1982 - One Vice At A Time

One Vice At A Time

Marc Storace - Vocals

Fernando Von Arb - Lead Guitar

Mark Kohler - Rhythm Guitar

Chris Von Rohr - Bass

Freddy Steady - Drums
"One Vice At A Time" is Krokus' sixth album, released in 1982 on Arista Records. It was recorded at Battery Studios in London and produced by the legendary Tony Platt. Originally the album was supposed to be titled "Long Stick Goes Boom" and show a cannon on the record cover. Rumor has it that AC/DC, while sharing Battery Studios with KROKUS to mix their "For Those About To Rock, We Salute You" album (KROKUS gave up three recording days so AC/DC could mix their album), saw some rough sketches of KROKUS' original idea or the idea leaked out. KROKUS had to abort their idea due to the fact that AC/DC's album was released first and the KROKUS album was finally named "One Vice..."

Chris von Rohr described "One Vice" as "the album AC/DC never made", since the sound is extremely close to the Australian band. This fact questioned the creativity of the band with some, since many considered them to be copycats.

Mark Kohler (ex-Detroit), a former guitar student of Fernando's and guitar tech for KROKUS, joins the band on rhythm guitar to replace the departed Mandy Meyer.

"One Vice" contains the hits "Long Stick Goes Boom!", "Down The Drain", "Playin’ The Outlaw" and the song that opened the doors to Canada : Guess Who's cover "American Woman". Another GOLD Award in Canada, the USA and Switzerland. The album charts at #53 in the USA and #28 in the UK. Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson duets with Marc Storace on the track "I'm On The Run". The song "Long Stick goes Boom" is on the radio station V-ROCK in the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories".

The band tours in support of the album with Motörhead, Rush, Rainbow and Cheap Trick all across the North America along with some European dates.

1982 underscores clearly KROKUS' status as the most successful Swiss Rock band of all times when they sell out Zurich's Hallenstadium. This is the largest venue in Switzerland with a capacity of 10'000 and no Swiss band up to that date had accomplished this. And it took over two decades for another artist to match this accomplishment.

At the end of the "Vice World Tour" drummer Freddy Steady leaves the band and joins famous Italian artist Gianni Nannini and her band. He is replaced by American Steve Pace (formerly with Hydra and Whitford/St.Holmes). This is the first time that (besides Marc) a "foreigner" is part of the current line-up.

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