Nights With Alice Cooper

KICKIN' IT WITH KROKUS - broadcasted July 30th, 2008

Alice will be talking to Marc Storace and Chris Von Rohr from the classic early-80's era Krokus lineup 3 days before the much anticipated KROKUS reunion show of the originals at the "Stade De Suisse" in Bern/Switzerland! So tune in tonight for the talk with the Swiss rockers and don't forget to bring some chocolate and cheese, to set the mood.

Alice Cooper's daily radio show "Nights With Alice Cooper" broadcasts all over the USA, so here it is...!
Marc & Chris during rehearsals at Kofmehl Solothurn
Marc & Chris during rehearsals at "Kofmehl" Hall in Solothurn/Switzerland for the upcoming reunion concert in Bern (as they referred to during the interview with Alice)

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