1984 - The Blitz

THE BLITZ - 1984

KROKUS The Blitz 1984
Recorded at Little Mountain Sound Vancouver, B.C. by Bob Rock and Mike Frazer (producer(s) and engineers of Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Kiss, Metallica, Aerosmith AC/DC etc.)

Mixed at Soundworks Studios New York City

Produced by Bruce Fairbairn

"Ballroom Blitz" was recorded live on the first take in Vancouver, B.C. on June 5th, 1984 at 9:30 PM

Line-Up: Marc Storace - Fernando Von Arb – Jeff Klaven – Mark Kohler (bassplayer Andy Tanas will join Krokus for The Blitz Tour).

Back Album Cover
Recording Band:
TOP: Fernando Von Arb - Marc Storace
BOTTOM: Mark Kohler - Jeff Klaven
Record Company Ad
At The Recording Studio
Jeff, Marc, Fernando and Mark at "Little Mountain Sound" Recording Studios in Vancouver, B.C.
Fernando at 'Little Mountain Studios' Vancouver, B.C.
Fernando at "Little Mountain Sound" recordng studio in Vancouver, B.C.
KROKUS Blitz Line-Up
Touring Band: Mark Kohler (guitars) - Marc Storace (vocals) - Andy Tanas (bass) - Fernando Von Arb (guitar) - Jeff Klaven (drums)
Marc & Fernando
Mark Marc Fern
Andy & Fern
Andy & Fernando
Jeff Klaven
Jeff Klaven on the drums
Marc & Fernando
Mark Fernando Andy
Mark Kohler - Fernando von Arb - Andy Tanas
BLITZ Record Ad Poster
Marc Storace
Signed BLITZ album
Marc & Fern
Marc Storace
Mark & Fern
Jeff Klaven
45 single cover
45 single cover
Marc Storace
Mark Kohler
'Midnite Maniac' 45 single cover
"Midnite Maniac" 45 single cover. KROKUS's official cover band from Varese/Italy was named after this song.
T-Shirt alternate
Gold Record Award
Marc Storace at Richfield Stadium Cleveland Ohio
Fern/Mark Collage
Sepia Band Photo
Marc & Fern
Concert Poster
American Marc
Fern & Marc
Koki Kohler
Marc & Koki
Fern at Richfield Coliseum Cleveland Ohio
Marc 'The Voice' Storace
Signed BLITZ Album
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