2004 - Fire & Gasoline (live)

Fire & Gasoline

Marc Storace - Vocals

Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar

Dominique Favez - Rhythm Guitar

Tony Castell - Bass

Patrick Aeby - Drums
The warm welcome for the band from their Scandinavian (and other) rock fans at the “Swedenrock Festival 2003” was immortalized on Krokus's "LIVE" Double CD released early this year. The rest of the songs, containing 20 of Krokus's "Greatest Hits", stem from a turbulent but successful career spanning three decades and were recorded at various sold-out Swiss venues earlier that year.

A bonus DVD, containing the band’s vibrant performance to an appreciative Montreux Festival audience, is included in the European version of the package.

As usual, the album scored high on the Swiss charts. Live dates in February through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Krokus Tour of 2004 is unfortunately cut very short when Fernando's left hand suffers under the strain. He undergoes a minor operation and all plans for the coming US Tour have to be postponed. The band uses the temporary setback positively and concentrates on song writing instead.
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