1988 - Heart Attack

Heart Attack
1987 / 1988 / 1989

Marc Storace - Vocals

Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar

Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar

Chris Von Rohr - Bass

Dani Cravelli - Drums

Bjorn Lodin - Vocals ("live" performances only)

Many Maurer - Rhythm Guitar ("live" performances only)
1987 brought back original KROKUS founder Chris Von Rohr, who takes charge of "his" band again. Jeff Klaven had left the band and is replaced with Dani Crivelli, who is also from Solothurn and played on Chris Von Rohr's solo album "Hammer & Tongue" as well as in the Swiss band Killers. "Heart Attack" is Krokus' tenth studio album, Recorded at Juerg Naegeli's (ex KROKUS bassist from 1977 to 1979) Pink Tonstudios / Switzerland, this album is produced by the "Long Noses" - Chris Von Rohr & Fernando Von Arb. Mixed by Michael Wagener at The Enterprise, Los Angeles.

The making of this album is described by the band as "The last attempt to keep the band together in a deep crisis". The first and only album on the MCA label and the last transatlantic concert tour for a long time.

“Heart Attack” is an attempt to steer KROKUS back onto their original track. The album hits the US Billboard Charts at #87 and makes it into the Top 5 of the Swiss charts and is considered as the successful return of KROKUS. This album features the only song that has been recorded twice by KROKUS. "Winning Man" was originally recorded for the 1981 release "Hardware" and is re-recorded for this album. Musically, "Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight" shows great live potential but promoting it on the radio waves brought its challenges due to changing music trends!

The band tours in Europe co-headlining with Ted Nugent including London's Hammersmith Odeon and headlines another US tour. However, the handwriting is on the wall. Years of writing, recording and touring endlessly drained the band’s energy ...disheartened and burnt out they did what so many other bands in the eighties did as well: KROKUS went on a hiatus "until further notice". More precisely, after their last concert in New Orleans, Marc Storace quits and Fernando Von Arb throws in the towel as well.

With two important cornerstones of the band gone, original founder Chris Von Rohr makes a last attempt to keep KROKUS going. Von Rohr, Kohler and Crivelli return back to Switzerland in an attempt to pick up the pieces. Many Maurer, who also played on Chris' solo album "Hammer & Tongue" and a former bandmate of Dani Crivelli in the Swiss band "Killer" and "Ain't Dead Yet", replaces the departed Fernando Von Arb. Swedish singer Björn Lodin (ex-Baltimore) was hired to replace Marc Storace. After a very short time, the band disbands for good.

Following the split of the band, Mark Kohler reunites with former Krokus Freddy Steady in the "Steve Thompson Band", touring America in 1989. Shortly thereafter, Mark Kohler forms his own band "Threat"

Fernando Von Arb reunites with with former Krokus bassist Juerg Naegeli to form "The Heavys". Under the pseudonyms of Rob Weiss and Ben Branov (Von Arb spelled backwards) for Fernando and Walter Hammer for Juerg, the pair releases two albums of rock medleys. Completely re-recorded, these albums proved extremely popular in Switzerland. The albums also feature vocalist Peter Tanner (who later in 1990 joins KROKUS for the "Stampede" release) and Chris Von Rohr.
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