"THANK YOU" TO OUR FANS - April 11th, 2007 - Alpenrock House Zurich / Switzerland

The ALPENROCK HOUSE nearby the Zurich airport was the perfect place for this golden moment. Although a larger club, the inside is decorated Swiss style with chalets, cowbells and the walls painted with Swiss mountain motives as a backdrop. Truly fitting for a Swiss band! A cozy surrounding to celebrate their GOLD RECORD AWARD in their native country with fans and Krokus team together. This is unusual, since industry standard is for some record executives taking a picture with the band backstage after a concert for trade magazines or daily newspapers and giving the band the awards at that time in a very small circle. Krokus wanted to celebrate this special moment with their fans. Because without the continuos support of our fan base there would not have been a Gold Record Award celebration. And the band recognizes that.
soundcheck Alpenrock House Zurich CH 4-11-2007
last supper before curtain call
As the doors opened for the public, Krokus made themselves available for local press (since they have journalistic dead lines), staging the event with the Gold Record Awards at the "Jungfrau Galerie" with real rocks as backdrop, fitting for a Swiss Rock Band. For those of you that consult their dictionary or think they can translate "Jungfrau" from German into English, please note that this sign referred to one of the mountain peeks named as such and not to be confused with the translation meaning "virgin". That's almost impossible in association with the image of a rock band!
golden moment with band & peter
no Jungfrauen around!
posing for the press
Mandy trying new poses
golden hellraisers
getting silly
Mandy clowning around
In between set change of supporting act and Krokus, I (Peter) took the opportunity to introduce myself and that this evening will be special for all of us (keep in mind that only newsletter subscribers knew that we were presenting the awards on stage). Actually I was humbled how many people knew me from the past and the web site and it was great to reacquaint with GLOBE CLUB members.
Peter GLOBE CLUB Waelti
And then the band took the stage under rousing applause. Unlike in the past, where the "night wolf" instrumental intro was leading into the first song "Hellraiser", the band left the intro out and the show began with one member at a time to take the stage and start playing. Beginning with drummer Stefan, it continued seamlessly with bassist Tony, rhythm guitarist Dominique, lead guitarist Mandy and finally "the voice" that we all are so familiar with on all hit recordings of the band spanning from the early 80's, the mighty Marc Storace. The set list that evening was Hellraiser, Too Wired To Sleep, Hangman, Long Stick Goes Boom, Bad Boys, Midnite Fantasy, Heatstrokes, Screaming In The Night, Mad World, Angel Of My Dreams, Easy Rocker, Rock City and RNR Tonight. That concluded the regular set.
let the concert begin
Marc THE VOICE Storace & Stefan TAZMANIAN Schwarzmann
Tony and Mandy
Los Gitarreros Dominique & Mandy
Mighty Tony & Mandy
Mandy in the zone
rock'n'roll tonight
As the crowd cheered for an encore, I had the honor of taking the stage with five of our most loyal fans (some of them coming to every concert the band plays in Switzerland or southern Germany. And also Malta). Together we represented the GLOBE CLUB on behalf of fans worldwide, presenting the band with their "Gold Record Awards". Dressed in KROKUS T-shirts, our fan "angels" Carmen, Marina, Sylvia, Conny and Simone handed one by one the awards to Marc, Mandy, Dominique, Tony and Stefan.
Peter, Marc & Angel Carmen
Golden Mandy
Smiling Golden Boy Dominique
Getting ready for Mega Tony
Angel Conny presenting Tony with Gold Award
Mega Tony & Angel Conny all smiles!
German Angel Simone presents Gold Award to our German drummer
Showman Stefan clowning around
group hug
thanking the fans
one more time
Golden Hellraisers
encore, more, more.....
The crowd cheered again and the band rewarded them with two encores ("Celebration" and "Headhunter").
celebration with the fans
Mandy Meyer solo
Ladies & Gentlemen, Stefan Schwarzmann on the drums
Then the band did a classy thing. Band members took turns to introduce the Krokus Team to the fans by bringing them up on stage, giving them their Gold Awards and telling fans their function (Roland Eggli - European Coordination and Career Direction as well as Accounting, Reto Lazzarotto - Record Company Gadget and Manager during the Hellraiser project, Francisco Maganto - European Booking Agent, Dennis Ward - Producer of Hellraiser album, Charly Preissel - music composer of "Justice" on Hellraiser album, Carlo Tscholl - Tour Manager and last but not least yours truly (Globe Club and US Management).

Thierry Mas, live sound engineer for years, also received a Gold Record Award. So did Tom Jermann (cover art for "Hellraiser" CD & web master), a Bernese living in Los Angeles. The band also acknowledged and thanked their "well oiled" crew, merchandise staff and drivers. I was told by fans after the concert and by mail once I returned back to the States, that they really appreciated this and that not too many fans ever get to know the people that support the product (KROKUS).
Marc presents award to Roland Eggli, with whom we both "worked" with in the early 70's with Swiss band TEA. Roland is an incredible asset to the KROKUS Team.
Marc & Roland Eggli
Dominique presents Francisco Maganto, who traveled from Spain to the event. Francisco has been for years KROKUS's European booking agent and because of him you can enjoy so many concerts of KROKUS.
Dominique presents Francisco Maganto
Tony presents Reto Lazzarotto, who not only managed the band during the Hellraiser period but also represents the record label GADGET RECORDS.
Tony presents Reto Lazzarotto
Drummer Stefan Schwarzmann presents Dennis Ward the coveted award. Dennis was the producer of the Hellraiser album and mixed it as well. Dennis, originally from the USA, traveled all the way from Germany for this event.
Stefan presents the award and Marc hugs Dennis Ward
Mandy introduces and presents the award to Charly Preissel, who composed the music to the song "Justice" on the "Hellraiser" album. To the right of the picture a better look at Dennis Ward (white striped shirt).
Mandy introduces Charly Preissel
Cheered on by the entire band & team, Mandy introduces and presents the award to Carlo Tscholl. Carlo is not "only" KROKUS's Tour Manager, but also Mandy's guitar tech. Without Carlo nothing gets rolling!
tour manager carlo tscholl (far right)
To the left of Marc a better look at Francisco Maganto and Roland Eggli.
Marc introducing Peter (to the left of him Francisco and further left Roland)
Marc did the honors for me and the entire band chimes in. What a feeling!
Marc presents award to Peter & band chimes in
A better look at Charly Preissel (second from the left) with Francisco Maganto to the far left and Dennis Ward to the far right.
Francisco Maganto, Charley Preissel, Marc,Peter,Stefan,Mandy & Dennis Ward
An emotional moment. Friends with Marc for over 35 years and on the KROKUS Team. It can't get any better!
Peter Waelti receives award from old friend Marc Storace
The fans enjoyed the entire presentation by the band and getting to know the entire KROKUS team. The band in return thanked the fans with another two encores ("Bedside Radio" and "Eat The Rich").
Tony Castell & Marc Storace
Dominique, Marc & Mandy
Tony, Stefan, Mandy & Marc during 2nd encore
Dominique, Tony, Marc, singing young fan & Mandy
The concert is over and sound mixer Thierry Mas did, as always, a superb job. And all that on the porch of a Swiss chalet.
Sound Mixer Thierry Mas
Faithful Krokus road crew member Urs Künzi (backline).
Backline road crew member Urs Künzi
Amongst the guests also Livesound boss Werner Christen (he is NOT sleeping, he's meditating!!!).
Werner Christen of Livesound-B
Ex-Phonag Records Peter Frei, Markus Hodel & Teddy Meier kept the barkeeper at the Alpenrock House busy!
Peter Frei, Markus Hodel & Teddy Meier
"Angel" Mone from Germany, Peter & "Angel" Conny (Stammtisch at Sissy's Place in Birsfelden/Switzerland)
Mone, Peter & Conny
As at regular concerts, KROKUS signed autographs and posed with fans. The band truly enjoys talking to fans and appreciate their loyalty and support.
Band signs merchandise after concert
Tony & Mandy at merchandise booth
Dominique & Stefan at merchandise booth
Band with young fan at merchandise booth
more autographs
Marc & fan
Tony and same fan
"Angel" Carmen (presented earlier Marc with the award on stage), Peter & "Angel" Marina (presented earlier Mandy with the award on stage)
'Angel' Carmen, Peter & 'Angel' Marina
Gadget Records Reto Lazzarotto poses for trade magazine with KROKUS
Gadget's Reto Lazzarotto with band
Our "Angels" pose with the band in the dressing room. Sylvia (top row, 2nd from left) presented earlier on stage the award to Dominique Favez.
'Angels' & Band
Mandy & producer Dennis Ward clown around!
Mandy & Dennis Ward
KROKUS road crew member Bruno "Kelly" Krebs (our veteran monitor mixer) relaxes while tour manager Carlo Tscholl entertains "angels" Mone & Conny.
Bruno Kelly Krebs, Mone, Conny & Carlo Tscholl
As the rest of us raise our glasses in celebration of a perfect evening, Stefan raises his first Gold Record Award symbolically for all of us.
Stefan with his first Gold Record Award
KROKUS realizes that this evening would not have happened without the support of our fan base. You are the ones that added enthusiastically the "Hellraiser" record to your music collection and made it possible for the band to celebrate this Gold Record Award. It was just fitting to celebrate with you, since you are the ones that made it happen. Without you there would be no reason for the band to carry on.

We hope to see you soon somewhere in the world. We love you and appreciate you!

Rock On,
KROKUS Band & Team
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