIAC recorded 5 classic KROKUS songs and sent the CD to Marc, Tony and myself. We all concluded that "MIDNITE MANIAC" is the perfect and FIRST official cover band approved by KROKUS. MIDNITE MANIAC took professional pictures for their new web site and finished building their web site. Check them out at www.midnitemaniac.eu. You can download two demos from their web site. Listen to "Bad Boys - Rag Dolls" (demo 1) and to "Long Stick Goes Boom" (Demo 2), both originally on 1982's KROKUS release "One Vice At A Time".

September 16th, 2006 I flew to Rheinfelden/SWITZERLAND to join KROKUS and had the privilege to meet also the entire band of MIDNITE MANIAC personally. Their leader Gigi comes across as if he had already 10 espresso at 10 o'clock in the morning. That's why I call him lovingly "Gigi Nervoso"! He is extremely dedicated to perfection and detail. It was his idea to form a KROKUS cover band. Playing KROKUS music is his passion. And it shows! In fact he looks a little bit like the "animal" on the "Muppet Show". We established an instant friendship. MIDNITE MANIAC are the nicest people you can find, similar to KROKUS.

If you have a chance, check out their web site and give them a listen. The band consists of Gianluca Mango (19 years young!), Alessio Tonini (guitar), Gino "Luchi" Lucietto (guitar), Roberto Anfuso (bass) and last but not least Gigi Sinnone (drums). In the very near future they will be linked to our official KROKUS web site (I'm overloading poor web master Tom Jerman at the moment with various projects that I will announce to you in one of the forthcoming newsletters).


KROKUS is finishing their most extensive European tour yet in Dudley/England today. They rocked as "Special Guests" of Hammerfall across 15 countries. Marc mentioned to the GLOBE CLUB recently in a phone conversation that it was an incredibly positive experience. Although the faithful KROKUS fan heard a trimmed down, shorter set list because of the 3 band package each evening, the feedback from fans to the GLOBE CLUB were overwhelmingly great. Whereas KROKUS is thankful for their solid fan base and the enthusiasm of their fans literally over decades, this tour helped to introduce KROKUS to a younger audience that had never heard of KROKUS before. Go on our official web site www.krokusonline.com and click on "GUESTBOOK" and read the positive feedback from fans that before the Hammerfall tour never heard of KROKUS.

After today KROKUS will take a well deserved break and continue as headliner (and their extended set list) the "Hellraiser 2007" tour on March 23rd in Switzerland. For current and confirmed tour dates, visit our "TOUR" page or check out www.pollstar.com.

As already mentioned in our November 2006 newsletter, our brave drummer STEFAN SCHWARZMANN played with a ruptured hernia since then and throughout this tour. He will use the break between now and March 23rd to get under the knife and due to his recuperation period we had to cancel and reschedule a concert or two for a later date. We wish Stefan on behalf of all KROKUS fans all the best and a quick recovery.

Rock On
Peter Waelti
P.O.BOX 17552


This Thursday's (February 15th) SPECIAL FEATURE on Metal Express Radio (Oslo, Norway) will be dedicated to KROKUS!
Front man and vocalist Marc Storace teamed up with Metal Express Radio to tell the whole story about the band. Marc is talking about the ups and downs during the band's almost 30 years long existence.
Music from all of their albums featuring Marc is included in the 90+ minutes rockumentary on Metal Express Radio!
You can tune in and find more information here: http://www.metalexpressradio.com


Click on this link: http://www.hairballjohn.com/news-entry.csp?id=35

You can listen to a recent audio interview with Marc "the voice" Storace. You also find information and listing of the winners of the "Merry Krokus" contest. We congratulate the winners and thank Hairball John for his rocking support of KROKUS.


So that you are informed about anything and everything KROKUS related, the GLOBE CLUB is listing below some links of interviews and reviews of the newest album "Hellraiser". Simply copy the link and paste it in your browser. And enjoy!




http://www.metalfactory.ch/ (click on "Interviews" and then "Interview Archiv 11.9.2006 KROKUS)
http://www.medazzarock.ch/frameset.html (click on "Interviews" and then on "Krokus")








http://www.swiss-music-news.ch/ (click on "reviews" and then under "K" on "Krokus")
http://www.swissrecords.ch/ (click under reviews October 27th KROKUS)





Rock On,

Peter Waelti

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"Angel of my dreams" is their current single off the "Hellraiser" album. They met their "Guardian Angel" in form of their female bus driver through Sweden during the band's current extensive European Tour. A new bus driver took over in Oslo/Norway and the "Guardian Angel" pointed out that the weight distribution in the bus and trailer was unbalanced and made sure that equipment was shifted accordingly before them taking off from Oslo via Denmark on their way to Hamburg Germany.

The band had looked forward to a day of rest on the 22nd of January on their day off. And then it happened without warning. Outside Rodby, south of Copenhagen/Denmark, a car slid into a truck. Trying to avoid a collision with the tour bus and the small car, the tour bus driver hit the back of a steel truck with the front window shattering and slid into the railing of the highway on the icy highway instead. If there would not have been the railing, the bus would have overturned.

It was a miracle that no one was seriously hurt. Just some cuts & bruises (which adds to the image of a hard rock band, I guess!). The musicians exited the tour bus through a side window. Tony and Stefan helped the tour bus driver to exit the bus through the driver's door. His leg was jammed between steering wheel and body of bus.

The tour bus company sent right away a new bus to drive the band safely to Hamburg, so they could get some rest and their rattled nerves calmed down. Our tour manager Carlo and crew stayed with the damaged bus to make sure that equipment was transferred properly and ready for the show today in Hamburg/Germany.

"The show must go on", as they say in show business. And we are sure that KROKUS will give an awesome show in Hamburg and the concert stops that follow. After all, they can thank their lucky stars and their "Swedish Angel Tour Bus Driver". This could have ended up really ugly.

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552


And KROKUS continues hellraisin' in 2007!

Middle of January the band played for the first time in Greece several concerts. Rave reviews from fans poured in through the GLOBE CLUB already.

And today they start as "Special Guests" of Hammerfall their most extensive European tour in years. For tour dates and location please visit either our web site www.krokusonline.com and click on TOUR or log on to www.pollstar.com under KROKUS.

Thought you might want to know the set list during this tour:

1. Hellraiser
2. Too wired too sleep
3. Long stick goes boom
4. Angel of my dreams
5. Fight on
6. Easy rocker
7. Rock city
8. Eat the rich
9. Celebration

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552
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