2013 - Dirty Dynamite

2013 Dirty Dynamite

Marc Storace - Vocals

Chris Von Rohr - Bass

Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar

Mark "Koki" Kohler - Rhythm Guitar

Mandy Meyer - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Today they are back in their classic line-up plus Mandy Meyer and are stronger than ever on their new album "DIRTY DYNAMITE". The band spent a whole two years working on the new album under the watchful eye of bassist and original founder Chris Von Rohr. "We didn't spend all that time on golf courses or tennis courts. No, we just wanted to make the best album yet, the magnum opus of the new KROKUS era" says the hit producer. Guitarist Mark Kohler has this to add: "This is not just another KROKUS" album. I think we have definitely passed another rock milestone with this record".

To reach this goal, no expense was spared. The band booked into the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. KROKUS went back to their roots, back to where it all began with the Stones, the Beatles, the Free, the Who and the Bluesbreakers. Back to where the band headlined concerts in the Hammersmith Odeon, celebrating their first international success. "The atmosphere there is very special and we wanted to make the most of that", says vocalist Marc Storace. Guitarist Fernando Von Arb is quick to add: "With DIRTY DYNAMITE we have recorded the urgently needed dirty kind of rock that no one plays in our country".
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