1999 - Round 13

Round 13
1999 / 2000 / 2001

Carl Sentance - Vocals

Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar

Many Maurer - Bass

Peter "Rabbit" Haas - Drums

Chris Lauper - Rhythm Guitar

Dave Stettler - Rhythm Guitar

Tony Castell - Bass

Cliff Rodgers - Drums

Marcel Kopp - Drums

Lead guitarist Fernando Von Arb announces in 1999: KROKUS are back! By now "his" band consists of British vocalist Carl Sentance (ex-Persian Risk, Tokyo Blade and ex-UFO guitarist Paul Chapman's act Ghost), rhythm guitarist Chris Lauper and the return of Peter Haas on drums and Many Maurer on bass.

"Round 13" (KROKUS' 13th album) is recorded at Watermill Studio, Wil/Switzerland, produced by Fernando Von Arb & Many Maurer and mixed by Tony Platt at Louis Studio, Tienen/Belgium. This is the only recording since "Metal Rendevous", and besides the "Stampede" album, that does not feature Marc “The Voice” Storace. For many Krokus fans this is just not "the real deal".

In support of the new album, KROKUS embark on a European Tour, which included a string of UK club dates. The highlight is a well received performance at the "Bang Your Head" festival in southern Germany. British drummer Cliff Rodgers replaces departed Peter Haas.

Meanwhile, Marc Storace re-emerges in 2000 to create his new act "DC World". Bearing in mind the AC/DC comparisons that had dogged KROKUS throughout their career, the "DC World" project is a brave move on his part. "DC World" is a medley of AC/DC hits featuring Marc Storace handling Bon Scott era material and "Stampede" era KROKUS vocalist Peter Tanner taking on the Brian Johnson numbers. The album, produced by Gotthard's Leo Leoni, also includes ex-KROKUS Tony Castell and future KROKUS guitarist Dominique Favez. Peter Tanner, Tony Castell, Dominique Favez and future KROKUS drummer Patrick Aeby take the act on the road under the name AC/CD.

Meanwhile, in 2001 KROKUS with Fernando Von Arb on lead guitar, Carl Sentance on vocals and Tony Castell back on bass (replacing the parted Many Maurer), enlist rhythm guitarist Dave Stettler in place of Chris Lauper and ex-Crashin' drummer Marcel Kopp for the departed Cliff Rodgers for "live" gigs. The musical KROKUS carrusel keeps on turning.

At the end of 2001 Marc Storace and Fernando start talking with each other again and Marc proposes a reunion of the two. Fernando promises to think about it.
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