1977 - To You All

TO YOU ALL - 1977

KROKUS To You All 1977
First record cover with the KROKUS logo.

Recorded at Sinus Studios in Bern/Switzerland and produced by Peter J. Mac Taggart.

Line-up: Fernando Von Arb - Jürg Naegeli - Freddy Steady - Chris Von Rohr - Tommy Kiefer
Chris, Fernando, Tommy, Freddy & Juerg
Left To Right: Chris Von Rohr (vocals & percussion) - Fernando Von Arb (guitar) - Tommy Kiefer (lead guitar) - Freddy Steady (drums) - Juerg Naegeli (bass)
Highway Song single cover
45 Single Pressing:

"Highway Song"

"Trying Hard"
Sticker as part of album release
Each album included this sticker as "thank you" for the fans
To You All
TO YOU ALL Album Art Work
To You All Back Cover Picture
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