01 Lion Heart
02 Flying Through The Night
03 To Rock Or Not To Be
04 In The Dead Of Night
05 Natural Blonde
06 Doggy Style
07 Talking Like A Shotgun
08 Soul To Soul
09 Stop The World
10 You ain't Got The Guts To Do It
11 Wagon Gone
12 Stormy Nights
Phonag CD P 81100 / MC P 41100

“Pure Rock, Pure Energy!” The band was back with full power. Gold after release at the end of March, it stayed seven weeks in the top ten of the Swiss charts, peaking at number 5. Almost gold in june. Produced by the band itself. Long awaited by many thousands of fans all over the world. A traditional hard rock album of absolute master quality. Produced by Manny Maurer, Fernando von Arb and Juerg Naegeli.

Line-Up: Marc Storace - Fernando Von Arb – Mark Kohler – Freddy Steady – Many Maurer

This EP four track CD was released in 1994 as a prelude to the "To Rock Or Not To Be" CD (which was released a year later). It features the same line-up as "To Rock Or Not To Be" and is a rarity that is hard to find!

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
The EP was produced by Fernando Von Arb & Juerg Naegeli. The BTO classic "Ain't seen nothing yet" and "Ain't seen nothing yet - Chesslete" (an extended version with incredible percussion part, using Swiss cow bells as well) were recorded at Pink Tonstudio, Zuchwil/Switzerland and engineered by Juerg Naegeli (original bass player of KROKUS)

Live Recordings of "Down The Drain" and "Shy Kid" were recorded at RockChutz, Solothurn on February 3rd, 1994

With the exception of the regular version of "Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" (Included in the "Best Of..." CD "The Collection") none of the other three songs have ever been featured on a regular album release,

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