Stefan Schwarzmann

STEFAN SCHWARZMANN - Drums & Percussion

stefan schwarzmann
1. What were your influences?

Mostly Clive Burr, Cozy Powell and last but not least my daddy Helmut Schwarzmann.

2. Drums played? (model)

Right now I'm playing a PREMIER Artist Series "Rock Legend Kit" in white/marine pearl finish and use the famous Swiss cymbals “Paiste”.

3. Other instruments?

Various instruments on computer music programs :)

4. You played drums in a few famous bands before joining KROKUS. Who were they?

The more widely known one’s were Running Wild, Accept, U.D.O., Helloween and Skew Siskin.

5. What eventually brought you to KROKUS and how did that feel?

Their good "old school" rock’n’roll vibes. I grew up with the music of Krokus.

6. When you joined KROKUS, the band immediately started a pre-production for the long awaited forthcoming new CD. Did you also play live concerts during this time?

Yes, but not with Krokus.

7. How did you feel about going straight into the studio with musicians whom you hardly knew?

To be honest, fucking cool!!! The reason for that was that I really trust in the brand new songs we recorded. We all got really well prepared for the studio and we all felt save, proud and full of energy! And that will be apparent when you listen to “Hellraiser”.

8. How was the studio atmosphere working with producer Dennis Ward?

Dennis is an awesome and outstanding guy as well as musician. Full of ideas and with the right feel to push or ground his clients. I really love him and his work.

9. You have played at a couple of big European Festivals with KROKUS. Can you tell us more about them?

So far I did the Sweden Rock Festival with Krokus. The Fans embraced us, joined us for a great party and they loved also our new songs. That was important for us all with the forthcoming release of “Hellraiser”. We rocked the house :-)

10. Hobbies?

Jogging, biking, mountain hiking, playing Badminton and swimming are my physical hobbies. I guess you can count drumming in a rock band a physical hobby as well. As a balance of my just mentioned hobbies, I really love photography and the upcoming world tour will give me a chance to find suitable shots.

11. Any other things that are of interest for your fans?

It's great to be a part of Krokus and I really like to play with the guys. Honestly, it's time to think about moving from Germany to Switzerland! Learning the language will be another challenge. To learn more about me, feel free to visit my web site and do not forget to log on to our KROKUS web site as well to find out when we will rock your town (
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