"HELLRAISER" RELEASE PARTY September 23rd, 2006
rockfabrik lightning & thunder
smiling KROKUS
Hellraiser Release Party Poster
skull or my mother-in-law
in the mood
just another saturday night and dom and tony feel soooo happy
hairy marc
band jammin'
pink tony
band jammin' unplugged 2
dom, tony and marc
mandy - master of the art of mastering
dominique amused by something or somebody
stefan wondering whether there is a leak in the ceiling
marion, donna, mandy and fan
meet and greet with the German fans after the show
here's looking at you - mandy, marc and peter
back at the hotel - tony checking in marc as baggage
band and peter in front of tour bus
we had a blast at the rockfabrik and hope you all did too!
pictures by peter waelti except where otherwise noted
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