Carl Sentance

Carl Sentance


1999 - 2000
Prior to joining KROKUS, vocalist Carl Sentance made himself a name in UK bands like "Persian Risk", ex-Black Sabbath's "Geezer Butler Band" and ex UFO guitarist Paul Chapman's "Ghost".

He recorded with KROKUS 1999's album release "Round 13" and took part in an extensive tour in support of the album. Highlights of that tour were a 30,000 capacity crowd in Basel as "special guest" of AC/DC and playing Germany's "Bang Your Head" festival.

Carl did not write any lyrics on the afore-mentioned album, those were already written wen he joined the band. He was replaced by the return of Marc "The Voice" Storace in 2002.

Performed On The Following KROKUS Recordings:


01 Heya
02 Money Back
03 Break Free
04 Guitar Rules
05 Blood Comes Easy
06 Suck My Guitar
07 Gipsy Love
08 Whitchhunt
09 Backstabber
10 Wild Times
1999 ROUND 13
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