1977 - To You All

To You All

Chris Von Rohr - Vocals

Tommy Kiefer - Lead Guitar

Fernando Von Arb - Rhythm Guitar

Juerg Naegeli - Bass

Freddy Steady - Drums
Chris Von Rohr, always driven to improve his KROKUS, decides together with Tommy Kiefer to part with bassist Remo Spadino and rhythm guitarist Hansi Droz.

The remaining band members convince the band "Montezuma", also from their home town of Solothurn/Switzerland, to join forces. Hence, ex-Montezuma members Fernando Von Arb (rhythm guitar), Juerg Naegeli (bass) and Freddy Steady (drums) make up the new KROKUS line-up. Chris Von Rohr switches to vocals and keyboards instead.

The first real hard rock sounds were heard in these beginning years.
They also created the original “Krokus” logo, which remains as their trademark to this day.

The album "To You All" is distributed by Phonogram Switzerland in 1977 and sells remarkably well in Switzerland. The band has a hit with the single "Highway Song". Part of a Swiss highway had to be blocked off for filming the video clip (watch it at MULTIMEDIA > KROKUS VIDEO > 1977 HIGHWAY SONG).

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