1986 - Change Of Address

Change Of Address

Marc Storace - Vocals

Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar

Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar

Tommy Keiser - Bass

Jeff Klaven - Drums
Pressure from the record company for an immediate follow-up results in the longest stretch for releasing the next album in the band’s musical history. This "softer production" sadly leaves hardened Krokus fans and the band themselves "out in the cold"! The record company convinces the band to change looks (mainly "outfits" - as witnessed on our MULTIMEDIA > KROKUS PICTURES > 1986 CHANGE OF ADDRESS web pages) and turns their image from a "tough boy" band to a "let's attract the girls" band.

"Change Of Address" is Krokus' ninth album, released in April of 1986, and is largely seen to be their least successful International release. Ironically, this album contains some interesting songs, such as "Now (All Through The Night)", "Long Way From Home" and the video tracks "Burning Up The Night" (for the filming of this video the producers use 30 tanks of butane to film the inferno with pyrotechnics) and "School’s Out", the latter an Alice Cooper Classic. Both videos can be viewed by visiting MULTIMEDIA > KROKUS VIDEOS > 1986 BURNING UP THE NIGHT and 1984 SCHOOL'S OUT respectively. In fact, "School's Out" provided the band with generous American airplay, reaching #67 on the Billboard Charts, making it KROKUS' highest ever US hit single. "World On Fire" still holds its own today!

"Change Of Address" is recorded at Artisan Sound Recorders and mixed at Cherokee Studios with the line-up of Marc Storace on vocals, Fernando Von Arb on lead guitar, Mark Kohler on rhythm guitar, Tommy Keiser (who joined them at the last leg of the "Blitz" tour) on bass and drummer Jeff Klaven. The album is produced by none other than Tom Werman with assistance from Fernando Von Arb and engineered by Duane Baron.

Unfortunately, the band was "sold out" commercially and the Krokus of yesteryears became unrecognizable to fans with the switch from hard rock riff band to a polished combo. If Chris Von Rohr would have been still part of the band, this would have never happened. However, at this time, in the middle of it all and wanting to keep it going, this was a mistake the band realized eventually as well. Incidentally, they switched after this album record companies, left Arista and eventually worked with MCA for the "Heart Attack" release (Chris was back in the band at that time and the old groove was brought back).

However, regardless of the fact that the album hits #45 in the Billboard charts, the decline is evident. The band loses credibility with the continued line-up changes and a weak album underscores this fact even more.

Meanwhile Chris Von Rohr produces and releases his first solo album "The Good, The Bad and The Dög" in 1987. Many Maurer and Dani Crivelli play on the album lead guitar and drums respectively. Chris himself covers lead vocals, bass, percussion and piano. Marc Storace, Tommy Keiser and Fernando Von Arb are mentioned as "guests" on the liner notes.
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