Tommy Kiefer

Tommy Kiefer

Lead Guitar

1975 - 1981
Together with Chris Von Rohr lead guitarist Tommy Kiefer formed KROKUS in 1975 and recorded in 1976 their first album "KROKUS".

In 1977 Remo Spadino and Hansi Drop were no longer part of the line-up. Chris and Tommy consequently merged with "Montezuma" band members Fernando Von Arb, Freddy Steady and Juerg Naegeli. As part of that line-up Tommy Kiefer recorded the 1977 release "To You All", followed by 1978's release "Painkiller".

Tommy's and KROKUS's International claim to fame started with the addition of Marc Storace on vocals and the 1980 release "Metal Rendez-Vous". In support of that release and the follow-up "Hardware" in 1981 Tommy toured extensively Europe, including the renowned UK "Reading Festival" and across the Atlantic in North America. Tommy's KROKUS were the first Swiss rock band to conquer the US market.

After the 1981 "Hardware" release and while on tour in support of the album, it became more and more apparent to Tommy Kiefer how much he missed the bluesy part of playing in the band and did not care for the more rock-oriented direction the band was heading to. He decided to leave the band amicably and officially handed over the duties of lead guitar to then 19-year old Mandy Meyer (who later in 2006 recorded the band's "Hellraiser" album) to finish touring obligations in support of the "Hardware" release.

Tommy Kiefer continued playing locally in Switzerland for a while and sadly passed on December 24th, 1986 (R.I.P). Tommy's influence was instrumental in gaining International fame for KROKUS and he is sorely missed by all he touched in his short but productive life.

Performed On The Following KROKUS Recordings:


01 Celebration
02 Easy Rocker
03 Smelly Nelly
04 Mr. 69
05 She's Got Everything
06 Burning Bones
07 Rock City
08 Winning Man
09 Mad Racket
1981 Hardware


01 Heatstrokes
02 Bedside Radio
03 Come On
04 Streamer
05 Shy Kid
06 Tokyo Nights
07 Lady Double Dealer
08 Fire
09 No Way
10 Back Seat Rock'n Roll
1980 Metal Rendez-Vous


01 Killer
02 Werewolf
03 Rock Ladies
04 Bad love
05 Get Out Of My Mind
06 Rock Me, Rock You
07 Deadline
08 Susie
09 Pay It
10 Bye Bye Baby
1978 Painkiller


01 Highway Song
02 To You All
03 Festival
04 Move It On
05 Mr. Greedy
06 Lonesome Rider
07 Protection
08 Trying Hard
09 Don't Stop Playing
10 Take It, Don't Leave It
1977 To You All


01. Majale
02. Angela Part 1.
03. Energy
04. Mostsaphin
05. No Way
06. Eventide Clockworks
07. Freak Dream
08. Jumpin' In
09. Insalata Mysta
10. Angela Part 2.
11. Just Like Everyday
1976 Krokus First
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