Fernando Von Arb

Lead Guitar
1982 - 2005
2008 - Now

Rhythm Guitar
1977 - 1981

Ex-Montezuma guitarist Fernando Von Arb joined original members Chris Von Rohr and Tommy Kiefer for the second KROKUS album "To You All" in 1977. He played rhythm guitar on that album release as well as on 1978's "Painkiller", 1980's "Metal Rendez-Vous" and 1981's "Hardware" albums.

In 1982, for the release of "One Vice At A Time", he switched to lead guitar up to now (with the exception of 1990's "Stampede").

Unfortunately, upon completion of the 1988 "Heart Attack" tour KROKUS effectively split, when Von Rohr and Storace walked out of the door.

Fernando reunited with ex-KROKUS bassist and keyboardist Juerg Naegeli to form "The Heavys". Under the pseudonyms of Rob Weiss and Ben Branov ("Von Arb" spelled backwards) for Fernando and Walter Hammer for Naegeli, the pair released two albums of rock medleys. Completely re-recorded, these albums proved to be extremely popular in Switzerland. The albums also feature future KROKUS vocalist Peter Tanner and Chris Von Rohr.

A new KROKUS was assembled by Von Arb to issue the 1990 album "Stampede". The revised line-up comprised of Von Arb, Maurer, Castell, Haas and vocalist Tanner.

News would leak out that Fernando had been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer but had battled his way back to full health. With renewed vigor Von Arb attempted to reform KROKUS once more in 1994, after having resolved his differences with Storace. With a line-up of Storace, Von Arb, Kohler, Maurer and Steady a more spectacular reformation of the band was announced. Consequently KROKUS released a four track CD EP in Europe that featured a version of BTO's "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet". 1995 followed the release of a full-fledged album called "To Rock Or Not To Be".

When Storace was out of the picture once again, Fernando recruited UK vocalist Carl Sentance for the 1999 "Round 13" album release.

2003 release "Rock The Block" found Fernando and Marc reunited again with a very successful comeback. KROKUS also recorded "live" tracks at concerts in Sweden and Switzerland for a 2004 release, called "Fire + Gasoline".

In a surprise move in February of 2005 Fernando announced that he would leave KROKUS due to tendanitis in his wrist. Mandy Meyer was re-instated as his replacement on lead guitar.

November 18th, 2007 marked another milestone in Fernando's KROKUS career with the reunion of the originals (Storace, Von Arb, Von Rohr & Steady) taking part in a Swiss TV show called "The Greatest Hits Of All Times". Although the medley was in a playback format, the band received a standing ovation from the crowd.

August 2nd, 2008 saw the band reunited and "live in concert" at the "Stade De Suisse" in Bern, Switzerland. With the addition of Mark Kohler a true return of the 1982 formation took place. A truly "magical" moment in KROKUS history.

In all the years with KROKUS, Fernando not only contributed as song writer and musician but also co-produced together with the band 1980's "Metal Rendez-Vous" and 1981's "Hardware", produced with Von Rohr 1988's "Heart Attack", along with Maurer 1990's "Stampede", 1995's "To Rock Or Not To Be" as well as 1999's "Round 13". 2003's "Rock The Block" and 2004's "Fire & Gasoline" he co-produced with Storace, Favez and Aeby.

Here's an amazing fact: Fernando played on every KROKUS album with the exception of the first (1977's "Krokus First") and the last (2006's "Hellraiser").

Whereas one can argue the relevance of less known KROKUS musicians over the last 3 decades and their impact on the name and/or image of "KROKUS", it is important to recognize Fernando's unwavering commitment to keep the KROKUS name alive over the years.

On February 26th, 2010, Sony Music released "Hoodoo", the first cd recorded by the originals since the 80's and co-written by Fernando. It includes the Steppenwolf cover "Born To Be Wild".

In 2011 he formed his ad hoc band "Fernando Von Arb Band", playing cover songs and mainly for fun and to bridge time between KROKUS releases.

February 23rd, 2013, Sony Music released "Dirty Dynamite". The CD was produced again by Chris Von Rohr. Vocals were recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios, hence the Beatles cover song "Help".

And as we speak, history is in the making...... (to be continued)

Performed On The Following KROKUS Recordings:


01 Hallelujah Rock'n'Roll
02 Go Baby Go
03 Rattlesnake Rumble
04 Dirty Dynamite
05 Let The Good Times Roll
06 Help
07 Better Than Sex
08 Dög Song
09 Yellow Mary
10 Bailout Blues
11 Live Ma Life
12 Hardrocking Man

2013 Dirty Dynamite


01 Drive It In
02 Hoodoo Woman
03 Born To Be Wild
04 Rock N' Roll Handshake
05 Ride Into The Sun
06 Too Hot
07 In My Blood
08 Dirty Street
09 Keep Me Rollin'
10 Shot Of Love
11 Firestar
2010 Hoodoo

2004 FIRE & GASOLINE (live)

01 Heatstrokes
02 Mad World
03 Flying Through The Night
04 American Woman
05 I Want It all
06 Bad Boys, Rag Dolls
07 Tokyo Nights
08 Stayed Awake All Night
09 Down The Drain
10 Fire
11 Rock'n'Roll Tonight

01 Throwing Her China
02 Screaming In The Night
03 Rock City
04 Easy Rocker
05 Backseat Rock'n'Roll
06 Rock The Block
07 Long Stick Goes Boom
08 Eat The Rich
09 Bedside Radio

DVD (Europe only):
01 Long Stick Goes Boom
02 Mad World
03 American Woman
04 I Want It All
05 Fire
06 Down The Drain
07 Screaming In The Night
08 Stayed Awake All Night
09 Rock City
10 Rock'n'Roll Tonight
11 Easy Rocker
12 Heatstrokes
13 Bedside Radio   
2004 Fire & Gasoline


01 Mad World
02 Leading The Pack
03 I Want It All
04 Open Fire
05 One For All
06 Looking To America
07 Go My Way
08 Hot Shot
09 Raise Your Hands
10 Night Of The Snakes
11 Throwing Her China
12 We'll Rise
13 Freedom
14 Rock The Block
2003 Rock The Block

1999 ROUND 13

01 Heya
02 Money Back
03 Break Free
04 Guitar Rules
05 Blood Comes Easy
06 Suck My Guitar
07 Gipsy Love
08 Whitchhunt
09 Backstabber
10 Wild Times
1999 Round 13


01 Lion Heart
02 Flying Through The Night
03 To Rock Or Not To Be
04 In The Dead Of Night
05 Natural Blonde
06 Doggy Style
07 Talking Like A Shotgun
08 Soul To Soul
09 Stop The World
10 You ain't Got The Guts To Do It
11 Wagon Gone
12 Stormy Nights
1995 To Rock Or Not To Be

01 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
02 Down The Drain (live)
03 Shy Kid (live)
04 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet - Chesslete

Live Recordings At Rock Chutz, Solothurn February 3rd, 1994
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet EP CD


01 Stampede
02 Electric Man
03 Rock 'n Roll Gypsy
04 Shotgun Boogie
05 Nova-Zano
06 Street Love
07 Good Times
08 She Drives Me Crazy
09 In The Heat Of The Night
10 Rhythm Of Love
11 Wasteland
1990 Stampede


01 Everybody Rocks
02 Wild Love
03 Let It Go
04 Winning Man
05 Axx Attack
06 Rock'n' Roll Tonight
07 Flyin' High
08 Shoot The Night
09 Bad, Bad Girl
10 Speed Up
1988 Heart Attack


01 Long Stick Goes Boom
02 Eat The Rich
03 Screaming In The Night
04 Hot Shot City
05 Midnite Maniac
06 Bedside Radio
07 Lay Me Down
08 Stayed Awake All Night
09 Headhunter
1986 Alive & Screaming


01 Now
02 Hot Shot City
03 School's Out
04 Let This Love Begin
05 Burning Up The Night
06 Say Goodbye
07 World In Fire
08 Hard Luck Hero
09 Long Way From Home
1986 Change Of Address

1984 BLITZ

01 Midnite Maniac
02 Out Of Control
03 Boys Nite Out
04 Our Love
05 Out To Lunch
06 Ballroom Blitz
07 Rock The Nation
08 Hot Stuff
09 Ready To Rock
1984 The Blitz


01 Headhunter
02 Eat The Rich
03 Screaming In The Night
04 Ready To Burn
05 Night Wolf
06 Stayed Awake All Night
07 Stand And Be Counted
08 White Din
09 Russian Winter
1983 Headhunter


01 Long Stick Goes Boom
02 Bad Boys, Rag Dolls
03 Playin' The Outlaw
04 To The Top
05 Down The Drain
06 American Woman
07 I'm On The Run
08 Save Me
09 Rock'n roll
1982 OneVice At A Time


01 Celebration
02 Easy Rocker
03 Smelly Nelly
04 Mr. 69
05 She's Got Everything
06 Burning Bones
07 Rock City
08 Winning Man
09 Mad Racket
1981 Hardware


01 Heatstrokes
02 Bedside Radio
03 Come On
04 Streamer
05 Shy Kid
06 Tokyo Nights
07 Lady Double Dealer
08 Fire
09 No Way
10 Back Seat Rock'n Roll
1980 Metal Rendez-Vous


01 Killer
02 Werewolf
03 Rock Ladies
04 Bad love
05 Get Out Of My Mind
06 Rock Me, Rock You
07 Deadline
08 Susie
09 Pay It
10 Bye Bye Baby
1978 Painkiller


01 Highway Song
02 To You All
03 Festival
04 Move It On
05 Mr. Greedy
06 Lonesome Rider
07 Protection
08 Trying Hard
09 Don't Stop Playing
10 Take It, Don't Leave It
1977 To You All
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