KROKUS Reunion 2008
Long awaited by loyal fans, finally the original 1982 line-up announced their comeback and the rest will be history.....
TV Performance
TV studio audience gives standing ovation for medley "Tokyo Nights", "Bedside Radio" and "Heatstrokes", all songs from the "Metal Rendez-Vous" album released originally in 1980
Swiss TV Show - November 2007
Fernando, Marc, Chris and Freddy at Swiss TV show "Greatest Swiss Hits Of All Time" last November (2007)
those wer3e the days my friend - 1982
Original line-up (fom left to right): Mark "Koki" Kohler (guitar) - Freddy Steady (drums) - Marc Storace (the "voice") - Fernando Von Arb (lead guitar) - Chris Von Rohr (bass)
Stadium Rockers!!!
Reunion comeback line-up (left to right): Mark "Koki" Kohler (rhythm guitar) - Freddy Steady (drums) - Marc Storace (vocals) - Chris Von Rohr (bass) - Fernando Von Arb (lead guitar)
Krokus sitting on the grass of football greats
eating the grass of victory
Walking Towards Success
official concert poster Bern
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