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March 21st, 2014
Finland (physical CD + Vinyl TBA)
France  (CD)
New Zealand
Sweden (CD + Digital)
Switzerland (CD + Vinyl)

March 24th, 2014
Czech Republic
Germany (CD + Vinyl)
Hong Kong
Japan (Phy r/d TBA)
Netherlands (CD)
Republic Korea
South Africa
March 25th, 2014
Costa Rica
April 1st, 2014
Italy (CD)
April 15th, 2014
Poland (CD)
April 18th, 2014
Sweden (Vinyl)
April 21st, 2014
Netherlands (Vinyl)
April 22nd, 2014
May 26th, 2014
United Kingdom UK
More Dates To Follow As They Become Available!
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Hoodoo CD Cover
The wait is over! The exact same line-up that recorded “One Vice At A Time” in 1982 returns 28 years later to deliver, what many believe, should have been the follow-up album to 1983’s “Headhunter”.

Ladies and gentlemen, rockers all over the world and hardcore fans of KROKUS: May we present the long anticipated cd of the originals: “HOODOO”

Produced by bassist and original founder Chris Von Rohr, the cd offers 11 brand new recordings that will rock your socks off! At least that’s the opinion of those that had the chance to listen to the new “Hoodoo” magic. If you speak German or google one of those sites that do the translation for you, you can read for yourself.

Globe Club > Reviews > 2010 Hoodoo > German/Deutsch

In most European countries there is also a digipak version available with a “hoodoolicious” 20-page cd booklet and includes a DVD as well. The DVD contains 5 live tracks from the very first reunion concert in 2008 at Berne’s “Stade De Suisse” stadium. It compliments perfectly the new “HOODOO” release, as it shows live performances of some of their greatest hits, played by the line-up that composed them! The songs are “Winning Man” (originally on 1981’s “Hardware” + re-recorded on 1988’s “Heart Attack”), “Heatstrokes” (originally on 1980’s “Metal Rendez-Vous”), “Screaming In The Night” (originally on 1983’s “Headhunter”), “American Woman” (originally on 1982’s “One Vice At A Time”) and “Bedside Radio” (originally on 1980’s “Metal Rendez-Vous”). Sprinkled in between songs are excerpts of my “Globe Club” interviews from 2008 prior to the reunion concerts. All five musicians tell the story from the beginning to now. All together 43 minutes of musical KROKUS history lesson, told by the musicians that were part of the band’s greatest success in the 80’s. A must for the hardcore KROKUS fan!

Here’s a brief description of the track list:

01. DRIVE IT IN – A perfect up-tempo opener that sets the tone for the rest of the album
02. HOODOO WOMAN – A new dust-kicking Krokus classic with a melody and groove that hit the spot (Note: mySpace’s “Video Of The Week”)
(to view the video, log on to our
03. BORN TO BE WILD – Krokus gives a new spin to this classic from their youth
04. ROCK’N’ROLL HANDSHAKE – The history of the band in 3 ½ minutes; a groovy rock/blues number
05. RIDE INTO THE SUN – Not a tear-jerker, but a bitter sweet killer ballad that is sure to go big in the hall
06. TOO HOT – The ultimate good-time party number
07. IN MY BLOOD – Typical Krokus no-frills riff rock
08. DIRTY STREET – Laid back but still full throttle; very groovy song with a hook that’ll have you singing along
09. KEEP ME ROLLIN’ – Explosive energy coupled with wild riffs and hot vocals
10. SHOT OF LOVE – A pure, unadultered, addictive little hard rock number
11. FIRESTAR – Old man’s rock? No way! This album closes like it opens: with fiery up-tempo power

All songs penned by the band with the exception of Steppenwolf’s cover “Born To Be Wild”. Like in the 80’s, the current line-up continues the tradition of one cover song included in their albums.

Here’s a little Krokus trivia: Always considered an “album” band, Krokus had only one single hit in the US “Billboard Charts” in the 80’s. Can you guess which song it was? Yes, you guessed right: Alice Cooper’s hit “School’s Out” from 1986’s “Change Of Address” album. Listen to what Alice had to say about Krokus’ new “Hoodoo” cd release.
Alice Cooper
To see a video of “The Making Of Hoodoo”, please log on to this link (or copy into your browser):
Gallery > Videos > 2010 Hoodoo
And, in case you were curious about the set list Krokus played yesterday as part of their showcase in Solothurn, go to our NEWS link and click on “Hoodoo CD Release Party”.

So, what are you waiting for? Haven’t you caught the “Hoodoo” fever yet? Skip lunch and visit your record store, order on line or download on iTunes (links on our page).
Hoodoo Lounge
Das lange Warten ist endlich vorbei! Das selbe Line-Up welches 1982’s “One Vice At A Time” einspielte liefert 28 Jahre spaeter, was viele Insider meinten, sollte der legitime Nachfolger von 1983’ “Headhunter” Album sein.

Meine Damen und Herren, Rockers des Universums: Hier nun die neue cd “Hoodoo” der Original - Krokus.

Produziert wurde das Meisterwerk von Bassist und Ur-Gruender Chris Von Rohr. Die 11 Songs werden Dich aus den Socken hauen! Oder wengistens vom Stuhl! Das ist wenigstens bereits die Meinung von einigen Journalisten. Hier koennt Ihr mitlesen:
Globe Club > Reviews > 2010 Hoodoo > German/Deutsch

In den meisten Europaeischen Laendern koennt Ihr Euch auch die digipack Variante reinziehen mit einem “hoodoolicious” 20-Seiten cd Booklet und einer DVD inbegriffen. Das DVD beinhaltet 5 “live” Songs von dem nun legendaeren ersten Reunion Konzert im Berner “Stade De Suisse” Stadium anno 2008. Es geht Hand in Hand mit dem neuen “Hoodoo” Release, insofern dass es Live Songs einiger der groessten Hits in Bild + Ton zeigt, gespielt von den Musikern welche die Hits geschrieben hatten anno dazumal! Ihr werdet in den Genuss von “Live” Versionen von “Winning Man” (urspruenglich auf 1981’s “Hardware” + re-recorded auf 1988’s “Heart Attack”), “Heatstrokes” (urspruenglich auf 1980’s “Metal Rendez-Vous”), “Screaming In The Night” (urspruenglich auf 1983’s “Headhunter”), “American Woman” (urspruenglich auf 1982’s “One Vice At A Time”) and “Bedside Radio” (urspruenglich auf 1980’s “Metal Rendez-Vous”).

Dazwischen eingeblendet sind Ausschnitte von meinen 2008 “Globe Club” Interviews. Alle 5 Musiker erzaehlen in Musik und Worten den “Beginn”, das “Jetzt” und die “Zukunft”. Ein “Muss” fuer den “hardcore” Fan!

Alle Songs wurden von Krokus komponiert mit der Ausnahme von Steppenwolf’s “Born To Be Wild”. Das jetzige Line-Up setzt fort was sie schon mehrmals in den 80’er Jahren gemacht hatten.

Hier noch eine kleine Krokus Trivia Frage: Obwohl Krokus immer als eine “Album Band” angesehen wurden, hatten sie in Amerika in den “Billboard Charts” Ihren einzigen Singles Hit. Weisst Du welcher das ist? Jawohl, Du hast richtig geraten: Alice Cooper’s Hit “School’s Out” vom 1986 “Change Of Address” Album. Hoert Euch mal an, was Alice so ueber das neue Album “Hoodoo” zu sagen hat:
Und falls Ihr das neue Video “The Making Of Hoodoo” Euch einnehmen wollt, dann logt ein auf diesem Link (oder kopiert es in Euren Browser):
Gallery > Videos > 2010 Hoodoo Woman 
Und falls Ihr neugierig seid und wissen wollt, welche Songs Krokus waehrend Ihrer CD Taufe im Kofmehl in Solothurn abrockten, klickt an unserer NEWS Seite unter “Hoodoo CD Release Party”.

Auf was wartet Ihr noch? Seid Ihr noch nicht vom “Hoodoo Fieber” angefallen? Besucht umgehend Euren Record Store, bestellt “on line” oder ladet runter auf iTunes (Link zum anklicken auf unserer Seite) das neue “Hoodoo” Meisterwerk

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July 25th, 2015


Barcelona / Spain


July 26th, 2015

Auditorio Miguel Rios

Madrid / Spain


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