1990 - Stampede

1990 / 1991

Peter Tanner - Vocals

Many Maurer - Lead Guitar

Tony Castell - Rhythm Guitar

Fernando Von Arb - Bass

Peter Haas - Drums

"Stampede" is the eleventh studio album released under the name KROKUS in 1990. It features a completely different line-up to that of their last album (with the exception of Fernando Von Arb). Recorded by Juerg Naegeli (ex bassist) at Pink-Tonstudios, Solothurn/Switzerland. Mixed by Hans-Peter Huber at Soundville Studios, Lucerne/Switzerland. Mastered by Ian Cooper at Townhouse Studios, London/England. Produced by Fernando Von Arb with co-producers Pedro Haldemann and Many Maurer. Released in Switzerland only on the Phonag label.

It is also the first KROKUS album not to feature Marc Storace on vocals since he joined the band in 1979. For the first time, lead guitarist Fernando Von Arb switches to bass and Many Maurer plays lead. Tony Castell, who played with Many Maurer in a band called "Ain't Dead Yet", joins on rhythm guitar, Peter Haas (ex-Ain't Dead Yet) on drums and the new vocalist is ex- "Bloody Six" Peter Tanner (who will collaborate with Marc Storace some years later on the "DC World" album).

The album features some typical KROKUS songs, however it is hard for fans to get used to a new "voice" after the departure of Marc Storace. The album is a flop. KROKUS disbands once again, mainly because Fernando Von Arb is diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. He will battle his way back to full health by 1994.

Marc Storace releases his critically acclaimed first solo album "Blue" (teaming up with ex-Toad guitarist Vic Vergeat) in 1991. This album showcases his versatility and once sold out, will be re-released by BMG years later. It's sold out again and a very sought after collector's item.

Drummer Peter "Rabbit" Haas joins the band "Babylon Sad" in 1992 and Peter Tanner forms "Mr. Perfect".

Chris Von Rohr establishes himself as a sought after producer.
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