Stefan Schwarzmann

Stefan Schwarzmann


2006 - 2008
Stefan Schwarzmann joined KROKUS right before they started recording the 2006 release "Hellraiser". Between 2006 and February 2008 Stefan toured with the "Hellraiser" line-up and was part of what would become KROKUS' most extensive concert activities in their 3-decade spanning career.

Prior to joining KROKUS Stefan played in successful German bands "Axxis". "U.D.O." and "Helloween". He replaced Patrick Aeby on drums and was the first German musician in KROKUS's line-up.

Performed On The Following KROKUS Recordings:


01 Hellraiser
02 Too Wired To Sleep
03 Hangman
04 Angel Of My Dreams
05 Fight On
06 So Long
07 Spirit Of The Night
08 Midnight Fantasy
09 No Risk No Gain
10 Turnin' Inside Out
11 Take My Love
12 Justice
13 Love Will Survive
14 Rocks Off!

2006 Hellraiser
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