2010 - HOODOO

01 Drive It In
02 Hoodoo Woman 
03 Born To Be Wild 
04 Rock N' Roll Handshake
05 Ride Into The Sun
06 Too Hot 
07 In My Blood 
08 Dirty Street
09 Keep Me Rolling
10 Shot Of Love
11 Firestar 

2010: HOODOO
Columbia CD 886976494421

Recorded & mixed by Dennis Ward at House of Music Studios, Winterbach, Germany. Additional recordings at Pink Bild & Ton, Solothurn, Switzerland and Henson Studios, Los Angeles. Engineers Jürg Naegeli and Steve Churchyard. Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, New York, USA

Produced by Chris Von Rohr

Marc Storace - Vocals 
Chris Von Rohr - Bass 
Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar 
Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar
Freddy Steady - Drums
Hoodoo Lounge
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