1983 - Headhunter


Marc Storace - Vocals

Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar

Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar & Bass ("live")

Chris Von Rohr - Bass

Steve Pace - Drums

Patrick Mason - Rhythm Guitar ("live" only)
The seventh album release named "Headhunter" is the most successful album for KROKUS to date and is also widely considered to be the band's biggest musical achievement. The songs for this album are written in the USA and recorded at Beey-Jay Studio in Orlando/Florida. Produced by Tom Allom, who had worked prior to the collaboration with KROKUS with bands like Judas Priest and Def Leppard. It earned Platinum status in America (over one million copies sold) and placed at #25 of the "Billboard" charts, gold awards in Switzerland and Canada respectively! In the UK it reaches #74 of the album charts. "Screaming In The Night" becomes KROKUS' biggest hit so far in the United States, and still can be found today on radio play lists all around the world as a timeless classic rock ballad. Other songs like "Eat The Rich", another BTO cover "Stayed Awake All Night" or the title track "Headhunter" are steadily requested by live audiences up to today. The album also features a duett with Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford.

KROKUS tour with Def Leppard as "Special Guest" on their "Pyromania Tour", the second largest US concert tour of the year. It appears that Def Leppard realize that their "Special Guests" are stealing the show and silly accusations are made by Joe Elliott according to their management, which eventually results in KROKUS being fired off the bill. More details can be read on our MULTIMEDIA > KROKUS PRESS > 1983 HEADHUNTER > ENGLISH web page.

KROKUS finish this leg of their US Tour in support of Judas Priest. Touring continues in the USA and KROKUS headline halls with 3'000 to 5'000 seat capacities.

In Chile KROKUS headlines a festival in front of a 80'000 capacity crowd. Marc Storace remembers that gig very well. In Chile one could actually feel the oppression in the streets and on the market place before the show. This all took place back in the days of a dictatorial “Pinochet” rule. The chief of police told Marc that it was forbidden to hold up a fist on stage and instead of the American flag he was to carry a Chilean flag on stage when performing the song "American Woman"!! The high society would be in the highly exclusive and securely secluded front rows whereas the rest of the people would fill up the rest of the huge stadium. They would hold up lit torches at the end of the show to emphasize their gratitude. This looked incredible under the stars. The audience behaved just like any other rock audience in the USA or any in another part of the world would do. They sang along to our songs, but the hundreds of pretty suntanned girls screamed a little bit longer and slightly louder in between their songs!

With all the success pouring over KROKUS during this time period, the line-up carussel keeps on turning. Very briefly Mark Kohler is replaced by ex-Crown guitarist Patrick Mason, to return shortly back in the fold in a different capacity. Towards the end of the year Chris Von Rohr is fired. It is alleged at the time that he abused his power as band leader when talking to the press about details that should have stayed "band-internal" instead. It appears in hindsight that their manager Butch Stone was able to create disharmony between the longtime friends Chris & Fernando and instigates the riff between band and Chris. Chris was and is the musician with a business sense and when he questions his manager about certain business practices, the manager turns the band against him. Hear some of the explanations in the GLOBE CLUB INTERVIEWS > VIDEOS of both Chris and Fernando.

Mark Kohler replaces Chris on bass while Patrick Mason still plays rhythm guitar at the "Rockpalast" concert series of ZDF German TV, filmed in Dortmund/Germany. Shortly thereafter Steve Pace throws the towel and is replaced ex-Cobra drummer Jeff Klaven.

Chris Von Rohr produces other bands in Switzerland with great success after the departure from KROKUS.
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