Peter Haas

Peter 'Rabbit' Haas


1990 - 1992
Peter "Rabbit" Haas played with former fellow-KROKUS Tony Castell and Many Maurer in a band called "Ain't Dead Yet" (they recorded a couple of albums in Switzerland) prior to joining KROKUS in 1990.

Lead Guitarist Fernando Von Arb took advantage of the well played-in rhythm section of a band, added singer Peter Tanner to the mix and re-surfaced in this KROKUS line-up. Peter Haas recorded on the 1990 release "Stampede".

1999 Peter Haas joined KROKUS Briefly as part of the "Round 13" line-up, but gets replaced prior to recording the album by Cliff Rodgers on drums.

Performed On The Following KROKUS Recordings:


01 Stampede
02 Electric Man
03 Rock 'n Roll Gypsy
04 Shotgun Boogie
05 Nova-Zano
06 Street Love
07 Good Times
08 She Drives Me Crazy
09 In The Heat Of The Night
10 Rhythm Of Love
11 Wasteland
1990 Stampede
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