Where can I get a signed autograph of the reunited "originals"?

The reunited KROKUS just did one concert in 2008 and just signed with SONY MUSIC. At the moment they are writing songs, record and mix them.

When it gets closer to release date of the new CD of the originals (towards the end of 2009), we will have current merchandise as well as new autograph cards. At that time you can write to peter.waelti@krokusonline.com and he will tell you how to get one!

If I want to find out more of the rich history of KROKUS over the last 3 decades, where can I find that?

Our current web pages concentrate on the activities of the reunited originals.

However, we want to give the hardcore KROKUS fan everything we got! You find everything from the birth of KROKUS in 1976 to now.

Just visit our GLOBE CLUB page. There you not only can talk to other fans or leave feedback on our GUESTBOOK page, but also study the HISTORY of KROKUS (from an extensive BIO and a thorough FAMILY TREE).

We offer GLOBE CLUB INTERVIEWS with the "Hellraiser" line-up, filmed in Malta in November of 2006 as well as individual interviews with the reunited originals in August of 2008.

We are proud of our MULTIMEDIA pages, featuring KROKUS videos, audio, pictures and press, all grouped by year of album/CD release. You can get lost in these pages and find some true gems!

Wherever we could find articles about album/CD reviews or concert reviews, we posted them under REVIEWS.

Past issues of NEWSLETTERS are grouped by year of release and FAN PHOTOS as well. If you have a picture of yourself with one of the KROKUS musicians in any time period, send it to peter.waelti@krokusonline.com and we'll post it on our web page.

Visit those pages often, as we add more material all the time.

Where can I get back copies of previous GLOBE CLUB newsletters?

If you missed a newsletter or are a fan that just now subscribed to our GLOBE CLUB newsletter, you can go to this link and read up on our back issues:

GLOBE CLUB > NEWSLETTERS > (then click on year of interest)

What's the story behind "Screaming In The Night" lyrics?

“Screaming in the Night” is a fantasy story inspired by ancient myths and legends.


Two tribes at war.

A brave warrior in captivity experiences loneliness, torture, frustration and humiliation.
During this time, he discovers a plot of betrayal. His captivity had been planned by a jealous and devious so-called friend, who sought to get rid of him, so as to possess his beautiful wife.


One night he is rescued by loyal comrades, and they sail away “..into the dark” under cover of darkness, on a perilous voyage back home.
“The gate was getting rusty..” , symbolises the passing of time.
They used “The stars were out and shining..” for navigation.
“..a moonlit ark”, was their sailing ship.
“The wolves..out and howling” describe an eerie gauntlet to freedom, through enemy territory.
“I was cold and shivering..”, he was weak, cold and feverish, experiencing traumatic nightmares.


In the morning his heart is filled with the joy of knowing that he will very soon be reunited with the woman he loves, and feels thankful for the loyalty of his own people, for whom he had nearly died, and who bravely came his rescue!


“In a corner of the valley..”, the enemy eventually invaded their shores, but quick and clever retaliation drove them back into the sea.
“..dagger through her heart”, behind the noise and turmoil of the ensuing battle, the traitor came out of hiding, and sneaking unseen into the village, killed the woman that he could not have!
“..I swore to be avenged!”, returning from victory, our crying hero passionately lifts his slain lover into his strong arms and swears that justice will be done!

Lyrics Written By Marc Storace - Mountain Home, Arkansas 1982.

When will KROKUS tour in the U.S.A.???

Krokus played a club-tour this fall (2005) in the U.S. Plans for a more extensive tour in ´06 are underway. Please keep checking the TOUR section for updates.

Just wondering why Krokus never did reissue their back catologue of cd's like many Metal bands of the 80's have. Like digitally remastered w/lyrics and unreleased songs and pictures.

No plans right now, sorry. The band has no control over decisions like this. The band concentrates on creativity. A record label must be profitable to exist. Only if they feel there is money to be made will they consider to re-issue or even re-master our older catalogue.

Marc, is it true that you were invited to audition as AC/DCs new singer after Bon`s death?

The invitation came indirectly through a british production company, but I was quite happy with the way things were happening in Krokus, and saw no reason to go-for-it... the offer, I mean, ha, ha!

I would like to see the lyrics on this homepage. Is this a thing you think about for the near future?

Go to DISCOGRAPHY and you can read all lyrics from the songs performed on Fire & Gasoline (2004 Tour).

Do you have an official fan club? And, do you have to be a member of such club to meet the band at the shows? Thanx, and keep Rockin' the Block!!!

YES! Go to the GLOBE CLUB page and sign -up!
Is there a way to meet the band?
Your best chance to meet the band personally would be to attend one of their concerts. About 20 minutes after the show, usually by the merchandise stand, the band will “meet & greet” their fans and sign autographs. Whether it is stuff you just bought at the merchandise stand or things you brought with you, the band is happy to autograph any Krokus related items and meet their fans.

Is the band coming to (name of country/city) during their next tour?
Sign up for the free newsletter through our “Globe Club For Clan And Fan” and we will send you regular updates as to confirmed concert dates. Or click on “Tour” on our web site for updates. Our concert dates are also listed with www.pollstar.com.

Did Marc “stayed awake all night” when he recently was left behind at a gas station in Denmark and the tour bus was heading to Germany during the “Hellraiser Tour 2006”?
He had no choice! The employees surely were excited to have a “rock star” stranded at their gas station and promoted it so well, that he stayed busy giving patrons autographs and chatting with them. Once “Globe Club” Peter finally got a hold of the bus, tour manager Carlo jetted 350 kilometers in the opposite direction with a rental car to pick up Marc and returned with the “voice” in time for the concert, while tour bus and rest of the band continued towards the border.

Is “Globe Club” Peter really steadily in touch with the band?
You can call him the 6th KROKUS. He is steadily in touch with the band, with his friend of 35 years Marc almost daily and he is “our voice” to and from the fans. As he answers your questions to us, he also informs us regularly with your suggestions. So, keep on writing to us, we love it!

Is there a KROKUS “box set” planned in the near future?
Not at this point, but one never knows what the future brings!

What DVD’s are available of KROKUS?
Band approved DVD’s include 1984’s “The Blitz” (you can find copies on eBay from time to time) and as part of the European CD release “Fire And Gasoline”, a DVD recorded “live” in Montreux / Switzerland (PAL system compatible only). The “limited edition” digipack of “Hellraiser” contains 2 video clips from a concert in Switzerland, however it is only PC compatible. The Swiss documentary “As long as we live” was released without the band’s approval.

Several reviews over the years refer to Marc Storace and Fernando Von Arb as “founding members”. Are they indeed?
Neither one of them can be considered a “founding member”. The founding members were the legendary Tommy Kiefer, Remo Spadino, Chris Von Rohr and Hansi Droz. They recorded their first album in 1976. The cover was a painting by Swiss singer/songwriter Polo Hofer. Fernando joined Krokus with the “To you all” album, however, only with the addition of Maltese singer Marc “the voice” Storace and the “Metal Rendez-Vous” release in 1980 did Krokus become Internationally famous.

Where can I find Krokus memorabilia such as concert t's etc?

Go to the main page of this site and you´ll find an icon on the right (the skull) called THE STORE. This link will take you to our merchandising company Blastwaves. To obtain real vintage stuff, go to ebay.com!

I want to know if "Pay it in metal" was or will be released in CD format?

This is a question we get asked a lot! The earlier albums (1st, To You All, Pay It In Metal) have never been released on CD originally. However a label in Switzerland rereleased “To You All” on CD recently. You can find that one on particular internet stores or on ebay... if you really need it. As for “Pay It In Metal” there are no plans to put that one out at the moment. But hopefully one day, somebody will rerelease the entire catalog... we'll see!

Hey Krokus! Was Rock The Block released in the US? We are starving for good Rock 'n' Roll!

“ROCK THE BLOCK” was released in the U.S.A. on July 27th 2004 and
“FIRE & GASOLINE: LIVE” double CD was released in the U.S.A. on June 29th 2004.

“HELLRAISER," the brand new record will be released in the U.S.A. on October 24th 2006.

The band´s new record label is AFM Records.

What was the reason for rerecording "Winning Man" on 1988's Heart Attack album, and was it released as a single?

“After 7 years of continueously being “On the Road” and in and out of recording studios, our creativity flow was pretty burnt up and dried out! At that period of time we needed a good ballad for ‘Heart Attack’, the choice was to re-record ‘Winning Man’ from the ‘Hardware’ album. Ironically speaking this was a song we took from our “first” official US release with Arista Records, and it was re-recorded for our “last” US release to date on MCA... the end of our most adventurous and successful era so far... Now we are at the beginning of a fresh new “chapter” which symbolically started with ‘Rock The Block’ shooting straight up from 0 to No.1 in the Swiss Charts... our future looks so bright I need to wear sunglasses, ha, ha! Rock On, Marc.”

Will there ever be a songbook with guitar tab and lyrics of Krokus?

That depends whether a publishing house is interested enough to publish one. The band has no control over this.
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