Juerg Naegeli

Juerg Naegeli


1977 - 1980

When his band "Montezuma" merged with original founders Chris Von Rohr and Tommy Kiefer in KROKUS, the first album in that formation was released in 1977 as "To You All". Juerg also played bass on the follow-up 1978 release "Painkiller".

When Marc Storace joined KROKUS for the 1980 "Metal Rendez-Vous" release, Juerg rendered bass duties to multi-talented Chris Von Rohr and worked in the background as keyboard player for that album.

He engineered/recorded 1990's album "Stampede" in his own "Pink Sound Studios" in KROKUS' hometown of Solothurn.

Next he recorded and mixed at his "Pink Sound Studios" the 1995 release "To Rock Or Not To Be". He also is noted as producer for the pre-album EP release of "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet".

Performed On The Following KROKUS Recordings:


01 Killer
02 Werewolf
03 Rock Ladies
04 Bad love
05 Get Out Of My Mind
06 Rock Me, Rock You
07 Deadline
08 Susie
09 Pay It
10 Bye Bye Baby
1978 Painkiller

01 Highway Song
02 To You All
03 Festival
04 Move It On
05 Mr. Greedy
06 Lonesome Rider
07 Protection
08 Trying Hard
09 Don't Stop Playing
10 Take It, Don't Leave It
1977 To You All
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