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November 2006



Interview With Marc Storace
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Krokus 2006
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Krokus 2006 - HELLRAISER
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Autumn 2006


"Marc Storace - Rocking Around The World"
Krokus 2006



Marc Storace anno 1972
Born in Malta to an English mother and an Italian father, Marc was 16 when he first left the Maltese Islands for a pop-rock festival in Sicily. Shortly afterwards, he and his own band played on a Mediterranean cruise ship, entertaining passengers with Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix covers. At 19, Marc moved to London, but soon found himself singing with TEA, a Swiss rock band.

“My new Swiss friends made me feel at home here. I enjoyed living on our little musician’s commune on Lake Hallwil in Aargau,” says Marc. During this time, he met people who would have a huge impact on his career.
TEA Tour Poster With KROKUS As Support
In the mid-1970s, Marc returned to London’s music scene. A few years later, the Swiss rockers of Krokus phoned, and Marc became their new lead singer. As Krokus stormed the world’s airwaves, Marc commuted from London to Solothurn for rehearsals. Instead of frequent flyer miles, he was collecting experiences.

“The most memorable performance so far was the ‘Texas Jam’ in Dallas in the summer of ‘86. We played to 80,000 screaming fans,” remembers Marc.

Another wild story involves elephants in a Thai jungle. “While filming a video, I was singing on this log-raft, gliding downriver when a bull elephant on heat came charging. Luckily, he was more interested in a herd of females than me,” says Marc. The crew got away with drenched clothes and a wet camera.
Marc Storace
Marc’s triple-octave voice helped rocket Krokus into the spotlight, but in the late 1980s, alternative rock began to eclipse heavy metal. The band called a “time-out” in 1988, and Marc returned to Malta.
Marc Storace In Denver 2005
“My father had died while we were recording in Los Angeles. My mother was getting old, too, and I had seen so little of them since hitting the road,” explains Marc. “Sitting out on the sea cliffs at sunset helped me to meditate and decide my next move,” which took Marc back “home” in 1989.

“My home today is this place where I have lived, worked and matured as a singer, songwriter and person, and where I have raised Luca, 13, and Giuliana, 11, with my Swiss wife Cornelia,” says the rocker, who now lives in Basel. Though he thinks and feels like a Swiss man, he emphasizes his attachment to Malta and the loved ones there.
Marc Storace
Marc’s loyal nature has revived Krokus. In 2003, their album “Rock the Block” went straight to No 1 in the Swiss charts. Since then, they’ve been enjoying a comeback complete with concerts, new releases, and even a role in the comedy “Handyman”.

Now 54, Marc appears to have the energy of a man half his age. In addition to Krokus, he sings with Acoustical Mountain, an unplugged trio. This autumn he’ll appear in a film called “Anuk: The Path of the Warrior”. He’s enjoying the variety.
Marc Storace - ANUK
“It has been a rewarding experience of ups and downs and I never forget to thank my lucky stars.”
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