I have seen KROKUS perform many times, last time in Switzerland and Germany this September. What drove me to leave the family behind during "Thanksgiving Day" week here in the States and fly for more than 28 hours around the globe from Denver via Minneapolis/St.Paul via London to Malta was the knowledge that this would be BIG. How did I know that, you might ask? Well, my good friend Marc Storace played the last time as part of a band almost 30 years ago in his original home country of Malta with Swiss band TEA (who I happened to manage in the 70's). And this time it was a first for KROKUS to rock the island!

How did this all come about? Let's hear from the Maltese Falcon himself, Mr. Marc "The Voice" Storace: "Considering I was born and raised on the island of Malta until the age of 19, this concert event was very special for me. You might say that the slow physical build up to the "first ever" Krokus concert there, started 2 years ago. That's when I first performed some "Tea" and "Krokus" songs at this charity marathon with a local rock band called "the boys next door". The hearty response made us repeat the charity performance the following year.
On the way to the airport to catch my plane back to Zürich, I told Colin (drummer) how I would love to return and do a gig with Krokus! Public demand had existed there since ages......it all started with the five sold-out concerts I gave with "Tea" in 1976, to be precise..(the Swiss rock band that toured with Queen [the band] in the seventies)....and was revamped when Krokus released "Rock The Block" in 2003 !!!
Last May, my Swiss phone rang and it was Colin ... he simply said, "Marc, the ball is rolling....I`ll get back to you with concrete details very soon"...and my heart fluttered. I passed the ball to Francisco, our booker, and indeed the gig was confirmed soon afterwards! It felt so great for me to finally arrive in my old home with Krokus, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing my band mates having a great time on the old island. The reception from the Maltese was very hot and very intense, from the moment we stepped on the plane in Zürich, right through till the end of our flight back home to Switzerland.
The concert? .... absolutely powerful, and very emotional !!! There were even beautiful moments when I noticed tears in some of the girls eyes ... very real and very moving ... we love you Malta, and we shall return soon!!! "

Wanna know a little more? A good number of fans took advantage of a travel arrangement put together by Siesta Reisen (as announced in the Globe Club newsletters) and we would like to thank Urs Schaer for his efforts and perfect planning. For the rest of you (that could not make it this time), let me tell you all about the "Malta Experience":


- Drummer Stefan Schwarzmann arrives from Munich/Germany at Malta International Airport and shortly thereafter the rest of the band arrives from Zurich/Switzerland. Air Malta flew them 1st class down to the island and Marc was invited to the cockpit (so much for "security"). Rather than checking passports, the local Custom Officers preferred autographs! Tons of fans at the airport. Bassist Tony Castell is moved by the affection of the fans and admits that he had never seen such a welcome anywhere. The promoters arrange for a white stretch-limo that whisks them away to 5-star hotel "Westin Dragonara", the home of Krokus for this week.


- If you think rock stars can always sleep in late, you're wrong! At 10:00 AM that morning Marc already gives his first interview on Net TV.
- 12:45 PM. Another interview with Capital Radio for Marc. Both interviews are conducted in his native tongue.
- 15:00 PM. KROKUS meets local press at the Westin Dragonara for questions and answers.
- Around 5:00 PM I arrive from the States via London and the promoters are kind enough to pick me up and get me to the hotel. Can't wait to see band & crew.
- 8:00 PM. This time the entire band, part of the crew and myself arrive at "Super 1 - Rock Show", a popular radio show hosted by Charles Marsh and Joe Genovese. The island is boiling from KROKUS fever!


- Part of my being in Malta is also the fact that we are filming a KROKUS documentary for the GLOBE CLUB with all the band members present at various scenic spots around the island. We start at 8:00 AM and work straight through up to the next assignment. We would like to thank Jean Pierre Gatt of Picture Box MPS, Inc. for his professionalism & friendship.
- 2:00 PM. Interview with Marc in Maltese by host and longtime friend Noel Mallia for "Radio 101 on Rock File". This interview is special (and pre-recorded for tomorrow's concert day) since the entire band plays acoustic versions of "Angel Of My Dreams", "Bedside Radio" and of course "Screaming In The Night" during the interview.
- Around 9:00 PM we arrive at the "Meet KROKUS" reception at the Westin Dragonara, where sponsors including main sponsor, the Ministry of Tourism, promoters, fans including our Siesta Reisen travelers join us. It is a pleasure to meet personally Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Lowell, Swiss Ambassador to Malta. And the members of "Cinnamon Hades", Marc's first band on the island. Joey Chircop, you rock! And thanks to our Belgian fans Marie-Claire and John Van Luijk that brought me "Hellraiser" reviews from Belgium.


- The day we all worked towards so hard! Game day! Our faithful crew under the guidance of tour manager Carlo Tscholl takes over. At 9:00 AM the crew is already at the venue to set up equipment and prepare for sound check later on. Carlo, and his crew mates Thomas Hug, Bruno "Kelly" Krebs and Urs Kunzi at their best. Sound mixer Thierry Mas makes sure that KROKUS will rock Malta. And Stefan Manser sets up our merchandise stand.
- Showtime at Valletta Waterfront's Old Power Station! After first act "Fire", "Boys Next Door" take the stage. These are not only 2/3 of our promoters, but also musicians that played with Marc when he came "solo" to the island many years ago. At the end of their set I have the privilege to announce Marc on stage to perform together with them the TEA hit "Alexandra". The crowd welcomes this "extra gesture" of their most famous native son to perform with the local act. Malta must have more fans of TEA (as if time stood still) than Switzerland ever had. And so loyal! All I could think of is that my childhood friend and TEA drummer Roli Eggli (now also working on the KROKUS team) missed something great. Very emotional not just for Marc and me, but also the crowd. Standing at one side of the stage, tears of joy flow down my face as Marc watches me, instructing the band to play the chorus one more time. This set the stage for KROKUS!!!
- Punctually at 10:30 PM I introduce Malta to their newest Rock Kings: "If you can't stand the heat, get the hell out of the Rock'n'Roll kitchen - Hellraisin' Malta - here's KROKUS". Lights, sound, showmanship, KROKUS at it's best, playing their music powerfully to old and new fans alike. Starting out with "Hellraiser", "Too Wired To Sleep" and "Hangman" from the new album they switch between old hits and new songs. "Long Stick Goes Boom" and "Bad Boys" is followed by "Midnight Fantasy" and "Fight On". "Screaming In The Night", "Spirit Of The Night", "American Woman", "Angel Of My Dreams", "Easy Rocker", "Rock City" and "Rock'n'Roll Tonite" finish the set. The crowd is going crazy! Swiss fans Nicolaas and Conny Becks party hearty with the Maltese crowd. You can't miss Conny enthusiastically singing along in the first row! KROKUS come back for the encore, playing "Celebration", "Headhunter" and "Bedside Radio". The crowd will not let them go and chants "KROKUUUS, KROKUUUS, KROKUUUS" for what it seems eternity. The band rewards them with a thundering "Mad World". Which pretty much sums up the Malta Experience.
- 20 minutes later KROKUS, surrounded by security any leader of a country would have been proud of, meet fans at the merchandise stand. They sign autographs until the last fan happily walks away from the concert of the year (as press called it a day later, and that with acts like Roger Waters and Sting having played Malta that year).
- Now that the "show" is over, the fun starts with a party at "Elements Rock Café" with some of the band, crew members, promoters and fans present.


- Band and crew fly back to Switzerland, while Marc and I stay a couple of days longer. Marc did not see his family until "work" was done. Marc and I had adjacent rooms and it is irony that he as the musician has to wake me up at 4:00 PM to meet his family. Marc's longtime friend Gino Micallef (and by now my best new friend) drives us today and tomorrow around. Boy, if you thought the concert was an event, I got news for you. This was the event. Although shy at first, host and family member Alan make me feel at home. In fact, I don't want to leave ever. Beautiful people! Even the inquisitive relative Simon keeps me on my toes!


- The morning we spend with Gino to visit some of Marc's old stomping grounds like where he grew up (in Sliema), where he went to school, where he rehearsed with his first band, etc. Took lots of pictures, some of which you will see on our web site under GALLERY.
- Marc and I meet with Jean Pierre Gatt and his team in the early afternoon to film his and my part for the forthcoming project. Gino's right by our side. I'm scheduled for a 9:30 PM flight to London in order to catch a stateside flight the next morning. Filming took longer than we anticipated.
- As Marc takes me to the airport along with two of the promoters, we find out that the plane had not even left London and there will be a 3-hour delay. Rather than living of pretzels and flat soda, Marc, Michael and Stefan take me to Marc's favorite fish restaurant. I thought I died and went to heaven! Best meal I had in ages. And great company!

KROKUS would like to thank Michael Hersey, Stefan Vassallo and Colin Borg Ginger of Classic Rock Promotion for their hospitality, taking care of all of us with transportation, friendship and introducing us to the incredible cuisine of Malta, the crown of the Mediterranean Sea!

EJJA MAU HA NIFQAW KULL M'HAWN (Michael Hersey, the Maltese Promoter told me this means "Come on, let's rock" - however I have not confirmed this with Marc)

Rock On,
Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552


Just as our "HELLRAISER" Krokus Contest ended and the happy winners were announced, we are proud to present to you another Christmas holiday contest.

And it's coming to you from Essexville, Michigan/USA from the famous Hairball John Radio Show
http://www.hairballjohn.com/index.csp (Home Page)

Don't let the name of the show fool you! The Hairball John Radio Show is NOT a "Hairband" tribute show. The name of the show comes directly from the nickname given to its creator and driving force, Hairball John. Long story, disturbing photo's - don't ask.

"Hairball's" successful ingredients are pulled from all genres of metal from the 80's and early 90's. The goals of The Hairball John Radio Show are to celebrate and re-invigorate the hard rock and heavy metal music which spanned the early 80's to the dawn of Grunge, music that is severely neglected on today's airwaves. An immense amount of great music arose from this era, including established bands like KROKUS. Along with favorite tracks from the past, they also feature new music and artist interviews. Like the one Hairball John did in September 2005 with Marc Storace (www.hairballjohn.com/interviews.csp - then scroll down to 9/2005 Marc Storace/Krokus). Many artists have new material that never reaches its prime audience. Both the music and the fans deserve a broadcast forum; that is why it's ALL on The Hairball John Radio Show.

Marc and Hairball's relationship goes back a long time. In fact Hairball John was nice enough to let us "borrow" his slogan "The past is back to kick your ass". It's on the back of his radio show's T-Shirts and during the short Krokus Tour in 2005 we did an acoustic set for the "Lewis & Floorwax Show" in Denver/Colorado and I had Marc wear it backwards, so the slogan shows in the front. You can see a picture of that when you log on to our web site www.krokusonline.com and click on "BACKSTAGE".

Here are the details of the HAIRBALL JOHN RADIO SHOW giveaway:


Merry Krokus, it's like Festivus but it rocks harder! Call the toll-free hotline at 1-888-NO-GRUNGE and you will automatically be entered to win one of the great "Hellraiser" prize packages below. So if you've got a recent concert review, a great Krokus story, or a simple request you will be entered to win exclusive Krokus prizes from The Hairball John Radio Show with one simple phone call. If you live outside the States, contact Hairball John directly at http://www.hairballjohn.com/contact-us.csp and ask how you can enter the contest (maybe through his "contact form" or a different telephone number, since some of you can't use toll free numbers). This is Hairball's contest and his guidelines, we just provided the "goodies".

"Raise a little hell this Holiday season by entering the "Merry Krokus" contest with The Hairball John Radio Show....NOW!"
- Krokus vocalist Marc Storace

Contest Details

- Contest Start Date: December 3rd, 2006
- Contest End Date: December 31st, 2006
- Winner's Announced: January 8t, 2007

Contest Prizes

Grand Prize (1)
- Autographed "Hellraiser" CD
- Autographed "Hellraiser" promo poster
- Autographed "Hellrasier" promo card
- "Hellraiser" Digipak
- Set of 3 Krokus guitar picks
- "Hellraiser" tour T-shirt
- "Rock The Block" tour T-shirt from 2005
- Hairball John Radio Show T-shirt

1st Prize (1)
- Autographed "Hellraiser" CD
- Autographed "Hellraiser" promo poster
- Autographed "Hellrasier" promo card
- "Hellraiser" Digipak
- Set of 3 Krokus guitar picks
- "Hellraiser" tour T-shirt
- Hairball John Radio Show T-shirt

2nd Prize (1)
- Autographed "Hellraiser" CD
- Autographed "Hellraiser" promo poster
- Autographed "Hellrasier" promo card
- Hairball John Radio Show T-shirt

Runner Up Prize (10)
- Autographed "Hellraiser" promo card

Contest Rules

- All winners must be at least 18 years of age.
- Limit one entry per person. If multiple entries are found to have been
entered, all will be dis-qualified.
- Winners are responsible for any taxes incurred on prizes received.
- Winners consent to their name being publicized.
- Contest open to listeners worldwide, except where prohibited by law.
- Contests are subject to all applicable laws.
- Contest rules are subject to change without notice.

http://www.hairballjohn.com/news-entry.csp?id=30 (Merry KROKUS Contest - Post A Comment)

Hairball John did recently a new interview with Marc Storace. I can give you the link to the page but I do not know how to access that interview:
http://www.hairballjohn.com/episode.csp?id=49 (Krokus Raises Some Hell) [Past Shows - December 3rd, 2006)

If you have questions as to "how to access" Marc's December 3rd, 2006 interview, feel free to contact the HAIRBALL JOHN RADIO SHOW directly:

http://www.hairballjohn.com/contact-us.csp (contact)

Hairball John created a great "jingle" for this contest and we encourage you to go on line at www.krokusonline.com where our webmaster Tom was kind enough to post the mp3 file of the jingle for your Holiday enjoyment.

And as American fan Angie Rabb wrote to Krokus: "30 years later you're still playing on my bedside radio." Keep on listening because we will come and rock your town soon!

Rock On,

Peter Waelti

P.O.BOX 17552


While KROKUS is hellraisin' through Europe the boys in the band are not just slacking off during their days off in between concerts. The press wants to know and they oblige! All of them share interview duties, mainly Marc as the front man and longest standing member that branded the KROKUS music with his incomparable voice since the early eighties.

So that you are informed about anything and everything KROKUS related as our valuable fans, The GLOBE CLUB is listing below some links of interviews and reviews of the newest album "Hellraiser". Simply copy the link and paste it in your browser. And enjoy!


Mark Carras interviews Marc Storace for the US web-zine RockMyMonkey. His knowledge about Marc's extra-curricular activities outside of KROKUS musically and artistically is incredible and took Marc by surprise. You also may click the mp3 version of the interview and listen to Mark and Marc. Our web master Tom will list this interview as well under "NEWS" in the next couple of days.

Lead guitarist Mandy Meyer is interviewed by web-zine www.metal-rules.com and as with Marc the interviewer gets into detail about Mandy's musical past.









REMINDER: Our "Hellraiser" contest for your review of the album (see details on our web site www.krokusonline.com under "NEWS" & scroll down) ends this coming Tuesday, November 21st, 2006. I will leave 2 days later to join the band in Malta for their performance in Marc's original home country. I'll sacrifice the "Thanksgiving Turkey" ritual and give up pumpkin pie, because I have to witness his triumphant return after 33 years since he played with a band on the island (last time with TEA - the band I managed in the 70's) and for the first time with KROKUS. We will stay at the Westin Resort Hotel Dragonara in Valletta/Malta. What happens in Malta stays in Malta (sort of like Las Vegas!). But in this case, for you fans, I'll report back to you all the crazy things that happened down there.

Check out the trailer of Classic Rock Promotions in Valletta for the show in Malta:

Those of you that took advantage of the "KROKUS GOES TO MALTA" travel package, I will meet you personally at the V.I.P. "Meet & Greet" with the band. Those of you living in the United States, I wish on behalf of the band and myself a happy "Thanksgiving" to you all. And the rest of the world we thank as well. We surely are grateful and give thanks to have such loyal fans. Kiss has the KISS ARMY; we have the KROKUS PATROL! Without you there would be no reason to carry on.

Do your Christmas shopping early and give the gift of music to your friends and family: the new "HELLRAISER" CD. If you have trouble finding it, go to www.amazon.com or download it from www.i-tunes.com. Either way you will be hellraisin' as well. It's contagious!!!

Rock On,

P.O.BOX 17552


I have been asked by many of you what songs will be played on the European leg of the current "Hellraiser Tour". You will be glad to know that the band is playing 18 songs during their dynamic set, 8 of them in support of the "Hellraiser" album release. Here's the set order:

1. Hellraiser
2. Too Wired To Sleep
3. Hangman
4. Angel Of My Dreams
5. Long Stick Goes Boom!
6. Bad Boys Rag Dolls
7. Screaming In The Night
8. Fight On
9. Spirit In The Night
10. Midnight Fantasy
11. Easy Rocker
12. Rock City
13. Rock'n'Roll Tonite
14. Celebration
15. Headhunter
16. Bedside Radio
17. Eat The Rich
18. Rocks Off!

Fasten your seat belts and enjoy the show!!!

The Globe Club just got word from drummer Stefan Schwarzmann that during the entire tour of "Hellraiser" our "Tasmanian Devil Drummer Man" was playing with a ruptured (umbilical) hernia and literally "not missing a beat"! Now that's a commitment to excellence and a true example of "the show must go on". Stefan reports that he will get the hernia operated sometime in the first part of December. We wish him all the best and salute him as the "toughest rock drummer" in the world.

Please do not forget to participate in our HELLRAISER CONTEST and submit your bit by November 21st, 2006. You can't win anything if you do not participate! So, don't put it off any longer and submit your review to peter.waelti@krokusonline.com. For details visit our web site www.krokusonline.com and click on NEWS (Hellraiser Contest).

Rock On,


P.O.BOX 17552


We would like to give something back to you for your loyalty to Krokus and continued support at concerts and in the record stores around the world.

What do you have to do to win one of the contest prizes? Very simple! Give me (in your own words) a review of the new "Hellraiser" album. We're interested in YOUR opinion. Write to me at peter.waelti@krokusonline.com the following:

1. Write to me if "Hellraiser" is your favorite KROKUS album and more importantly, why? Write a short review how you felt the first time you heard the entire album.
2. Tell me what your favorite song is on the album and also why?
3. Tell me what your second favorite song is on the album and also why?
4. Write your full name and from which city/country you are.

Contest starts when you receive this newsletter and all entries e-mailed to me by November 21st (my birthday!) will be considered. This is what you can win (log on to www.krokusonline.com and click on "NEWS", scroll down to bottom to see PICTURE of #1 winning package):

#1 winner (The Package):
- Signed European Record Store Poster "Hellraiser" (20x27.5 inches)
- Signed Swiss Copy of "Hellraiser" CD
- Unsigned German Copy of "Hellraiser" CD (contains limited edition bonus track "Walking in the spirit" & 2 limited edition video tracks "Hellraiser" and "Rock City", recorded live in Switzerland and playable on PC only plus Krokus wallpaper)
- Signed Autograph Picture of band (6x 10 ¼ inches) by entire band
- Set of 4 guitar picks (front "Krokus" logo, back imprinted signature of Marc, Mandy, Dominique & Tony)
- Signed "Acoustic Set List" from September 23rd, 2006 at world renowned "Rockfabrik" in Ludwigsburg/Germany
- 6 pink tokens, front "Rockfabrik" logo, one each signed on the back with black sharpie by one musician and the sixth one blank for framing
- 2 unsigned color pictures (4x6 inches) from "Rockfabrik" gig, suitable to frame with tokens

#2 winner: all of the above with the exception of "Hellraiser" limited edition CD

#3 winner: Package #1 with the exception of "Hellraiser" limited edition CD and without European Record Store Poster

#4 & #5 winners: Signed Swiss copy of "Hellraiser" CD, signed autograph picture of band and set of 4 guitar picks

#6 to #10 winners: Signed Swiss copy of "Hellraiser" CD

#11 to #15 winners: Signed European Record Store Poster "Hellraiser" (20"x27.5")

#16 to #25 winners: Signed autograph picture by entire band

To participate requires for you to own a copy of the new album. If you can't find it in your local record store, log on to www.amazon.com and order it there or download it from I-Tunes.com. In Asia the album will be released December 5th and "Globe Club" participants of this contest from Asia might have to get their copy that way. Participants need to write in English or German.

Get your copy of "Hellraiser" (while you're at it buy a second copy for your best friend for Christmas), listen to it, e-mail me your review as stipulated above. Winners will be announced by December 10th and winnings will be shipped from Denver prior to Christmas.

Look forward hearing from you!

Rock On,

P.S.: The Travel Agency organizing the "Malta Travel Package" in November informed us that there are still some packages available. Travel starts in Zurich, Frankfurt, Berlin or Munich. If you need further details or information regarding this "once in a lifetime" trip to Marc's original home country, please feel free to contact Urs Schaer at siesta@solnet.ch directly or e-mail me.


First "Acoustic Set" at legendary ROCKFABRIK Ludwigsburg/Germany

It's Saturday, September 23rd, 2006 at 6:12 PM and Tony Castell is the last one to arrive in the lobby of our hotel, ready to be driven to the sound check at the legendary "Rockfabrik" in Ludwigsburg/Germany. There are about 6 different "Rockfabrik" clubs in Germany, however the one in Ludwigsburg was the "first" one and together with the Augsburg "Rockfabrik" the only "official/original" ones, as "Rockfabrik's" big boss Wolfgang "Hasche" Hagemann points out to me later on during the evening.

Although doors open at 9:00 PM at night for the public, the band wants to make sure that everything will run professionally, since this is the first acoustic set that KROKUS is playing in public as an "entire" band (Marc & Tony had done a 2-song acoustic set last October in Denver/Colorado in the Fox 103.5 FM radio studios of the "Lewis & Floorwax Show" [see www.krokusonline.com and click on "Backstage"]). This rare & unusual performance is in support of the newest release "HELLRAISER" (in their home country of Switzerland "Gold Record Award" status within 1 day from date of release!) and with the cooperation of AFM Records a "first" to promote the new product, followed by an autograph session and "meet & greet" with the fans. The club inside is huge. At one end of the premise is a gigantic booth for the "DJ", who runs the club's pounding dance music before and after Krokus's performance behind a large glass surface. The entire booth is as big as the length of a mobile home!!
Above the DJ booth is a large neon light that in green letters advertises the club's name "ROCKFABRIK", just in case you're having too much fun and don't know where you are! The club built a small stage on part of the huge dance floor for KROKUS to accommodate the band and the little equipment necessary to perform the "acoustic set". Behind the huge dance floor is the "German beer" refill station (keep in mind that it was "Oktoberfest" in Germany during that time). Behind that is another bar, followed by a restaurant inside the club. And then there is still upstairs with game rooms etc. Really a fun place to hang out!

Krokus technician Carlo Tscholl is not only an excellent driver/navigator, he also sets up perfectly the backline equipment for the band and takes care of the sound coordination. While the band is tuning up during their "sound check", I sub as "tour manager" that day (which brought me right back to my younger years with Marc & TEA and I thoroughly enjoyed it!) and coordinate between DJ, club manager and record representative the chain of events for that evening. AFM Records Timo Hoffmann personally decorates the club with KROKUS posters (CD cover "Hellraiser") all over the club. He also has T-shirts & signed CD's for the DJ to give away during the evening, leading up to the highlight of KROKUS's acoustic set. The club opens at 9:00 PM for the public. Carlo, the band and myself return to the hotel. The consensus is: Back in the hotel lobby at midnight to drive back to the club. What an incredible (rock) life! Most people go to bed earlier than that! And our "evening" is just !
about to begin with KROKUS taking the stage at 1:00 PM, punctually like a Swiss watch. That night the usual club regulars (a few of them rather bizarre dressed like "S&M" poster children in an obscure Fellini movie setting - without the whips though) mingle peacefully with KROKUS rock fans in anticipation of the band's first full acoustic set ever.

On stage, the musicians are at their usual spots like during the "regular shows". Dominique to the far left of the listener, Tony next to him, Stefan sometimes behind Marc, sometimes next to Marc, depending on the song. Marc heroically centerstage and Mandy to the far right of the stage. Except this time all guitar players sit on bar stools. And the lighting is more intimate.

After Marc's introductory "welcome" to the crowd, the music takes over! I find myself standing there, totally mesmerized by the sound and presence of the band. And they sound soooooo good! And they are sooooo up-close. Their repertoire spans across their entire musical catalogue, not just the new songs. I'm sure that part of the final song selection had to do with what could be re-worked into a strong acoustical song. The band starts out with AMERICAN WOMAN, followed by their new single ANGEL OF MY DREAMS. Then we get treated to an awesome acoustic version of the title track of the new album, HELLRAISER. Mandy surprises with a breathtaking acoustic intro to SCREAMING IN THE NIGHT, always a crowd-pleaser and very well recognized worldwide. Then they rock acoustically (yes, KROKUS is proof that it is possible) to ROCK'N'ROLL TONITE and end the set with one of their greatest hits in Europe, BEDSIDE RADIO. But the crowd wants more and will not let them get away without another s!
ong. So they are forced to get back on stage and deliver a super version of EAT THE RICH. The song fits perfectly as an "encore" with the rest of the set. Except I know better. They practiced that one for the first time during sound check earlier in the evening. And it sounds great!

KROKUS move over to the bar area and make themselves available to meet & greet fans, give autographs and answer questions, revisit with old friends and make new ones. I have observed many bands in my life and every time I see KROKUS interact with their fans, I understand why fans are so loyal over decades to the music and musicians of KROKUS. And KROKUS know that and appreciate each and every one. At this moment I feel so grateful to be part of this and take my job as temporary "tour manager" very serious. Meaning, I "negotiate" with the club more and more drink chips (pink plastic chips with the "RockFabrik" logo in black on one side "buy" us any drink of our choice - what a nice place!) and food in the restaurant at 3:30 AM in the morning for the band, since playing acoustic sets gets you as hungry as if you rocked electronically all night.

At 5:00 AM in the morning we're back at the hotel. Regular people almost get up at such a time of the day. I love Rock'n'Roll!!!! Party all night, sleep all day! Except I substituted just for one weekend. KROKUS do this all the time. Not the "Party all night, sleep all day!". But the travelling to your city away from their loved ones, sound check, concert (giving it every time their all), meeting fans and signing autographs, travelling over night again and sleeping in a tour bus, driving to the next city. And then starting it all over again. And we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for their dedication to their music, their fans and the good of ROCK'N'ROLL in general!!!

Long live Rock, long live KROKUS.
Rock On,

LEFT IN DENMARK 10-21-2006

(or "a day in the life of a rock band on tour" )

It's Friday, October 20th at 9:48PM in Denver/Colorado and my cell phone (Natel) rings in the other room. Glued to the TV for a "must see" show, I ignore it. 10 minutes later it rings again. I ignore it again. My wife Donna is more curious than I and checks who's number is coming up. She shouts from the other room "it's a 455 number". I shout back "it's an out of state number I do not recognize, most probably a solicitor" and further ignore it.

All day KROKUS was on my mind. Wondered how they were doing on tour. So, as I was laying on the couch, reflecting on life during a commercial break, I started thinking "...hmm, 41 is the country code for Switzerland, 49 is the country code for Germany, could this 45 be a country code of a Scandinavian country in Europe?" KROKUS plays Scandinavia, could it be that the boys in the band are calling me? But then it's slightly past 6:00 AM in Europe, no way they would be calling at this hour, since they most likely went to bed sometime around 2:00 AM and everyone would be sleeping in the bunk of their tour bus, curtains shut. Oh well, nice thought. Wish them well.

5 minutes later the phone rings again. Same number. This time curiosity gets the best of me and I pick up the phone. On the other end, a voice (that I recognize) says: "Peter, it's Marc". To my response: "Wow, great to hear from you" he adds: "Well it's sort of an emergency. I'm calling from the gas station at the Tuelso Nord exit in Denmark because our tour bus left without me towards the German border. The people here were nice enough to let me borrow the phone, since mine is in the tour bus. Along with everything else including my passport. Even if one of the band members wake up, they will think I'm sleeping in my bunk with curtains closed and won't wake me up most probably until 1:00 PM. All I have with me is my wallet and that had one of your "Globe Club" business cards in it with your phone number".

Am I dreaming this or is it for real? Must be real, because they played Friday night in Copenhagen/Denmark and they are slated to play Flensburg/Germany the next day (today). Can't resist asking how this all happened. Marc explains. The tour bus driver Andrea stops at the Tuelso Nord exit gas station to use the bathroom and to get a cup of coffee. Marc was awake and used the opportunity to step off the bus himself stretching a little, then heading for the bathroom himself, without telling the driver, assuming she would drink the coffee inside the truck stop/gas station (instead the driver took it on board, driving towards the German border). On his way out, Marc was recognized by a couple of KROKUS fans, involving him into a conversation and asking for autographs. Accommodating as he is and focused on his fans, he did not realize at this time that the tour bus had taken off without him.

I assure Marc that the "Globe Club" is the right place and the only phone number he really needs in his wallet, since we work "globally" [Denmark to Denver to Denmark/Germany] and will get a hold of someone or flag the tour bus down, one way or the other. Knowing that I have 3 hours until the bus should hit the border, I get to work. The easiest would have been to get a hold of one of the other band members in the bus. I call them all and leave messages on their voice mails. Don't have the number for the bus driver (the only one awake!). Next step: International Directory Assistance. After 2 hang-ups and an answering machine message in Danish I look for alternatives. Next step: authorities! I call the German Police Department emergency line in Flensburg (since I have no clue what border in Denmark they could be using), asking them to assist me with a telephone number for the Border Control in Denmark. I figured they could alert their officers to stop a blue Fairline tour bus!
travelling with the singer's passport but without him. I call all band members in the bus again, hoping one might hear a ring. In the meantime Marc calls back 2 times, inquiring about my progress while local gas station employees hold him hostage and enjoy having a Rock'n'Roll personality stranded at their usually boring work place (the good part about Marc's Rock status was that they also let him use the phone to call the USA multiple times - we hope the employer is as understanding when he sees his next phone bill). Marc suggests calling the tour bus office somewhere in Germany for them to get a hold of their driver. Through the Internet I find their web site and since they won't open until 9:00 AM in the morning, I send an e-mail, hoping someone will show up for work early (does anybody still do that???).

Finally, hours later, our drummer Stefan gets up in the tour bus to use the bathroom and sees a message on his charging cell phone. The bus stops to regroup and recoup from the shock. A solution is found. They let me know that the tour manager will get a rental car and drive back about 350 kilometers to the Tuelso Nord gas station to pick up Marc "the voice" Storace.

As I call back Marc to let him know the good news, I can't help to think back to 1980 when I immigrated from Switzerland to the USA. Their then Swiss Manager Harry Sprenger visited me in Denver/Colorado and I still can vividly see him in my mind standing in my living room in Denver/Colorado, receiving a collect phone call from a Thommy Kiefer [Thommy Kiefer was a founding member of KROKUS, somewhat of a cult figure for the fans and his 30th anniversary of his passing approaches this Christmas], who was stranded at a gas station somewhere in the good 'ole USA while the tour bus was gone, headed towards Tennessee for a gig that night. Deja-Vu? WOW!

Whereas in the 80's for Thommy it definitely was "sex, drugs & rock'n'roll", for Marc in 2006 it was "coffee, fans & rock'n'roll". For me, it's only rock'n'roll, but I like it!!!

Rock On,


P.O.BOX 17552

"Hellraiser" Gold In Switzerland 9-18-2006

"Hellraiser" has taken off!!! Switzerland & Germany released KROKUS's 15th studio album last Friday and a day later during the band's concert in Rheinfelden/Switzerland they proudly announced that record sales reached "gold award" status already in their home country of Switzerland!

This is in great part due to the support of their loyal fan base and on behalf of KROKUS we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loyalty.

Let's help the band reach "platinum" status in due time! Tell your friends about the incredible new album.

And if you're around Ludwigsburg/Germany, come see them at the Rockfabrik at around 9:00 PM for a short acoustic set and a little "meet & greet" with the band.

Or come and see them in Lyssach/Switzerland at the "Mediamarkt" for a short acoustic set, autographs and a good time!

And for tour updates visit www.krokusonline.com and click on "tour" or www.pollstar.com under "KROKUS".

Rock On,


P.O.BOX 17552


Countdown begins!!! We all are feverishly awaiting the release of KROKUS's 15th studio album called "HELLRAISER".

For our fans in Germany & Switzerland we have 2 special "treats" that you might not want to miss:

As already mentioned in a previous newsletter, as part of their "pre-release parties" all over Germany, AFM Records cordially invites you especially to the one taking place on September 23rd, 2006 at the "Rockfabrik" in Ludwigsburg. It is simply a showcase to celebrate the release of the new album with band presence. It's your chance to meet the band. And as a special treat, for the first time in Europe, they will play a short "acoustic set" of 4-6 songs, similar to what they did in Denver at the "Lewis & Floorwax" radio show last October during their USA tour (go to our web site www.krokusonline.com and click on "backstage"). Except this time the entire band will perform the acoustic set.
And one week later, on September 30th, 2006 they will visit the "Mediamarkt" in Lyssach/Switzerland with an "acoustic set" of 4-6 songs, followed by signing autographs and the new CD "Hellraiser". Do your Christmas shopping early and give some good 'ole rock to someone you love, KROKUS style.

Starting October, KROKUS will embark on their "HELLRAISER" world tour, starting out in Scandinavia and Continental Europe, continuing in the first half of 2007 with the Americas. And make some noise, fans from "down under". Maybe this time we come and visit you in Australia & New Zealand as well. A special treat for fans and KROKUS alike will be a concert in late November in Malta, Marc's original home country. Last time Marc toured Malta with a band was with TEA in the seventies and Malta is getting ready for a special "welcome" of KROKUS and their native son!

Rather than waiting for the complete tour schedule (some dates still have to be confirmed), we decided to give you the dates that are definitely confirmed. And as new dates are added on, we will keep you posted accordingly. You can also check our web site www.krokusonline.com and click on "tour" or www.pollstar.com under "KROKUS".

Get ready for a hellraiser... boneshaker experience with KROKUS and YOU at these venues:

October 14th, 2006 Teatria, Oulu FINLAND

October 15th, 2006 Klubi, Tampere FINLAND

October 16th, 2006 Tavastia, Helsinki FINLAND

October 18th, 2006 Sticky Fingers, Gothenburg SWEDEN

October 19th, 2006 Klubben, Stockholm SWEDEN

October 20th, 2006 The Rock, Copenhagen DENMARK

October 21st, 2006 Roxy Music Hall, Flensburg DEUTSCHLAND/GERMANY

October 23rd, 2006 Jazzhaus, Freiburg DEUTSCHLAND/GERMANY

October 25th, 2006 Rockfabrik, Bruchsal DEUTSCHLAND/GERMANY

October 26th, 2006 Matrix, Bochum DEUTSCHLAND/GERMANY

October 28th, 2006 Rockpalast, Biberist SWITZERLAND

November 25th, 2006 Old Power Station, Floriana MALTA

January 12th, 2007 AN Club, Athens GREECE

January 13th, 2007 Mylos, Thessaloniki GREECE

(More dates to be announced as they are confirmed!)

In just about a week those of you living in Europe, Israel, Australia & New Zealand can get your hands on the new KROKUS album "Hellraiser" and it will be a mind altering experience! And their new single "Angel of my dreams" might as well become the new love anthem for hard rock fans!

Rock On,


P.O.BOX 17552

Marc Storace Recording Session Report 3-23-2006

Hello KROKUS Family!

Below a message and a "day in the life of the incomparable Marc Storace". Marc's reference to "Dennis" is Dennis Ward, the band's Producer of the new, upcoming KROKUS CD. Enjoy!

a page from Marc`s diary :
vocalizing time - march 2006
monday 13th : "yes, the first round in the studio (music school or air-raid shelter or bunker, call it the dickens you may :-) went considerably cool, except for the first day %&**?!!§. poor dennis, no sooner had he plugged in his lap-top it kept going haywire, crazy little damned thing, switching itself off during "takes" ... oh my god, a "ghost in the machine" ???!! ... nope...it seems like the static from the carpet was simply too much for the confounded thing , so,...dennis picked it up and (no he did not smash it against a wall !) drove back home (2 hour`s drive) over the border to karlsruhe (Germany), returning the next morning with his whole "rack" of tricks !!
a heavy-duty "beauty" and indestructible in comparison....so back to business :-)

tuesday 14th : our second day commenced like "fish in butter" right till the end. I started out with my usual warm-up's and went straight into "midnite fantasy", which I chose because of its low melancholic bluesy feel, and because I thought it would set up the basic soul-mood on which I could build up my energy for the following songs lined-up for the "first" day. we continued with "too wired to sleep", because in spite of it being up-tempo, it still is rather low key, but demands that carefree party attitude. with "no risk no gain" I beefed up the energy and took it a step further with the last track "turnin`inside out". these last three tracks are basically in the "same vein" and I chose to sing them one after the other in order to make it more easy going on my vocal chords.

I find it so great working with dennis. besides being a very interesting person he is also a very nice guy. he stays very cool on the job, which allows you to concentrate on what you`re doin`, and he just lets you
get on with it in your own natural pace until something obvious crops up! this is great for the whole flow. this way, we managed to do the recordings at a very fast but enjoyable pace !!

wednesday 15th : the second day we started with "hangman" which took me into the more dramatic and "radio-friendly" rock sector of the new song collection. "walkin`in the spirit" is most probably the most straightforward, no messin`and shortest number on the list, but very very intense vocally, and I had that down in just forty winks ;-) then again, back to drama and a demanding vocal performance for the very
colorful song "take my love". a delightful song to sing !

my dear wife cornelia cooked us a plate of delicious spaghetti "al pesto" at our home, a few minutes from the studio. dennis also got to know our kids luca (going 13 this april) and giuliana (11 next august). he even met "whiskey", our young cat, who, unfortunately, had fallen out of our two storey high bathroom window just that morning, before I set off for the studio ! she fractured her nose on a step, but, despite of this, was very crazily playful and seemed to be doin` quite fine .. ouch !!

thursday 16th : we started out with the very heavy and rhythmically chunky "fight on" and picked up tempo and lowered keys for a shadier "lights out in vegas". we then switched to the funkier light-hearted and jovial "love will survive", which I think is a classic and the one song which was composed "live" in the band rehearsal room on the last day of our pre-production. this song symbolizes the "new spirit" within the "new band". every member put in his two cents and voila ... what started out as "high on love" was switched around to "love will survive" in sixty seconds he,he ... simply marvelous !!! the positive energy of "love will survive" replenished enough adrenalin in my reserves in time for a full blast attempt of the fast and punky "get yer rocks off "! with my energy still "up", I decided to go for the new ballad "so long". my voice was by now beginning to sound as raw as when i`d just performed three or four concerts in-a-row, and therefore had the desired "bashed about" feel to it,
ideal for this song. this demanding ballad crowned the session and the end of the first recording period for me.

I`m so pleased to say that I now already have 11 lead vocals in the can, and 4 more ready to go !!!!

the 2nd vocalizing period starts next monday and after that dennis will provide me with a rough-mix of all songs, so I can check for flaws and things I`d like to correct before we start with "duets", harmony and backing vocals. mandy drives up from lucerne (Switzerland) that same evening to transfer his lead guitar solos and licks and play missing parts.

that brings us to tuesday 21st for more "unfinished stuff". the following day takes us "slap bang !" into an instrumental rehearsal for the first krokus "live" concert of the year 2006, with our new (German) drummer stefan. I join for vocal rehearsals on the 23rd & 24th and we play an indoor-festival in the east of switzerland, a city named disentis, on saturday the 25th.

well, I did plenty of "takes" and must admit I feel like some unshaven "thing" the cat dragged in this morning, because I get so physical when I`m singing .. why, it`s almost like sex . he, he ?!!!

.... my dear wife cornelia is such a darling, she let me sleep the morning off, except for the two seconds when my daughter giuliana woke me up for a nice big
kiss before dashing off to school. I just finished my first cuppa hot milk & coffee or italian cappuccino, and can`t wait to get into a hot bath to soothe my aches away ... yeah baby !

love 'ya



Peter Waelti
KROKUS Global Clan & Fan Coordinator
Denver / Colorado USA

Official International KROKUS Fan Club 3-14-2006

Hello KROKUS family!

Welcome to the official "KROKUS Globe Club For Clan & Fan"!

This will be an informational communication piece to promote KROKUS and to keep you posted on current events.

Please allow me to introduce myself to you. I know Marc "The Voice" Storace for over 35 years when I used to manage him as a member of TEA in Switzerland. In 1980 I immigrated to the United States and live ever since in Denver/Colorado. Whereas I was befriended with the original Krokus members for years, I followed the "Swiss Music Scene" and in particular Krokus over the years, who found in the incomparable Marc one of the best rock voices in the world. The current line-up is fresh, exciting and reminds me of the KROKUS power in the early 80's. I saw them perform in the U.S.A. in the 80's and I saw them again last year during their 2005 US tour. Comparisons to the "Headhunter" era are in place. Krokus is a force to be reckoned with in the future. The past is back to kick your ass!!! Better than ever.

Down the road I envision to organize "live chats" with members of the band in a chat room to keep things interesting and fresh. By the way, any of your comments or ideas are welcome anytime. The band is currently doing a photo shoot with new drummer Stefan Schwarzmann. If you want an autographed picture, I will be able to help you with that shortly. The band is currently recording their new CD and are set to go on tour extensively in the near future.

The band provided me with your e-mail addresses. As you can see I do not have some of your names. In order to build a solid fan list, I would appreciate if you could send me the spelling of your correct name, mailing address and country of origin. Also please do not forget to send me a note if you switch your e-mail address, if you want to continue receiving updates.

Hallo KROKUS (Rock) Familie!

Willkommen zu Eurem offiziellen "KROKUS Globe Club For Clan & Fan"!

Auf diesem Weg wollen wir Euch auf dem laufenden halten, was KROKUS betrifft.

Bitte erlauben Sie mir mich vorzustellen. Ich kenne Marc Storace schon ueber 35 Jahre, als ich Manager von "TEA" in der Schweiz war (spaeter auch Rumpelstilz & Polo Hofer). Im April 1980 bin ich in die Staaten ausgewandert und wohne in Denver/Colorado. Obwohl urspruenglich befreundet mit den original Mitgliedern von KROKUS, habe ich seit meiner Auswanderung immer Kontakt zur "Schweizer Musik Szene" aufrecht gehalten. Marc's unverkennliche "Rock Roehre" hat KROKUS geholfen International eine steile Karriere und Popularitaet zu erreichen. Und der Rest der Band ist auch Spitze! Die heutige Besetzung spielt mit "power", knall hart! Ich habe KROKUS in den 80er Jahren in den Staaten live auf tour erlebt und ich sah ihre show letztes Jahr in Denver. Vergleiche zur "Headhunter" Tournee kommen automatisch auf wenn man die Band und ihre Spielfreude heute vergleicht.

In der Zukunft werde ich "chats" mit den Mitgliedern ueber das Internet organisieren. Falls Ihr Vorschlaege oder gute Ideen habt, lasst mich dies bitte wissen. KROKUS sind zur Zeit daran neue Gruppen Bilder zu schiessen und in der nahen Zukunft sollte es moeglich sein Autogramme zu erhalten. Ich werde Euch auf dem laufenden halten. Krokus sind zur Zeit im Tonstudio um ihre neue CD einzuspielen. Mehr dazu in Kuerze.

Die Band hat mir Eure e-mail Adressen zugesandt. Um die "mailing list" correct aufrecht zu halten, waere ich dankbar, wenn Ihr mir kurz Euren korrekten Namen, Adresse (Strasse, Stadt, Land) zusenden koenntet. Und falls ihr eure e-mail Adresse wechselt, sendet mir bitte Eure neue e-mail Anschrift. (Entschuldigt bitte mein Deutsch, es wird immer "holpriger" mit der Zeit).


Peter Waelti
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