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1980 - 1983
2008 - Now

1977 - 1978

Along with Tommy Kiefer the multi-instrumentalist Chris Von Rohr was the original founder of KROKUS. Starting the band in 1975, Chris recorded with the band their first album "Krokus First" in 1976. At that time he played drums. Prior to KROKUS he started out his musical career in 1966 with a band called "Scouts" and continued with local bands like "Inside", "Plastic Joint" and "Kaktus" (fame all across Switzerland).

A year later, in 1977, KROKUS releases their second album, "To You All". Because of some line-up changes, mainly merging with another Swiss band called "Montezuma", Chris switches in the interest of the band to become their vocalist. Next he records and releases in 1978 the album "Painkiller".

Knowing the limitations of his vocal range and always putting the product "KROKUS" first, he convinces the band to recruit former TEA singer Marc Storace on vocals. He unselfishly switches to bass, as former bassist Juerg Naegeli works in the background for the KROKUS team. The result is the Internationally acclaimed hit album "Metal Rendez-Vous", released in 1980 and followed by extensive touring, including the renowned Reading festival in the UK.

Next he records and tours all over the world in support of 1981's "Hardware", 1982's "One Vice At A Time" and 1983's blockbuster album "Headhunter". Especially Northern America was toured heavily. The band practically lived in Arkansas as their new "home base" at the ranch of their (then) manager, when not touring. Instigation by their manager at the time, convincing the rest of the band to fire him, succeeded where without the self-serving influence of this source the band most likely would have worked out things amongst themselves - like a family. Chris returned to Switzerland and Patrick Mason stepped in to finish the remainder of the "Headhunter" tour.

In 1987 he starts writing his first book "Hunde Wollt Ihr Ewig Rocken", a bio of sort, documenting the life in the rock jungle. It will become a cult status book, released in German in Switzerland and Germany.

In 1987 he also releases his first solo CD called "The Good, The Bad And The Dög" (a sought after rarity, since it's out of print).

In 1988 Chris returns to KROKUS, co-producing along with Fernando Von Arb that year's release "Heart Attack", followed by touring, especially in the States again.

At the end of the "Heart Attack" North American tour, Marc Storace and Fernando Von Arb left the band. The trio of Von Rohr, Kohler and Crivelli attempted to pick up the pieces with Swedish born vocalist Bjorn Lodin and lead guitarist Many Maurer, but this line-up was short lived.

Between 1991 and 2001 Chris becomes producer, co-author and artistic coach of the Swiss Band "Gotthard". 6 CD's over that period of time, all six either gold, platinum or double platinum record award status. Incidentally, ex-KROKUS Mandy Meyer that played with him in 1981 was part of that band, until he rejoined KROKUS for the "Hellraiser" release. Another band that owes "mucho thanks" to Chris are the band "Lovebugs", who became famous because of Chris's involvement.

2003 he releases the audio version of his first book "Hunde Wollt Ihr Ewig Rocken" and simultaneously his second book "Bananenflanke". He is involved in 2004's DVD release "As Long As We Live" and his "Meh Dräck" ("more dirt") expression will become that year's most popular slogan.

In the early years of KROKUS way into the late 80's Chris was the spokesperson for the band (along with Marc Storace) and his articulate and at the same time provoking style of interacting with press made him a welcome target for controversy. He even hosted some TV talk shows in Switzerland and was for a long period of time the counterpart of Simon Cowell of "American Idol" fame for the Swiss version of the reality show.

November 18th, 2007 marked another milestone in Chris's KROKUS career with the reunion of the originals (Storace, Von Arb, Von Rohr & Steady) taking part in a Swiss TV show called "The Greatest Hits Of All Times". Although the medley was recorded in a playback format, the band received a standing ovation from the crowd.

August 2nd, 2008 saw the band reunited and "live in concert" at the "Stade De Suisse" in Bern, Switzerland. With the addition of Mark Kohler a true return of the 1982 formation took place. A truly "magical" moment in KROKUS history.

On February 26th, 2010, Sony Music released "Hoodoo", the first cd recorded by the originals since the 80's. Co-written and produced by Chris, it includes the Steppenwolf cover "Born To Be Wild".

February 23rd, 2013, Sony Music released "Dirty Dynamite". The CD was produced again by Chris Von Rohr. Vocals were recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios, hence the Beatles cover song "Help".

And as we speak, history is in the making...... (to be continued)

Performed On The Following KROKUS Recordings:


01 Hallelujah Rock'n'Roll
02 Go Baby Go
03 Rattlesnake Rumble
04 Dirty Dynamite
05 Let The Good Times Roll
06 Help
07 Better Than Sex
08 Dög Song
09 Yellow Mary
10 Bailout Blues
11 Live Ma Life
12 Hardrocking Man
2013 Dirty Dynamite


01 Drive It In
02 Hoodoo Woman
03 Born To Be Wild
04 Rock N' Roll Handshake
05 Ride Into The Sun
06 Too Hot
07 In My Blood
08 Dirty Street
09 Keep Me Rollin'
10 Shot Of Love
11 Firestar
2010 Hoodoo


01 Everybody Rocks
02 Wild Love
03 Let It Go
04 Winning Man
05 Axx Attack
06 Rock'n' Roll Tonight
07 Flyin' High
08 Shoot The Night
09 Bad, Bad Girl
10 Speed Up
1988 Heart Attack


01 Headhunter
02 Eat The Rich
03 Screaming In The Night
04 Ready To Burn
05 Night Wolf
06 Stayed Awake All Night
07 Stand And Be Counted
08 White Din
09 Russian Winter
1983 Headhunter


01 Long Stick Goes Boom
02 Bad Boys, Rag Dolls
03 Playin' The Outlaw
04 To The Top
05 Down The Drain
06 American Woman
07 I'm On The Run
08 Save Me
09 Rock'n roll
1982 One Vice At A Time


01 Celebration
02 Easy Rocker
03 Smelly Nelly
04 Mr. 69
05 She's Got Everything
06 Burning Bones
07 Rock City
08 Winning Man
09 Mad Racket
1981 Hardware


01 Heatstrokes
02 Bedside Radio
03 Come On
04 Streamer
05 Shy Kid
06 Tokyo Nights
07 Lady Double Dealer
08 Fire
09 No Way
10 Back Seat Rock'n Roll
1980 Metal Rendez-Vous


01 Killer
02 Werewolf
03 Rock Ladies
04 Bad love
05 Get Out Of My Mind
06 Rock Me, Rock You
07 Deadline
08 Susie
09 Pay It
10 Bye Bye Baby
1978 Painkiller


01 Highway Song
02 To You All
03 Festival
04 Move It On
05 Mr. Greedy
06 Lonesome Rider
07 Protection
08 Trying Hard
09 Don't Stop Playing
10 Take It, Don't Leave It
1977 To You All


01. Majale
02. Angela Part 1.
03. Energy
04. Mostsaphin
05. No Way
06. Eventide Clockworks
07. Freak Dream
08. Jumpin' In
09. Insalata Mysta
10. Angela Part 2.
11. Just Like Everyday
1976 Krokus First
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