1986 - Change Of Address


KROKUS Change Of Address 1986
Recorded at Artisan Sound Recorders, mixed at Cherokee Studios

Produced by Tom Werman

Longest production time in Krokus history

Line-Up: Marc Storace - Fernando Von Arb – Jeff Klaven – Mark Kohler - Tommy Keiser

Band In Studio
Record Company Ad
Burning Up The Night
Filming of the "Burning Up The Night" video
Article on filming 'Burning' video
Marc Storace
Different stage outfits signaled a change to come
Fernando Von Arb
Marc & Model
Marc with the "Midnite Maniac"
Fernando & Marc
Concert Ticket Stub
Mark Fernando Tommy
Fern & Marc
Tommy Keiser
Bassist Tommy Keiser
Fern & Fans
Change Of Stage Clothes
45 Single Cover 'School's Out'
Cover Version Of Alice Cooper's Mega Hit
Marc Storace 'No, it's not a Marlboro'
"Don't bogart that joint, my friend"
Alive & Screaming Cover (raw)
In October of the same year KROKUS released their first "live" album titled "Alive & Screaming"
Krokus Alive And Screaming Logo
Marc Storace - The Voice
Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar
Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar
Tommy Keiser - Bass
Jeff Klaven - Drums
KROKUS - Final Bow
Alive And Screaming Album Cover
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